In this guide we’ll take a look at the best piano benches, chairs & stools.
We’ve compared build comfort, build quality, design and cost
to give you our top recommendations.

What is The Best Piano Seat?

  • Features
  • Genuine leather cushioned top
  • Storage compartment underseat
  • Best piano bench available
  • Cost
  • Features
  • High gloss white finish
  • Genuine leather cushioned top
  • High quality construction
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Duet Size - 39" long and 13" deep
  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Two separate cushions
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Solid hardwood construction
  • Quick adjustment
  • Comfortable seat
  • Cost
  • Features
  • High quality construction
  • Easily adjustable stool
  • Attractive design
  • Cost

More Detailed Piano Seating Reviews

Genuine Leather Artist Piano Bench

I love tufted furniture. Chairs, sofas, beds… And piano benches! Take this Genuine Leather Artist Piano Bench from CPS, for example. It’s their duet size piano bench we’re looking at, and it has 13 buttons that make it look extra glamorous. I love the style and it’s my top pick as the best piano bench on the market.

This piano chair is really comfortable and the seat is made from real leather, so the quality is really high. The rest of the bench is made of solid hard wood, and there’s storage under the seat where you can keep your sheet music.

The storage department isn’t enormous, but it’s big enough to keep sheet music inside.

The height of this piano chair is adjustable from 19 ½“ to 22”. It’s 28” long and 14” deep. It’s said to be duet size, but you’d have to be two very thin people to fit on it. I’d say it’s better seen as a long piano bench that gives you a little more space as a solo player!


  • Genuine leather
  • High quality construction
  • Extra long
  • Very comfortable


    Genuine Leather Artist Concert Piano Bench White

    If you were reading the previous review sighing and saying to yourself ‘If only it was white and a bit shorter and deeper’, you’re in luck!

    Meet Genuine Leather Artist Concert Piano Bench from the same brand, CPS, but with slightly different qualities. As I said, this piano chair is white, but more like a cream, ivory kind of white. The tufted design together with the color makes it look really expensive and unique.

    The fact that the piano seat is made from 100% genuine leather only adds to the feeling of luxury.

    Let me tell you, I have a hard time deciding if I like the black bench or this one better. I think it all comes down to the color of your piano and the rest of your furniture.

    I often listen to the podcast ’Affordable Interior Design’, and Betsy, the designer that hosts it, has a guideline when it comes to the color of furniture.

    The idea is not to mix dark and light colored furniture. If you, for example, only have white tables, chairs, nightstands, and so on, it would be wrong to have a black stool, it just stands out too much.

    This piano bench is 23” and 16” deep, so it’s comfortable and gives you plenty of room. Just like the black bench, there is hidden storage for your sheet music under the seat. The height is adjustable from 18” to 21”.


    • Ivory white finish
    • Genuine leather
    • Comfortable, tufted cushion


      Deluxe Duet Two Seated Double Artist Piano Bench

      Next up is Deluxe Duet Two Seated Double Artist Piano Bench that is the best piano bench for duets. It’s got two separate padded cushions and you can adjust the height on each independently.

      This makes this piano chair perfect for duets, especially for teachers and students who play together. The height is adjustable from 19” to 21”. The full length of the bench is 39” and it’s 13” deep.

      The piano bench is black and has wooden frame and legs, and the cushion is high-quality leatherette, or fake leather, as I would call it.

      I think this piano chair looks exclusive and special, and it is very functional and comfortable.

      Because the bench is split in half, there is no storage, which is a shame, but I do see that it would be hard to incorporate. It’s the best piano bench for duets in my opinion!


      • Perfect for duets
      • Comfortable
      • High quality construction


      • No storage compartment

      Piano Chair Bench with Quick Adjustment in Walnut

      For me, it’s a totally new experience to have a backrest when I play the piano.

      You aren’t necessarily supposed to lean your back against something when you play, you should be sitting tall. But I have to admit that this Piano Chair Bench looks pretty cool.

      If you live in a small apartment and you need to sometimes use your piano bench as an extra seat when you have guests over it’s more comfortable to have something to lean against.

      Leaving behind my fascination for the backrest behind, I like the fact that this piano chair has an adjustable height from 17” to 22”, that it’s 15.5” wide and 15”5 deep, it has a lovely walnut finish and carries a 1-year guarantee against defects.


      • Attractive design
      • 1-Year guarantee
      • Multi-purpose chair


      • Backrest may inhibit playing

      Piano Stool Bench

      The time has come for us to take a closer look at one of the cutest piano stools I’ve come across.

      The CPS adjustable piano stool is really sweet, petite and light. It suits children and adults that consider themselves thin enough to sit on its round seat of 14”. The seat is padded and covered with leatherette that feels like real leather and seems to be high-quality.

      The height of this piano chair is adjustable from 16 ½” to 23 ½”, which is very generous.

      The piano stool is black and has a timeless design that I personally really like.


      • Timeless design
      • Highly adjustable
      • Affordable
      • Round top


        Piano Stool Buying Guide

        It might seem like something completely unnecessary. Why would you have a piano stool when a normal chair works just the same?

        I do see where you’re coming from, but I’d like to just briefly tell you about four different reasons why it’s totally worth it to buy a special piano bench instead of just using a chair you happen to already have.

        The Design Aspect

        I mean, which looks the nicest, to have a piano stool or a kitchen chair?

        Playing the piano is often quite an affordable hobby with few expenses if you compare it to sports where you need to replace pricey equipment every other season.

        I feel like it’s definitely worth spending some money on a piano chair that looks nice. After all, you’re going to be able to keep it for many years to come!

        I personally really like CPS’ duet size piano bench in black. It looks really stylish!


        If that isn’t enough to convince you, then maybe the ergonomic side of it all is. You see, chairs are often not the right height for piano playing, and unless it’s an office chair, you can’t adjust the height.

        And since office chairs most often have wheels, they are definitely not suitable to sit on while playing the piano, as they tend to move around too much.

        A good piano stool or bench can be adjusted so that the height is perfect for your length, and this will help your posture.

        When you sit with correct posture while playing, it’s easier to play using the correct technique, and that in turn will make you a better pianist.

        It’s also better for your neck and back to have a seat that is adjustable.

        The Magical Disappearing Chairs

        It’s also not very practical to use a standard chair, because it happens quite easily that it disappears from the piano.

        Members of the family will take it with them to another room to have something to stand on when reaching for something on a high shelf or to use as an extra seat when there are guests coming over. The result is that you have to go and look for something to sit on every time you want to play the piano.

        This doesn’t happen as often with a stool that everybody knows belongs by the piano. It would just feel wrong to carry it away and leave it in another room.


        Many piano benches have built-in storage that can be very handy. You can, for example, keep sheet music, your metronome, and other small music equipment there.

        I don’t know if it’s just because I’m living in a tiny apartment at the moment, but if I can choose between a product that provides extra storage and one that doesn’t, the choice is easy!


        Having a piano stool or bench that has adjustable height and storage is much better than any old chair with inappropriate height and nothing else to offer besides being somewhere to sit.

        If you enjoy playing duets, there are even piano benches such as the two seated duet bench from CPS, where you can adjust the height to suit you both.

        And a piano bench doesn’t have to be ugly, but might look beautiful like the white piano bench from CPS I also reviewed.

        In other words, if you ever felt like it was unnecessary to buy a piano bench or stool I hope you have had a change of heart after reading this article!