Garrett ACE 200 vs Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector

If you’re debating Garrett’s ACE 200 against their ACE 300 you won’t be disappointed with either. They’re both ‘beginner’ machines but the 300 has a few more bells and whistles. Here are all the details you need to know before hitting that buy button.

What's Better? Garrett ACE 200 vs Garrett ACE 300


The Garrett ACE 300 has 8 kHz adjustable frequency whereas the Garrett ACE 200 has 6.5 kHz fixed.

The lower frequency of the ACE 200 penetrates more ground and targets such as silver whereas the higher frequency of the 300 finds smaller targets such as tiny pieces of gold.

Its adjustable frequency means you can tweak it if you’re detecting with a friend or near power lines too.


Both have clear and easy to understand displays with three main buttons which are mode, sensitivity, and power.

Both displays are taken up with Garrett’s numeric target ID scale that scores your target on a scale of 0 -99 depending on what metal it is. On the vertical side of the display is a depth indicator so you know how far down to dig.

Ground Balance

Both machines have fixed ground balancing because they are easy-to-use beginner machines.

Target Identification and Discrimination

The ACE 200 has three search modes which are metal, coins, and jewelry plus four sensitivity adjustments whereas the ACE 300 has five search modes which are coins, jewelry, relics, custom, and zero discrimination.

It also has adjustable notch discrimination, eight sensitivity adjustments and pinpointing.

This is really the main difference between the machines – the 300 has more search modes and built-in pinpointing so it’s easier to find targets.

Iron Audio

Neither machine has iron audio.


Both search coils are waterproof up to a few inches but the machines are not submersible. Be careful in storms and wet grass.


Both the ACE 200 and 300 have three audio tone ID levels to help you figure out what metal you’ve found without looking at the display.

Low tones mean low conductivity like iron and high tones mean high conductivity metals – simple!

The second main difference between these machines is that the 300 comes with headphones as standard and the 200 doesn’t.


Both machines have great Garrett PROformance coils.

The 200 has a 6.5″ x 9″ concentric PROformance and the 300 has a 7” x 10” concentric PROformance.

They’re both as good as one another but the ACE 300 coil covers more ground in a single swing.

Length and Weight

The machines are comparable in length and weight. They both extend from 40” to 53” and have three parts for easy storage and traveling.

The ACE 200 weighs 2.75 lbs and the 300 2.8lbs so there’s barely any difference.


The ACE 300 retails for around a hundred dollars more than an ACE 200.

The extra cash buys you headphones, two extra search modes, and pinpointing.

The Best Choice

The Garrett ACE 200 is a great all-purpose beginner metal detector. It’s a switch on and go model that anyone, including more sensible kids, can easily manage.

The 300 has more modes, pinpointing, plus headphones so it’s for someone with a bit more experience or interest.

The Garrett ACE 300 will help you find more with its enhanced modes but both machines will find buried metal and have Garrett’s top-quality build.

You won’t be sorry with either purchase.

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