Snivy Pokémon Card Value

For those new to the Pokémon world, Pokémon is a shortening of the words “Pocket Monsters,” which was the original Japanese name. The roots of the franchise can be traced back to a Japanese gaming magazine called Game Freak in the 1980s, and was started by Ken Sugimori and Satoshi Tajiri.

This was the beginning of a franchise that would take the world by storm and become the second-largest gaming franchise.

Snivy was introduced in Generation V and is a grass-type starter Pokémon. Snivy, a serpentine creature, has a mainly green body and a tan stomach. The tail of Snivy looks like a leaf, its end being as long as its head.

Snivy, unlike other snake-like creatures, has both arms and legs. With its quick movements, Snivy is able to face enemies larger and more powerful than itself. It must get plenty of sunlight, as it is its primary food source, and if unable to, its tail will wither.

Since its debut as a BW Black Star Promos card in the Pokémon Trading Card Game, Snivy has been featured on nine different cards. Snivy cards are Grass type Basic Pokémon playing and trading cards.

Snivy (BW Promo 1)

Snivy (BW Promo 1)

The Snivy BW Promo 1 was one of the BW Black Star Promos, featuring artwork by Ken Sugimori. It was released in March of 2011 and was one of 3 cards in the Sneak-Peek Tins. It was first released in Japan as part of the Journey Partners collection featuring artwork by Sugimori.

This print was part of the McDonald’s Collection, which became available in North America in June of 2011. Later, it was reprinted in Japan numerous times as BW-P Promotional cards.

The first reprint was distributed to all participants at each location visited by the Pokémon Smile School. Beginning in May 2007, it was distributed to crèches and playgroups in Japan. This card was made available in the late 2010 campaign.

It was distributed with regular versions of Grass, Fire, Water Energy cards, and promotional types of Tepig and Oshawott until the end of 2012 when the Pokémon Smile School campaign ended. The card has the logo of the Pokémon Smile School for 2010-2012 in the lower right corner.

Snivy (Black & White 1)

Snivy Pokémon Card Value 1

This card was released in the Black & White English expansion and initially included in the Beginning Set for Girls and Begging set in Japanese. It was also reprinted in Japan’s Beginning Set + and Beginning Set Version Pikachu. The 2011 Pokemon League cycle included a special Crosshatch Holofoil with the English print. A Cosmos Holo print was added to the Super SnivyBox in September 2011.

Snivy (Black & White 2)

Snivy Pokémon Card Value 2

This card was first featured in the Black and White expansion and released in the Japanese White collection. It showcased 5ban Graphics artwork and was later reprinted in the Legendary Treasures expansion showcasing artwork by Aya Kusube.

Snivy (BW Promo 6)

Snivy Pokémon Card Value 3

This card was one of the Holofoil Black Star Promos, and it was available in both Black & White packs. This card was issued in Japan as a promotional card for a shirt campaign by the clothing company Uniqlo, which began March 14, 2011.

Snivy (Boundaries Crossed 11)

Snivy Pokémon Card Value 4

This card is a Basic Pokémon Grass-type card and is included in the Boundaries Crossed expansion. Snivy can learn the Vine Whip and Cut moves in the Pokémon games, and this card’s Pokédex entry originates for Pokémon White.

Snivy (Legendary Treasures Rc1)

Snivy Pokémon Card Value 5

This card was added to the Legendary Treasures expansion. Legendary Treasures refers to the 11th and final main expansion in the Black & White Series for the Pokémon Trading Card Game. It was released in Japan as EX Battle Boost.

This is the third and final subset of the Pokémon Card Game BW Era. The English expansion was released on November 6, 2013, and the Japanese subset on July 13, 2013. Legendary Treasures includes its Japanese counterpart as well as the Genesect Deck Kit. It also included the Radiant Collection subset of the Japanese Shiny Collection.

Snivy (Fates Collide 5)

Snivy (Fates Collide 5)

This collector’s card was released in the Fates Collide 5 expansion. Fates Collide refers to the third major expansion of the XY BREAK Series from the Pokémon Trading Card Game. It was originally released in Japan as Awakening Psychic King.

It’s based on Pokémon X and Y and features Generation VI Pokémon, Psi Pokémon Alakazam, and the Order Pokemon Zygarde with its three Formes. The English expansion was made available on May 2, 2016 and the Japanese edition was released on March 18, 2016.

Venusaur & Snivy-GX (Cosmic Eclipse 1)

Snivy Pokémon Card Value 6

This card was also included as a regular card, a Full Art card, a special full art card, and as a Secret Rainbow Rare in the Remix Bout subset. The Regular print was designed by Mitsuhiro Arita. The Full Art and Rainbow Rare prints showcase artwork by 5ban Graphics, and the Special Full Art print is by Yuka Miori.

The Cosmic Eclipse expansion included the Regular, Full Art, and Rainbow Rare prints. The Special Full Art print was made available in the Team Generations Premium Collection as an SM Black Star Promo.

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