Top April Bullet Journal Monthly Spread Ideas

Top April bullet journal monthly spread ideas – what to include

Spring is in full bloom, so why not show that with a colourful April bullet journal monthly spread?

Read below our top things to include in your April bullet journal (or bujo, as we bullet journalers call it), as well as all the supplies you need! We’re here to help you create the perfect monthly spread that will scream “Spring is here!” on every page.

Picture of bullet journal spread

Get your supplies ready!

Every bullet journal starts with the two main tools: a notebook and a no-bleed fineliner pen in any colour you want. You can use any type of notebook you have on hand, but the standard choice for bullet journals is a high-quality dotted grid notebook. 

If you’re planning to bring colour into your April bujo, we recommend writing with a black fineliner pen so that it doesn’t clash too much with all the drawings and photos you want to include.

Choose a theme

Now that we’ve got the basics, it’s time to get into it! The very first step to having the perfect April bullet journal spread is choosing a theme. There are so many ideas out there so it may be hard to choose, but we recommend going for themes that really get you excited and ready to create.

Different themes will use different colour schemes and drawings, which means you may need to consider what kind of extra supplies you want to use. Coloured pens and highlighters are always great to have on hand, but you can also spice up your April bujo using washi tape, stickers, stamps, and even photos. 

If you want your April bullet journal to really feel like a Spring celebration, we’ve got a couple of theme ideas for you below:


Chances are that the first thing that comes to mind when you’re thinking of April is Easter. After all, it is the most important celebration of the month for many people, so why not use that as inspiration for your monthly spread? I’m talking Easter eggs, cute bunnies and chicks, and lots of pink ribbons – you can definitely go wild with colours on this one.


Spring is the season of nature rebirth, so flowers seem like a no-brainer for an April-themed bullet journal spread. You can go with your favourite flowers or stick to flowers that grow throughout spring to stay in theme – lavender, daisies or poppies would be great choices for this one.

Lavender themed bullet journal
Lavender/purple bullet journal theme example


There’s nothing more magical than a Spring Garden in full bloom with lots of butterflies roaming about. There are many ways to approach this theme: you could use lots of colours to draw different types of butterflies, or get inspired by a single type such as the majestic Monarch Butterfly. When it comes to themes, the world really is your oyster, so just have fun with it.

Pages to include

Once you’ve got a theme, it’s time to cover the basics of what you should actually include in your April bullet journal monthly spread. If you want some April bullet journal ideas for pages, read below for our top recommendations.

Cover page

Every monthly spread should start with a cover page. The cover page sets the tone for your entire monthly spread, so it’s nice to create something in line with the theme you chose. Since this is the introduction page, you can go ham on the lettering, fill out your page with illustrations or even whip out some watercolours to make it more unique. 

Monthly/weekly schedule

The main benefit of bullet journals is allowing you to keep track of all your deadlines, chores, and day-to-day plans in a creative, personalised way. 

For your monthly or weekly schedule pages, we recommend going minimalistic at first, but also leaving space for embellishments later (such as adding doodles, photos, or stickers). The layout should not be too complicated, so you have an easy time actually tracking all the events and tasks you need to complete. 

Mood tracker/habit tracker

Mood trackers and habit trackers are something that should be included in every monthly spread. If you’re struggling with productivity and want to change your routine by adding healthier habits, including a habit tracker might help you focus on your goals throughout the month.