16 Perfect Hobbies for Introverts

If you’re a self-proclaimed introvert who is looking for new ways to spend your alone time, read on.

We’ve compiled a list of 16 tried-and-true hobbies you’re sure to love!

Perfect Hobbies for Introverts



Okay, so writing may fit the stereotype, but we’d be remiss not to start our list with this introvert-friendly hobby. From journaling and blogging to writing poems and novels, writing is a great way to express your thoughts, feelings, and pent-up creative energy

Not everything that you write has to be made available for everyone, that is what makes it such a great hobby! Spending time writing and developing this new skill gives you a sense of release once you have finished for the day, and if you suffer from anxiety and you are going through a stressful time, taking part in this hobby is a good way to heal and relax.

2. Listening to Podcasts

One of the most enjoyable pastimes for any true introvert is listening to fun, educational, gripping, or thought-provoking podcasts. Simply download a free podcast app for your android or iPhone, and browse hundreds of thousands of audio podcasts on any given topic. You can also check out YouTube for free video podcasts.

This hobby doesn’t have to cost you anything as there are plenty of free podcasts available to you online. Every podcast takes you to a different place, and it can actually develop your imagination skills. Just close your eyes and let the podcast take you on a journey.

3. Making Art

Making Art

Contrary to popular belief, virtually everyone has a creative side. Many introverts enjoy drawing, paint-by-numberspainting, pottery, hand lettering, and fiber arts like knitting, quilting, crochet, and embroidery. There are lots of free and inexpensive resources for budding artists who prefer flying solo. Bluprint offers over 1,300 online classes, and Zentangle is a fun and relaxing drawing method that’s completely beginner-friendly.

Art is everywhere, and the beauty in the piece is in the eye of the beholder. No matter how your creation turns out, it tells a wonderful story that is unique and interesting to you. That is the beauty of it!

4. Photography


Sure, introverts don’t love crowds, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like venturing outdoors. Photography is a great way to see the world from a fresh perspective. Best of all, you don’t have to splurge on a high-tech camera. Check out this video by Pixel Village, which features tips for taking photos with your phone.

Taking up this hobby sure will take you on new and exciting adventures on the hunt for the best images, or you may discover that your own backyard or local park looks even more magical in photos.

5. Playing an Instrument

Playing an Instrument

It’s easier than ever to learn to play an instrument. Even if you have no interest in joining an orchestra or band, there’s no feeling like mastering a piece of music you love! A quick Google search for guitar or piano lessons will connect you with instructors in your area. You can also check out YouTube for free online instruction.

Start out simple and work your way up. You don’t want to become frustrated and disheartened, after all, hobbies are lighthearted and fun. Try playing your instrument along with your favorite song if you want a challenge!

6. Physical Activity

Physical Activity

The key to sticking with physical activity is finding one you absolutely love. Introverts tend to prefer solo or one-on-one activities, like biking, kickboxing, running, gymnastics, swimming, dance, or skateboarding. The possibilities are virtually endless.

You don’t even need to leave the house for some of these activities, for example, dancing and gymnastics can be done in your living room. Simply move furniture out of the way, put on some great music, and go!

7. Cooking or Baking

Cooking or Baking

There’s something incredibly satisfying about whipping up a home-cooked meal or a batch of cookies made from scratch. Whether you’re cooking or baking for yourself, friends, or family, you’ll likely enjoy the process as much as the results. Either look for cooking classes in your area or visit YouTube for beginner cooking tips. We love this video by Gordon Ramsay, which covers five essential cooking skills, including cooking pasta and rice, sharpening a knife, chopping an onion, and deboning a fish.

Even if you haven’t gotten to grips with all of the professional cooking techniques, you will probably find your own way about the kitchen. Practice makes perfect, especially when we are talking about getting flavors and textures spot on. If at first, you don’t succeed, try and try again!

8. Gardening

Gardening Become one with nature by taking up gardening. Whether you plant a flower or vegetable garden, or you grow herbs in your home, you’ll reap the rewards of planting a seed and watching it grow. For beginner gardening tips, check out this video, featuring 10 easy to grow vegetables for beginner gardeners.

Gardening is very dynamic because with each season comes different in-season fruit, vegetables, plants, and bushes. You don’t have to have a large garden to grow plants either, and your choice of plants can be matched to your living areas.

