17 Fun Hobbies for Women – That Ladies All Ages Can Do! 2024

Hobbies are beneficial to mental (and typically physical) health. Having a hobby ensures that you’ve got an outlet in a crazy world of juggling work, friends, family, drinking enough water, and social commitments. 

Choosing a hobby, and turning it into something you love, will ensure that you’ve got time for you. Hobbies are a fantastic escape from the day-to-day hustle, which can get a bit monotonous if you let it! Any hobby on this list will challenge you mentally, and bring new people into your life that you’ll love being around. What could be better than that?

Hobbies for Women of All Ages

1. Yoga

woman martial arts

It might seem a bit on the nose, but yoga is so good for you mentally and physically, it had to be included here. Yoga comes in many forms, from Restorative to Ashtanga, so you can choose a class based on your level of fitness.

You can also practice your yoga moves at home in between classes, or you can follow YouTube tutorials and learn all the poses from videos and information available online. It is one of the most calming sports you can participate in, so if you are looking for a way to unwind, this is a great way to do so. 

The class choices available at your local gym or yoga studio will also allow you to decide what you want to get out of the class, whether it be stretches and relaxation or a vigorous workout. Yoga has it all. Also, the pants are super comfortable.

2. Writing

Writing can supply an insane mental release. You don’t have to be a professional to write. Start a bullet journal, write short stories or poems, or even just random thoughts and good ideas you have throughout the day. You’ll be surprised at how much better you feel on a daily basis, and might even feel the inspiration to take a creative writing class! 

The beauty of writing is that it can be personal and for your eyes only or share it with the world. Writing is a fun way to express your feelings in a very personal way. 

Many people are nervous to begin their writing journey and don’t know where to start; however, it is one of the most creative hobbies to get involved in, and is considered by many a form of art. Because of this, there is no right or wrong way to write. Just get started! 

3. Horseback Riding

Horseback riding

Any barn girl will tell you, once you start riding, you’ll fall in love with it. While horses can be a time-consuming and expensive hobby, it’s not so bad if you don’t have your own. Taking lessons at a local riding center will give you all the ground and riding skills you’ll need, and you won’t have to take on the full responsibility that comes with horse ownership. In no time you’ll find that the barn is a sanctuary, and time there is never time wasted.

One of the best things about this hobby is that you can include your friends and family in the fun if you want to. Slip away for some one-on-one time with your favorite horse to unwind, or make it a family day out, it is entirely up to you! 

4. Painting

There is nothing quite as therapeutic as putting brush to paper. Taking up painting as a hobby will give you all the quiet time you need while asking you to reach within for inspiration.

You can experiment with different painting styles and textures, so the experience is never dull. Giving something you painted to a loved one is also a very personal way to show how much you care for them.

Painting freehand will teach you quite a bit about yourself, but if it’s just not your thing, there are bound to be instructors and classes available locally for every level of experience. You never know…you might be the next big thing!

5. Meditating

woman meditating

In a world of chaos, find your peace. Seriously though, meditating can be really hard, and mastering it will make you feel incredibly accomplished. Learning to let go of thoughts without giving them attention is difficult, so start with a guided meditation, which you can find on YouTube or with the Headspace App. This will help to set your focus, instead of listening to all the things that might be going on around you, such as passing cars or kids playing outside. 

Meditation isn’t all about sitting still. There are many different ways to meditate, so there is bound to be a meditation style to suit you. If you are lively and like to move your body, why don’t you take part in dance or laughter meditation? Trust me; you won’t regret it!

6. Interior Design

If you enjoy design and decorating, and you love nothing more than a Love It or List It marathon, then you’re likely to excel at it. It’s likely that you’re constantly switching up your home decor as it is, so you might as well grab some clients and make some money off of it. Don’t get too ahead of yourself, though. Take a class, do a ton of research and apply ideas and techniques to your own space to find out what works, what doesn’t, and what style you’re best at pulling off. 

Take pictures of what you have created so that you can show future clients and build a portfolio. Social media such as Instagram and Facebook are brilliant platforms for advertising your work, so make sure you are connected.

7. Baking

Baking doesn’t have to be boring. Hunting down existing recipes that sound delicious and making them your own is what baking is all about! It can be as simple as the addition of chocolate chips to peanut butter cookies, or taking a standard cake recipe and making it free of gluten or vegan friendly. Time in the kitchen is really what it’s all about. You can experiment with your own recipes as well, by building them from scratch, or taking your favorite parts of existing recipes and combining them. The options are endless!

With all the free time many of us have at home. Lately, baking is the up-and-coming hobby of the year. Tasty treats give us comfort, and they certainly smile on our faces, which we all need right now.

8. Dog Walking

woman walking dog

Not only a hobby but a side hustle as well, dog walking is a great weekend gig for any dog lover that needs a little extra cash…or exercise! You can establish yourself online, or sign up through a dog walking application like Rover or Wag. You’ll have a list of happy clients before you know it, and you’ll literally get paid to play with dogs. Not to mention, you can finally bring your pup to work with you!

If you aren’t interested in making a few extra bucks from dog walking and would rather volunteer, you can absolutely! Dog shelters are always looking for people to help them out, so most of them surely will jump at the offer. Just walking with someone for 30 minutes a day can bring significant health benefits.

9. Triathlon Training

If you’re looking for a challenge, try training for a triathlon! It’s an intense range of activities that put your fitness level to the ultimate test, including running, biking, and swimming! You can be physically fit to train, or just starting out on your fitness journey. The only difference will be how long you have to train for before you can compete. The goal is the same for everyone: finish the race!

