10 Hobbies That Look Great on Your Résumé

If your résumé is in need of a revamp, you might consider sprucing it up by listing your favorite hobbies. Sure, job experience and work-related accomplishments are impressive, but giving employers a glimpse of what you do in your free time can make you stand out from the crowd.

After digging through a pile of humdrum résumés, it’s refreshing to read about a sports enthusiast or blogging buff. Have an interesting pastime? Below we share the top 10 hobbies that look great on your resume—and why you should consider including them:

Hobbies That Look Great on Your Résumé

1. Yoga

As all yogis know, yoga requires patience, determination, and dedication. When you include yoga on your résumé, you’re cluing employers in on your strengths.

Yogis tend to remain cool and calm in high-pressure situations, and they persevere even when the going gets tough.

2. Volunteering and Community Involvement

Showcasing your community support and volunteer work on your résumé shows initiative and the ability to work well with others.

Volunteers are great at brainstorming and make great leaders. If you’re applying for a managerial position, volunteer work is especially impressive.

3. Blogging

If you have a knack for writing and a well-established blog, you might want to include your blogging experience on your résumé, with a few exceptions.

Only share your blog if it’s well-written with no spelling or grammar errors. If you haven’t posted for a while, or you’ve taken long breaks between entries, refrain from including your blog on your résumé. And never share blogs that are offensive in nature or don’t showcase your personality and/or talents.

4. Endurance Sports

If you want an employer to know you’re in it for the long haul, list your love for endurance sports.

Showing your ability to withstand difficult circumstances, make quick decisions, and push through hours of taxing tasks displays your ability to commit to a role. Employers hiring for managerial or sales positions may find this hobby particularly inspiring.

5. Team Sports

Stand out by showing that you’re a team player. Those involved in team sports are typically good collaborators and work well under pressure.

Including team sports on your résumé is especially useful if the job you are applying for involves teamwork and/or building relationships with clients and associates.

6. Creative Pursuits

If the job you covet requires imagination, include your creative ventures on your résumé.

Whether it’s drawing or painting, photography or cooking, your experience in the arts adds personality and is sure to jump off the page.

Creative hobbies highlight your ability to be inventive and inquisitive. Employers in creative fields are sure to be impressed by your talents.

7. Video Production

Hobbyists in the video production realm will make an impression on employers, especially in positions that require knowledge in this area.

Video production requires an eye for detail and the ability to focus—all of which are assets in just about any field.

8. Strategy Games

If you are a fan of sudoku, chess, or other mentally challenging games, listing it on your résumé shows your ability to think through problems strategically.

Along with showcasing your planning skills, strategy game involvement tells employers that you are able to think logically and view issues from multiple perspectives.

9. Adventurous Pursuits

Mountain climbing, sky diving, and other extreme sports require courage and risk taking. These activities, and the traits they require, are sure to make an impression on potential employers.

If you are applying for a managerial or leadership position, listing your extreme sport adventures will show your ability to persevere during trying times.

10. Club Memberships

Whether it’s a professional or personal interest club, list it on your resume. Joining a club shows initiative, which employers tend to appreciate.

The type of club you’re in can clue employers in on your interests. If you hold a specific role in the club, such as president or treasurer, be sure to include that information as well.

If you have an interesting hobby, keep in mind that including it on your resume can be an excellent ice breaker during interviews (Check out our post of the 10 great answers to the “What are your hobbies” interview question). On the other hand, refrain from listing uninteresting, common hobbies, such as reading or walking. Remember: The goal is to make you stand out, not blend in. For other hobby ideas, see our 100+ list of hobbies you can do this year.

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