9. Meditation

Introverts may be quiet, but that doesn’t mean their minds are. Meditation is a great way to let go of the flurry of thoughts and worries so many of us deal with on a daily basis. To get started, find a quiet spot and download a meditation app like Insight TimerCalm, or Headspace.

There are lots of different types of meditation techniques that you can take part in; it isn’t all about sitting still and closing your eyes. Meditation can be done through movement, song, laughter, and much more. Try different techniques out until you find the best one for you.

10. Yoga


Yoga is a combination of meditation and exercise. It is the perfect hobby for introverts as it sends them deeper into themselves. You have to be at one with your breathing and movements when you are doing yoga, which is something introverts do oh-so-well.

11. Volunteering

Some of the most fulfilling hobbies are those that help us help others. Consider volunteering at a local animal shelter. Most shelters need dog walkers and bathers, or you can spend some valuable time cuddling with abandoned pups. Even a small amount of time makes a big difference.

Most volunteer programs are very easy to get involved in and organizations jump at offers to help them out. You can apply to become a volunteer online or go to your local organization and see what you can do to help.

12. Learning a New Language

Thanks to modern technology, you can learn a new language without ever leaving home. Consider taking an online language class in Spanish for example, or download a language-learning app like Duolingo.

As well as learning languages through apps and classes, you can watch films and TV shows in the language that you are learning to see how much you understand. If you practice for just an hour or so every day, you could have wonderful conversational skills after just a year of learning.

13. Traveling

If you’ve always dreamt of visiting a faraway place, why not take an adventure on your own? Traveling solo means you have complete control of your itinerary, so you can go anywhere and do anything. Wondering where to go? We love this solo vacation guide published by U.S. News.

Going on a road trip and visiting a different part of the country that you haven’t seen before is also a great way to travel. This is particularly true if you are on a budget. You can go camping or stay in a caravan and have a wonderful budget-friendly adventure not too far from home.

14. Puzzles

Compared to some of the above-mentioned hobbies, puzzles may seem humdrum, but with so many varieties, you’re bound to find a type of puzzle you love. From crosswords and word search puzzles to sudoku, traditional jigsaws, and puzzle apps, why not try them all to find your favorite?

Doing puzzles has been proven to improve your memory. Brain training will slow down the development of Alzheimer’s disease and other serious health conditions. Of course, puzzles will not cure these conditions, but picking a hobby that is good for brain health is a very positive thing to do.

15. Starting a YouTube Channel

While the thought of being in front of a camera may conjure up some anxiety for most introverts, carving out your own space on the internet might just spark your creative side. Consider recording tutorials, DIY projects, or share snippets from your everyday life. This beginner’s guide is an excellent place to start.

Starting a YouTube channel will also build your confidence in front of a crowd. This hobby certainly is perfect for introverts that want to challenge themselves.

16. Documentaries

Watching documentaries is an excellent way to learn about new interests, topics, and cultures. Once you dive down the documentary rabbit hole, you’ll be on a constant mission to find the next compelling true story. Netflix has a decent selection of documentaries, and Top Documentary Films is chock-full of films on a variety of topics.

Enjoy Your Solo Time, and Pencil In Time with Others

The above-mentioned hobbies are excellent options for introverts. In addition to your much-needed solo time, be sure to prioritize meaningful relationships with others. While we value our alone time, even the most introverted homebodies need connection. Communication is important, but it’s just as vital to surround ourselves with people who are content with quiet togetherness and appreciate our introverted nature. “Don’t think of introversion as something that needs to be cured. Spend your free time the way you like, not the way you think you’re supposed to.” – Susan Cain

For more inspiration, check out our 100+ list of hobbies to try this year!


Q: What hobbies do introverts have?
A: Getting involved in hobbies doesn’t have to include other people. Introverts enjoy making art, yoga, going for walks, and more. Take a look at the hobbies featured in this list for more.

Q:  Can introverts take part in hobbies?
A: Of course, not all hobbies need to include lots of people.

Q: What hobbies can I do at home?
A: You can work out, play video games, paint, watch movies, listen to podcasts, and lots more from the comfort of your own home.

Q: Are there any famous introverts?
A: Yes, there are lots of famous introverts. Most famous writers and scientists are introverts. Albert Einstein and J.K Rowling are two of the most famous introverts of all time.

Q: How does an introvert participate in hobbies?
A: There are lots of hobbies that do not involve social interaction, making them perfect for introverts. Take a look at the hobbies featured in this list for more information.


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