In this guide we’ll look at the best electric scooters for kids.
We’ve compared design, safety, battery life and cost
to give you our top recommendations.

What Is the Best Electric Scooter for Kids?

  • Features
  • 12mph top speed
  • Hand operated rear brake
  • 40 minutes of ride time
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Best for younger kids
  • Top speed of 6mph
  • 10-15 minute assembly
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Very lightweight
  • Charges in just 3 hours
  • Low battery alarm
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Range of 80 minutes
  • 50% more power
  • 10mph top speed
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Very durable handlebars and frame
  • Top speed 8mph
  • Rear foot brake
  • Cost

More Detailed Kids Electric Scooter Reviews

Razor E200 Electric Scooter

The Razor E200 electric scooter is the best electric scooter for kids on the market today. This model has a high-torque, ultra-quiet motor with a handy twist-grip throttle. It’s both easy to drive and comfortable, reaching its top speed of 12mph with ease.

This kids electronic scooter is powered by a long lasting 24V seal battery. It has a hand operated rear brake for added safety, as well as a spring loaded kickstand and quality 8 inch pneumatic tires. The larger tires ensure a smooth and stable ride on a variety of terrains.

The Razor E200 electric scooter for kids takes 12 hours to fully charge, although Razor recommend charging it for 24 hours. The range is 40 minutes of continuous ride time, making it great for a trip to the store, journey to school or cruises round the neighborhood. This kids electric scooter comes in a blue finish that both boys and girls will love – although it’s specifically designed for older kids at 13 and above.


  • Top speed: 12mph
  • Range: 40 minutes
  • Charge time: 12 hours
  • Motor: Chain driven motor
  • Batteries: 2 x 12V lead acid
  • Age range: best for kids aged 13 and above
  • Max weight: 154lbs
  • Weight: 38.7lbs
  • Foldable?: No

HOVERSTAR Electric Kick Start Scooter for Kids

The HOVERSTAR electric kick start scooter for kids comes in 4 awesome bright colors. This electric scooter for kids is easy to drive, with a more efficient hand brake system than many others on the market; making it one of the safest electric scooters for kids.

This kids electric scooter is designed primarily for younger kids, as it has a lower top speed of just 6mph. Despite the lower power, it’s still seriously fun and it can hold up to 120lbs in weight.

With a range of 45 minutes, or around 5 miles, this kids electric scooter is perfect for some after-school fun. It’s extremely durable but performs best on smooth surfaces and pavements. It does require some set up, but this will only take 10-15 minutes.


  • Top speed: 6mph
  • Range: 45 minutes
  • Charge time: 12 hours
  • Batteries: 12V
  • Age range: best for kids aged 5 and above
  • Max weight: 120lbs
  • Foldable?: No

CHO Lightweight Foldable Adjustable Smart Electric Power Assist Scooter for Kids

Electric scooters for kids are renowned for being heavy and bulky, but the CHO lightweight electric scooter for kids is the total opposite. This kids’ electric scooter is foldable, lightweight and adjustable. It can be stored away neatly after use, and it’s easy for parents to carry back home with them after the school run.

This children’s electric scooter is designed for much younger kids, with a max weight of just 110lbs. It has adjustable handlebars to accommodate your child’s growth. It’s is extremely safe, reaching a top speed of just 3mph. But this makes it extra long lasting, with a ride time of 50 minutes or 3.5 miles.

This kids electric scooter is very lightweight, weighing just 10lbs, and it even has a low battery alarm so your child can head for home when it starts to run out!


  • Top speed: 3mph
  • Range: 3.5 miles
  • Charge time: 2-3 hours
  • Batteries: 22.2V
  • Age range: best for kids aged 5 and above
  • Max weight: 110
  • Weight: 10lbs
  • Foldable?: Yes

Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter

The Razor Power Core E90 is one of the best electric scooters for kids. This boasts new power core technology to give kids double the ride time and 50% more power than the original Razor E90. It can take on a fantastic 80 minutes of continuous use making it perfect for the school run.

This electric scooter for kids has a kick start, high-torque motor with a push button throttle for ease of use. It can reach speeds of 10mph, but it’s very safe – thanks to the hand operated front fender brake.

With a 12V sealed lead acid rechargeable battery and a durable frame, this Razor childrens electric scooter is one that will stand the test of time. It has a max rider weight of 120lbs, and is designed for kids aged 8 and above.


