In this guide we’ll look at the best skateboards for kids.
We’ve compared design, construction quality, safety and cost
to give you our top recommendations.

What Is The Best Skateboard for Kids?

  • Features
  • Super smooth PU wheels
  • Max weight of 198lbs
  • Range of wicked designs
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Max load 180lbs
  • LED lighting on wheels
  • 7 bright colors
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Smooth and speedy ride
  • Designed for all abilities
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Great for younger kids
  • Strong and durable fiberglass deck
  • Fast and quiet to ride
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Range of unique designs
  • Good for beginners
  • Very versatile board
  • Cost

More Detailed Kids Skateboard Reviews

RIMABLE Complete 22” Skateboard

The RIMABLE Complete skateboard comes in a range of wicked designs, although my personal favorite is the Galaxy2. Other options are camouflage, graffiti and many more. These designs will have your kid and their board the talk of the town.

This kids skateboard arrives fully assembled and has a 22” long, 6” wide deck made from 100% fresh material. It boasts rock solid durability, but it’s flexible enough to absorb the impact as your child zooms around town. The weight limit of 198lbs means small to medium size adults can use it to!

This skateboard for kids has super smooth PU wheels with high speed bearing. It stays stable and level around sharp corners, and it’s easy for beginners to get the hang of thanks to the good stability. It’s one of the best kids skateboards for the money!


  • Max Weight: 198lbs
  • Length: 22”
    Width: 6”
  • Age Range: Best for kids aged 7 and above
  • Beginner Friendly?: Yes

" target="_blank" class="blue-link">Merkapa 22” Complete Skateboard with LED Light Up Wheels

The Merkapa Complete skateboard is perfect for younger kids and beginners. It comes in 7 bright colors, complete with LED lighting on the wheels – generated from rotary power meaning no batteries are required!

This kids skateboard is 22” long and has a 6” wide kickboard which makes it super stable and great for nailing those tricks. It has soft PU wheels which have great shock absorption and abrasion resistance. It’s grippy on a range of surfaces and comfortable to ride.

Finally, this skateboard for kids has a max load of 180lbs. This makes it suitable for anyone from younger kids and beginners to more advanced teenagers. This is one of my favourite skateboards for kids on the market.


  • Max Weight: 180lbs
  • Length: 22”
    Width: 6”
  • Age Range: Best for kids aged 5 and above
  • Beginner Friendly?: Yes
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Wonnv Retro Mini Cruiser 22” Complete Skateboard

The Wonnv Retro skateboard comes in 2 awesome designs and is a strong contender for the best kids skateboard. It’s durable and sturdy, with a 6” wide bendable non-slip deck that will hold a weight of up to 220lbs! This has high speed bearings to ensure a fast and smooth ride, making it great for those with more experience.

The soft PU wheels on this kids skateboard will reduce vibration and give you that great cruising feeling. This skateboard for kids is also very portable, able to slot neatly into your backpack as you go about your day.

This is one of the kids skateboards that will provide hours of guaranteed fun for absolutely everyone – beginner or advanced, boy or girl! It comes with a skate bag and skateboard tool which can be used to adjust the screws.


  • Max Weight: 220lbs
  • Length: 22”
    Width: 6”
  • Age Range: Best for kids aged 6 and above
  • Beginner Friendly?: Yes

Playshion Complete 22” Mini Cruiser Skateboard for Beginners

The Playshion Complete Mini Cruiser skateboard is excellent quality and loved by kids. This kids skateboard is very safe, with a stable deck and anti-slip pattern, plus it’s very compact. This kids skateboard is also fast and quiet to ride, perfect for smooth terrains like concrete.

With a fiberglass compound deck, this skateboard for kids is excellent quality and seriously durable. The PU wheels are smooth and long-lasting, and the aluminum trucks make those sharp corners a breeze.

This is one of the best kids skateboards for younger kids. While it can hold a max weight of 220lbs, it’s suitable for kids as young as 3. The awesome bright colors make it the perfect gift.


  • Max Weight: 220lbs
  • Length: 22”
    Width: 6”
  • Age Range: Best for kids aged 3 and above
  • Beginner Friendly?: Yes

MEKETEC Skateboards Complete 22” Mini Cruiser Skateboard

The MEKETEC 22” mini cruiser is perfect for kids thanks to the compact design and wide range of colors. This kids skateboard is as unique as they come, with the multicolored wheels and designs resembling anything from a starry sky to the American flag!

Aesthetics aside, this kids’ skateboard performs brilliantly. It has 3.25” trucks and a 6” deck which provides ample space for your child’s feet. It’s also sturdy enough for adults to have a shot, with a max load of 200lbs.

This skateboard for kids is portable and lightweight. Take it to school, to the park, or out on the road. It’s a true all-rounder, capable of navigating smooth surfaces, as well as performing different tricks. Whether you’re a beginner or master rider, this kids skateboard will have you eager to get going.


  • Max Weight: 200lbs
  • Length: 22”
    Width: 6”
  • Age Range: Best for kids aged 5 and above
  • Beginner Friendly?: Yes

Skateboard for Kids Buyer’s Guide

Getting your child their very first skateboard is a big step, and your choice of board is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. With a range of high-tech electric skateboards and longboards now on the market, it’s easy to believe that the more complex and expensive, the better. However, i’m a firm believer that you can’t go wrong with a classic skateboard.

But despite their wonderful simplicity, standard skateboards can still feel like a bit of a minefield to shop. With such a range of colors and designs on the market, as well as a whole load of features – you might need a little help when it comes to buying the best skateboard for kids.