Get connected and join triathlon training groups and forums on social media. This will give you the motivation to train, and you never know, you might even find a training buddy!

10. Join a Book Club

book club

There are hundreds of good books out there that you think you don’t have time to read. You absolutely have the time, and a good group of new friends that get together once a week to discuss a riveting novel while drinking coffee is just what you need to convince you of that. Books in general are a wonderful escape, but the great ones are a ton of fun to talk about. You’ll love hearing different takes on the storylines, all while having your opinions heard, considered, and appreciated.

Reading takes you into a whole new world, and how you experience it will be different from others. Listening to what people have to say about a book and hearing all of the angles in the story that you might have missed lets you re-live it all over again.

11. DIY Projects

From your Christmas wreath to a new shelving unit, there is nothing you can’t DIY if you Pinterest for long enough. DIY projects have the ability to make your home exactly how you want it, without waiting for a construction crew to come in and tear it all apart. Take the time to make sure your project comes out the way you want it. Never rush a DIY, no matter what it is. Also, don’t attempt electrical or plumbing DIY’s. They rarely go well.

You don’t have to have a background in construction to know what to do either. You can wing it or research and watch tutorials first, but most importantly, enjoy the process and don’t get disheartened if something doesn’t go to plan the first time.

12. Volunteering

Volunteering brings such an incredible sense of fulfillment, that you’ll forget almost immediately that you’re not getting paid. No matter where you decide to volunteer your free time, it will never go unappreciated. Animal rescues, senior centers, and homeless shelters (among others), are typically desperate for great volunteers. You’ll meet people from all walks of life, creating some of the most enriching and humbling experiences you’ll ever have.

Volunteering projects have been inundated with people eager to help during the global pandemic, and some shelters even have a volunteer waiting list. So be patient and sign up for the causes that mean the most to you.

13. Gardening


Sunshine? Check! Freshly raked soil? Check! Growing your own food without pesticides? Check! Food quality aside, gardening is an incredibly satisfying hobby. Watching the seeds that you’ve planted and cared for grow into something you can actually consume is a wonderful feeling. Of course, you’re not restricted to growing foods only. Flower and herb gardens will have the same result and effect on your psyche.

You don’t have to have a vast outdoor space to enjoy gardening, and you can even pot a few plants inside in a bright spot of the house or on your balcony. Read up on the best plants to plant in your area that are appropriate to the weather conditions and climate for the best chances for success.

Gardening is relatively easy to learn, and possibly the best way to spend a sunny Saturday morning. Grab some gloves and get to it.

14. Self-Defense Classes

Self-defense classes are not only a necessary part of life as a woman… but they’re fun! Learn how to kick literal butt with an assortment of defense and martial arts moves. You’ll grow stronger and more confident with each passing class.

Take a friend along with you to the classes and have fun learning some cool moves together. Self-defense classes are essentially a life-saving knowledge combined with a really cool party trick. Obviously, we hope you’ll never need them, but what an amazing skill set to have.

15. Local Tourism

How long have you lived in the city/town/state where you currently reside? How much of it have you seen? Chances are, you’ve mostly explored the grocery stores within a 10-mile radius, and Target. Learn about your hometown! Get out there and experience the festivals, concerts, and farmers’ markets in the area. Go to local cafes and coffee shops, instead of pouring all of your business into Starbucks (not that we don’t love Starbucks). You’ll find so many things that you love, all while taking a day trip in your very own town. Pick a place, and spend one day each weekend exploring it.

Now that air travel has become almost nonexistent, your home town looks even more beautiful than before. This is the perfect time to take a look around and find new hot-spots where you live, as most local businesses are making an extra effort to lure in customers.  

16. Flower Arranging

It is safe to say that every woman loves receiving flowers, in fact, men and women appreciate their beauty and like to have a vase of fresh flowers on display at home. Taking a flower arranging class can really brighten up your mood while igniting your creativity. 

17. Jewelry Making

17 Fun Hobbies for Women - That Ladies All Ages Can Do! 2024 1

Making jewelry can be as simple as threading a few beads on a thread or as complicated as bending and soldering silver and gold to create aesthetic shapes. This is one of the best money-making hobbies for women on this list because you can work from home at your pace and during the hours you choose. For more hobby ideas, check out our 100+ list of hobbies to try this year!

Hobbies For Women FAQ

Q: What are some easy hobbies to pick up?

A: Reading, painting, writing, and flower arranging are very easy hobbies to start that are appropriate for beginners and professionals. 

Q: What are some great low-cost hobbies for women?

A: Hobbies do not have to be expensive, in fact, some of them can even make you money. Volunteering, watching movies, dog walking, and playing board games are all inexpensive hobbies to participate in. 

Q: How many hobbies should you have?

A: You can have as many hobbies as you like; however, you might feel overwhelmed at your busy schedule and scrap them all. Three hobbies is a good place to start. Choose one that makes you money, one that keeps you creative, and one that will keep you healthy for a nice balance. 

Q: How do I choose a hobby?

A: The best way to choose a hobby is to go with the flow and try something new at every opportunity. You won’t know if you like something until you try it. 

Q: Do women have time for hobbies?

A: Women are usually very busy with work and their family, but there is always time for hobbies. Taking half an hour out of your busy day to do what you love is good for the soul. 


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