  • Top speed: 10mph
  • Range: 80 minutes
  • Charge time: 12 hours
  • Motor: 90W hub motor
  • Batteries: 12V lead acid
  • Age range: best for kids aged 8 and above
  • Max weight: 120lbs
  • Weight: 22lbs
  • Foldable?: No

Pulse Performance Products Grt-11 Electric Scooter

The Pulse Performance Products Grt-11 kids’ electric scooter comes in a choice of bright blue or red. This compact little kids electric scooter is great for younger kids, with a top speed of 8mph. It boasts an ultra heavy-duty contoured stem and handlebars, designed specifically for both comfort and durability.

This childrens electric scooter is extremely easy to drive. The thumb activated throttle will cause the scooter is accelerate gently away, and the rear foot brake is easy to use – both for gentle and emergency stops! This has a long ride time of up to 50 minutes thanks to the powerful 12V rechargeable battery.

With a weight limit of 120lbs, this electric scooter for kids is recommended for kids aged 8 and above, but the ride is so smooth that younger siblings can certainly have a go with supervision!


  • Top speed: 8mph
  • Range: 50 minutes
  • Charge time: 12 hours
  • Motor: 80W chain driven motor
  • Batteries: 12V
  • Age range: best for kids aged 8 and above
  • Max weight: 120lbs
  • Weight: 22lbs
  • Foldable?: Yes

Electric Scooter for Kids Buyer’s Guide

With regular scooters such a popular hobby, it was only a matter of time before someone modernised it! Electric scooters are becoming popular all around the world for a range of reasons. They allow you to reach those top speeds and get where you want to go with minimal effort on your part, but they’re generally safer than bicycles. These scooters come equipped with an accelerator, brake and powerful motor. They boast all the great qualities of regular scooters – plus a whole lot more!

Electric scooters for kids are readily available, but finding the best one for your child can be tricky. With speed, safety, range and battery life all needing to be taken into account, shopping for a kids’ electric scooter is a minefield. Follow my speedy buyer’s guide to help you find the best electric scooter for your child.

Pros of Electric Scooters over Kick Scooters for Kids

There’s only so long your child can kick for before they get bored, and electric scooters allow them to zoom around town with their friends without exhausting themselves! Electric scooters are seriously fun and often more stable than standard scooters. They are the perfect step up from a 2 wheel scooter, and many kids around the world are now using an electric scooter for their journey to school. While kick scooters are usually just thought of as a bit of fun, electric scooters are becoming a respected and safe way of getting around.

Although electric scooters are more expensive, they are usually built to exceptional quality. The cheapest kick scooters won’t stand the test of time, whereas electric scooters are usually very durable, build with safety and quality in mind.

Electric scooters are thought of as more dangerous, but they are actually safer. With both feet on the deck, riders are usually more balanced and they are able to concentrate more on their surroundings. Many electric scooters have a manual mode, meaning if it runs out of battery you can simply use it as you would a normal scooter.


As already mentioned, kids electric scooters are pretty safe. What’s not safe however, is driving recklessly in busy areas. While buying from a reputable brand and keeping on top of any maintenance will help keep your child safe on their electric scooter, you should also teach them the rules of the road.

Ensure you always check the brake and the accelerator before they head out onto the road. Check that both are performing at their best. Rear brakes are generally thought of as safer than front brakes as a front brake may cause the scooter to flip. Ensure you don’t regularly exceed the max weight limit, and you only ride on the surfaces your electric scooter is designed for.

A kids electric scooter with LED wheels or a reflective deck can be safer in the winter months when there’s less light. This will add to the price but being well lit will make your child infinitely safer.


Kids’ electric scooters with a good motor and quality batteries can reach some pretty impressive speeds! Most will reach around 10mph, while top of the range electric scooters can get up to around 15mph. There’s a few that might reach over 20mph which will feel seriously speedy.

Bear in mind that the max speed will be in optimum conditions. This means on a flat, smooth surface with little wind, a full battery and a lightweight rider. Heavier riders will be unlikely to reach those top speeds so may want to buy a model with a higher weight limit.

Remember that the faster the speed, the harder the scooter will be to control – so younger kids should go for something a little less powerful.


Running out of juice halfway to school is no one’s idea of fun, so the range will of course be a consideration for parents. This is generally measured in miles but also sometimes in time. Bear in mind that if your child is a heavier rider, or they are tackling hills, the range will be less. Most models will give up to 45 minutes of continuous use for a lightweight rider on flat, smooth surfaces. Models with bigger batteries might run for an hour, but it’s unlikely to be any more than this.

