In a world of smartphones, social media and staying plugged in long after we leave the office, it can become really hard to remember that there is so much more to life. This list of totally awesome hobbies for men is an attempt at offering some encouragement to spend the weekend somewhere other than the couch. 

We know you’re busy, but there are so many healthy ways to decompress that don’t involve nachos and Netflix. It might seem overwhelming at first, especially if you’re new to the world of hobbies. Our advice? Pick a few that sound interesting…and go from there!

Fun Hobbies for Men of All Ages

1. Martial Arts

martial arts

This might seem like a big one to start out with, but these ancient forms of self-defense will leave you feeling strong and disciplined, all while providing a full body workout. If you leave your work week feeling stressed, a few hours dedicated to jiu jitsu or taekwondo just might calm that overtired mind. If you’re not ready to jump in with a full practice, consider taking a group class that pulls inspiration from martial arts at your local gym. The moves won’t be perfected here, and you’ll have less performance pressure. 

2. Hiking

Literally nobody has to learn how to hike. Grab some hiking boots, a water bottle, and a backpack filled with basic first aid materials, and head out into the woods. Oh, and a compass too. The world is full of packed and well groomed trails, just waiting for you to explore them. Most places allow dogs, so pack up mans best friend and get after it. 

3. Backpacking

If you’re already pretty well-versed at hiking, and you’re looking for a little more adventure, try backpacking! Backpacking is a bit trickier than hiking, because it typically lasts longer. Some backpacking trips last a few months, but if you have to be to work on Monday, starting out with a few weekend trips will do just fine. You might want to take a basic survival class at your local community center, or even online, since backpacking involves carrying everything required to survive in the woods right in your pack. It’s similar to camping, with less amenities and more walking. It’s a ton of fun, with a new adventure every time!

4. Landscaping


Not only is landscaping a fantastic work out, but by the end of the weekend, your yard will look incredible! Landscaping is relatively easy to do by yourself, and reviewing a few YouTube videos will not only give you ideas, but provide a few tips and tricks to help you get the job done correctly. Landscaping is a very satisfying hobby, and will leave your arms summer ready, to say the least. 

5. Gaming

If you’re just not into the great outdoors, it might be time for you to take up gaming. Playing video games, on or offline, will give you something to participate in other than a marathon of Chopped. Gaming, especially online, has become somewhat of a community. You’ll make friends as you progress through the game, working both alone and together, depending on what game you choose. 

6. Reading

Man reading

If you’re facing a rainy evening or weekend, or prefer to spend your time quietly engrossed in another world, then reading is for you! From bookstores that offer an endless supply of new releases to your local library, books are everywhere. They are a portal into a different time and place. Losing yourself in a good book is never time wasted.

7. Photography

A hobby that can be done inside or out, taking up photography is a great way to capture the world around you. You don’t need a plethora of fancy equipment to get started, just a decent camera will do. Photography will get you out of the house, in hot pursuit of photo subjects. You’ll see your hometown in a whole new light! Besides, if you hone your skills and get really good at it, you’ll be able to make some money on the side! 

8. Running

This might sound like a basic hobby, but running is wonderful for stress relief and overall well-being. Mental and physical health go hand in hand, and running is beneficial for both. You’ll whip yourself into shape, increase your cardiovascular endurance, and enjoy that beautiful endorphin release known as runner’s high. All you really need, is a great playlist and a good pair of trainers. Working towards a marathon is a good goal to set for this hobby!

9. Cooking

Man cooking

Another indoor activity for those of you who love to get creative in the kitchen! You can take cooking classes online, or at your local college or community center. Cooking is a great way to relax. It’s a methodical and serene activity, as long as you don’t set anything on fire! Learning to balance meals regarding flavor is an immense amount of fun, and as you learn, you’ll find yourself creating your own recipes and tweaking your current favorites!

10. Car Maintenance

Let’s face it, not too many of us are concerned with knowing how to maintain our own vehicles. We have unlimited access to people who can do it for us, so why bother? Well, if you dedicate a few hours every weekend to a car maintenance class, the next time you find yourself stuck with a flat tire or a fluid leak, you’ll be able to handle it all on your own! It’s certainly a handy hobby, and much cheaper than going to a mechanic every single time something goes wrong with your car.

11. Play an Instrument

man playing guitar

If you already know how to play an instrument, dedicate a little more time to perfecting your craft. If you’d like to learn how to play one, however, many local music shops and private instructors will gladly take you on as a student! From the piano to guitar, there’s nothing you can’t learn how to play. Playing an instrument is an inspiring, creative and calming way to spend your extra time.

12. Fantasy Sports

Every season brings a different fantasy sport. Baseball, football, basketball and hockey all boast a variety of fantasy leagues and teams. You can enter on your own, or gather together a group of family, friends or co-workers to get in on the game! Draft your team, place your group bets (it doesn’t have to be money), and let the fun, and the smack talk, begin. 

13. Fishing

Fishing is one of the most relaxing hobbies to take part in. Early mornings on the water are life-changing, whether you catch anything or not. Fishing brings quiet, serene scenery, and is a great hobby to take on alone or with a small group of close friends. You will always come back from a fishing trip renewed, energized, and ready to take on the week. You might consider renting a cabin, or just camping under the stars!

14. Weight Training

man weight training

For so many, weight training starts as a hobby, and ends up as a lifestyle. It’s the perfect hobby to help you build strength and boost your metabolism, all while partaking in a tight knit gym community. You’ll make new friends, and your body will thank you for the extra TLC. If you already weight train, consider CrossFit which has millions of fans around the world. Start out with a personal trainer to make sure you’re performing each move safely and within your means. You’ll be shocked at how quickly you progress!

15. Metal Detecting

Get your hands on a new or used metal detector, and get outside! Metal detecting takes a bit of practice to make sure you’re using your equipment properly, but once you’ve got it down, there’s no limit to what you might find! It’s a fantastic way to get in some exercise, spend time outdoors, and uncover what lies under the earth. The most exciting thing about metal detecting, is you never know what you’ll stumble upon.

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