12 Creative & Fun Bullet Journal Theme Ideas for the Whole Year

What makes bullet journaling so fulfilling for all of us creative people is that each month can look totally different – I’m talking new layouts, new theme, new pages, new illustrations. Your April bullet journal monthly spread doesn’t have to look same as your December bujo monthly spread, and that’s the magic of it. 

But how exactly does one choose a theme for their bullet journal monthly spread? 

Gold Star Themed Bullet Journal
Golden stars theme for a bujo weekly spread

How to choose a theme

The first thing you need to consider is what attracts you the most? Are you a fan of clean, minimalistic themes like monochromatic/black and white, or do you like to go all out on big, vibrant themes like flowers or Christmas? Choosing something you enjoy drawing will definitely make it more enjoyable – after all, bullet journals are meant to boost your productivity through creative planning, so it’s important to enjoy the whole process.

When it comes to choosing a specific theme, I like to think of the month itself. Are there any specific celebrations happening? What does the nature look like – is it snowy, sunny, raining? You can find inspiration in types of flowers that grow during that month or season, and even activities you’re likely to do then (e.g. going to the beach in the summer). Finding the perfect theme is all about your own personal experiences and inspiration.

Minimalistic Bullet Journal layout
Example of a minimalistic bullet journal weekly spread

If you’re looking for more bullet journal ideas Pinterest can also be quite a goldmine for designs, themes, and layout inspiration.

Sometimes, coming up with one theme can be difficult – let alone 12! That’s why we’ve prepared a list of amazing bullet journal themes to use for each month of the year, as well as supplies you can use to bring more sparkle into your spreads.

Theme ideas for each month

Let’s have a look at some creative bullet journal theme ideas for each month below:

January – Snowy mountains

When I think of January, few things come to mind: snowy landscapes, skiing trips, short days, and long nights. These can be a great starting point for a January bujo monthly spread theme. 

My favourite thing to do is leave some space at the bottom of each page and fill it up with snowy mountain drawings. The top of the page can then be filled with stars or clouds, and even snowflakes falling to really sell the idea of a mountain landscape in mid-winter. Feel free to add doodles of pine trees, wooden logs or even wild animals like deer and wolves throughout your monthly spread.

Don’t forget to add a New Years Resolutions page to your January spread. If you’re just starting out on your bullet journal journey, this is also a good time to experiment with layouts and bullet journal page ideas, to see what fits your style and what doesn’t.