If your child is simply planning a quick zoom around the neighborhood, a shorter range will be sufficient, and these should cost a lot less. However, if you’ll be using your scooter for work or the school run, ensure it has a long enough range to get you there and back.

Charging Time

Unfortunately, kids’ electric scooters do take a long time to charge. The best electric scooters for kids will charge within 8 hours, but the average charge time currently is around 12 hours.

Remember that you will pay a lot more for models with powerful batteries that have quicker charge times. Follow all the instructions given by your manufacturer, as regularly overcharging or undercharging can damage the battery.

Weight and Portability

Kids’ electric scooters are much heavier than normal scooters as the motor usually weighs a lot. Scooters with a motor weigh anything from 20lbs to 60lbs, which is a lot to carry round with you all day!

If your child is going to be using their scooter to travel to school, ensure they have somewhere to store it during the day. While electric scooter manufacturers are working towards lighter electric scooters, these will be much more expensive due to the smaller motors and lightweight deck materials.

Foldable vs Non-Foldable

While non-electric scooters can be folded up nearly and slotted into a backpack, electric scooters don’t usually have this feature. That’s because the motors and batteries are usually quite bulky, and the scooter is heavy.

Foldable kids electric scooters are beginning to come onto the market, although these are currently quite expensive. However, these do allow you to pack it up compactly meaning you don’t need to park it, and it can be easily stored in a closet or locker when not in use. Foldable electric scooters are much better for taking on public transport – as they can be neatly tucked away without annoying anyone!

Weight Limits

Kids electric scooters can usually withstand a lot of weight, although riders at the higher end of its weight capacity will find they struggle to reach the top speeds. Most can withstand a weight of around 220lbs meaning kids and the majority of adults should be fine. Those designed for younger kids that are very lightweight will have a lower max weight. Regularly exceeding the max weight will not only mean your scooter doesn’t perform as well as it’s designed to, it also won’t last nearly so long.


Most electric scooters have either lead acid or lithium based batteries. Lead acid batteries are much cheaper and have a longer lifespan. However, they are very heavy so will add to the weight of your scooter. Lead batteries are also not very consistent, and eventually the power of your scooter will decrease.

Lithium batteries on the other hand are much more expensive but they are very lightweight. They don’t decrease in performance. While lithium is the preferred type of battery for kids’ electric scooters, lead batteries are fine for casual riders.


The braking system is an important component for electric scooters. The brakes need to be efficient, easy to use and reliable. Kids should be able to slow down gradually, but they also need to perform sharp stops in case of sudden traffic.

Brakes in electric scooters are usually in the form of disc or V brakes in the front and rear wheels. A brake in only the front wheel can cause the back of the scooter (and your child!) to flip forward while stopping suddenly. The brakes should be applied by hand (similar to a bicycle) to allow your child as much control as possible.


What protective gear should I get my child?

Scooters can reach some pretty impressive top speeds, so safety gear is very important. A fall from an electric scooter at 10mph can be fatal, so a helmet is an absolute essential. They should wear their helmet every time they ride. Other safety gear includes elbow and knee pads that will prevent grazed limbs. More serious riders might want wrist guards and gloves.

The best way to prevent your child getting hurt however, is to prevent the accident in the first place. Don’t buy a scooter that’s beyond your child’s abilities or experience, and teach them to be safe on the roads. Ensure you are around your child while they are learning to ride – if possible, have them practice on a regular scooter before moving to electric.

What surfaces should they ride on?

Electric scooters are generally designed for smooth surfaces, but those with bigger wheels will be able to tackle something a little more bumpy. The issue isn’t really the ability of the scooter, and more the comfort of the ride! Cruising at speed on concrete is far more comfortable than taking on a rocky path through the woods.

How long do they take to charge?

Unfortunately, quite a while! Depending on the make and model, electric scooters can take up to around 12 hours to charge! The high end scooters with more powerful batteries can charge fully in 10 hours. If your child is commuting to school on their scooter, they can easily charge it overnight.

What is the youngest recommended age for kids?

While standard 3 wheel scooters can be used by kids as young as 3, electric scooters are different. The higher speeds mean that if your child does have an accident, they are more likely to get injured.

Most manufacturers will recommended their electric scooters be used by kids no younger than 7 or 8, but some scooters are specifically designed for kids as young as 5. As long as you keep an eye on your child and buy a scooter that has a very low top speed, there’s no reason why your youngest kids shouldn’t also get in on the action.