Check out my speedy buyer’s guide to help you choose the best kids skateboard around.


While I wouldn’t rush to call skateboarding safe, it’s hardly the most dangerous of kids’ hobbies. However, precautions must still be taken to keep your kids safe while they board.

Buying from a reputable brand will ensure your skateboard stands the test of time and can withstand the odd knock. Boards with safety features like light up wheels or balance correcting decks are more expensive – but these are generally safer. Light up wheels will keep your child safe and visible in low light. Ensure the deck has ample groip and don’t exceed the max weight limit.

Simpler skateboards are still great for beginners and, provided you take precautions, are generally very safe. Ensure your child wears protective gear if they are a total beginner, and encourage them to hold onto something to stabilize themselves until they find their balance. If possible, teach them on a softer surface somewhere that they won’t be able to build up much speed.

Teaching your kids the rules of the road is one of the best ways to keep them safe. Even in quiet neighborhoods they should still be aware of their surroundings at all times. Skating with headphones is popular amongst kids, but not being able to hear what’s going on can be very dangerous.


Most skateboards for kids are 6” wide which provides more than enough space for their feet. Older kids or those with bigger feet might want something wider, but this will limit their ability to do tricks. A narrower deck will be less stable, but it’s easier to carry out sharp turns and do tricks.

All the kids skateboards on this list are 22” long which is a great length for kids and beginners. This makes them not only easy to control and learn to ride, but also very lightweight and portable. If your kid skateboards to school, they can easily carry it round with them during the day – when they’re not showing off to their friends!


A great design is another important factor, and there’s a huge range of designs on the market. While skateboarding is often thought of as a boys’ hobby, more and more girls are starting to love it – and brands are finally catering to both, developing a range of fun designs. From simple block colors to an entire galaxy on your board, choosing the best design for your child won’t be easy!


A durable kids skateboard is an absolute must-have, and buying from a reputable brand will ensure your board stands the test of time. While kids skateboards generally look very similar, there will be a huge variety in the stability of the deck depending on the price you pay!

Your skateboard should have thick and sturdy wheels that are very mobile. They should provide a comfortable ride on smooth terrains and the board should turn easily. The deck is usually made from layers of wood and glue which will make it flexible and durable, although many more advanced boards are made from the more expensive fiberglass. It is worth paying more for a better quality board as not only will your board last longer, it’ll also be far safer to use.

LED Lights

LED lights can help keep your child safe if they are riding when there’s less light. If they’re coming home from school in the winter, LED lights can help passing cars to see them. A skateboard equipped with LED lights on the wheels usually uses rotary power to light them up instead of batteries which will reduce the weight of the board.

Beginners vs Advanced Boards

If you’re a beginner, buying an advanced board is a big no-no. A classic skateboard will be your best bet if you don’t know what sort to go for, as these are versatile and generally very easy to learn to ride.

Beginners should ensure the deck is wide enough for your feet (most kids skateboards will have a deck of around 6”), as this will help keep you balanced. The wheels should also be large enough to keep your child stable around corners. It goes without saying that beginners’ boards should be very durable – as they’re probably going to have to take a few collisions!

Skateboards for advanced skaters are slightly different. Boards designed for tricks and flips will be double kick – meaning tricks can be done from both the nose and tail. These boards will have narrower decks and feel less stable – but they are fun and very fast!


Skateboards are very simple products, and considering how many hours of fun can provide, they are excellent value for money! While more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean more fun, it may mean better quality – which means it’ll last longer and keep your child while they ride. Models that are very cheap will have a less durable deck, wheels and they may absorb less impact – leading to an uncomfortable ride.


What protective gear should I get my child?

Depending on how much you value your child’s street-cred versus their safety, some protective gear should absolutely be on your list. A helmet is a must-have if your child is planning on going at high speeds, as even what seems a minor head injury can be fatal. Helmets should be regularly replaced and checked over by the manufacturer if your child hits their head very hard – many helmets are only designed to withstand a couple of hard impacts.

Knee pads and elbow pads can and should be worn to avoid cuts and scrapes. While these aren’t particularly ‘dangerous’, they can be very painful. They’re also useful for sliding down on if your child attempts some tricks and has a mishap!

Wrist guards can stop your child from spraining their wrists during a fall, as well as preventing bruises. Sticking an arm out to catch you as you fall is very common for beginners, but more often than not this leads to a broken wrist. Soon your child will learn how to fall safely – but it’ll likely take a few bruises before they get there!

Finally, there’s the right shoes. The best skateboarding shoes will have flat soles and they’ll be very grippy. They should be durable and good quality, as the grip tape on the board can easily wear down lesser quality soles.

What’s the difference between a mini board and a standard board?

Mini boards can be as small as half the size of regular skateboards. They’re great for smaller children as they are easily to ride and balance on. However, they will have a low max weight so adults won’t be able to have a go! Standard boards are best for more advanced and older riders, but for smaller kids will find them harder to ride and control.

How do I look after a skateboard?

The better your child takes care of their skateboard the longer it’ll last and the safer they will be while riding it! Store your board in a cool, dry place. Do not expose it to sunlight or rain as these can damage the deck.

When your board gets dirty, use a brush to clean it with soapy water and dry it thoroughly. While you can’t completely eliminate wear and tear, your skateboard should be cleaned regularly so it stays grippy.

When should I get a new skateboard?

If your kids skateboard becomes damage or overly worn, you should invest in a new one. Damages to the deck of your board generally can’t be fixed and it’s often better value for money to just buy a new one.

Younger children will outgrow their boards as they get older. If their feet get too big for the deck, it’s time to invest in something new.