Fisher F22 vs Fisher F44 Metal Detector

Fisher metal detectors are great pieces of kit – but do you need to splash out on the more expensive F44 or does the budget-friendly F22 meet your requirements? Here are all the details you need to know.

What's Better? Fisher F22 vs Fisher F44

A Detailed Comparison of The Fisher F22 vs The Fisher F44


Both the Fisher F22 and the Fisher F44 operate on a 7.69 kHz frequency. This is best for coins, relics, and jewelry rather than gold that’s generally found on a higher frequency.


The display on both models is pretty much the same. They have two-digit numeric target identification on a 1-99 scale which tells you what metal you’ve hit before you dig, and a depth indicator to show you how far down.

Other display buttons are power, menu, mode, and pinpoint plus the setting selection button.

The more expensive F44 also has an adjustable backlit display which really helps in low light and bright conditions.

Ground Balance

One of the biggest differences between the F22 and the F44 is ground balancing. The F44 has manual ground balancing but the F22’s is pre-set.

Ground balance helps cancel out iron and minerals in the soil so the F44 is more likely to perform to a higher standard.

Target Identification and Discrimination

The F22 has ten adjustable sensitivity levels and jewelry, relic (called artifact) custom, and coins modes. The F44 has this plus an all-metal mode and twenty adjustable sensitivity levels.

Iron Audio

Both machines have iron audio. I’m surprised the F22 has this feature as it’s usually a more ‘premium’ addition. Both machines will save unnecessary backache by filtering out the trash.


The F22 and the F44 both have waterproof search coils up to a few inches but their control boxes are not waterproof. Be careful in rainstorms, when searching near water, and placing the detector down on wet grass.


The F22 and the F44 machines have Fisher’s four tone audio so you can detect without looking at the display. The tones are bass, low, medium and high.

Both usually come with basic headphones, but check the package first.


The F22 is generally sold with 9” triangulated concentric coil whereas the F44 with the larger 11” coil. The larger coil can search more ground in one sweep and will penetrate a bit deeper, but both coils are good.

Length and Weight

The F22 and the F44 weigh the same at 2.3 lbs and both are adjustable from 40”.


A Fisher F22 is usually $100 less than an F44.

The Best Choice

The Fisher F22 is a good beginner machine with enough features to keep a newbie detectorist or a sensible child occupied. It’s a great choice for the money.

The F44 bumps up the tech by introducing manual ground balancing, an all-metal mode, and a larger search coil for the higher price point.

These extras are worth the money if you’re keen. The F44’s ground balancing is especially helpful in mineralized ground and will save digging for trash which is one of the reasons people become disheartened with metal detecting.

If you can afford it, go for the Fisher F44 – the ground balancing feature alone is worth the extra.

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