In this guide we’ll take a look at the best yoga pants.
We’ve compared comfort, flexibility, design and cost
to give you our top recommendations.

What Are The Best Yoga Pants?

  • Features
  • Eco-friendly
  • Stretchy & squat proof
  • Unique design
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Slimming on hips & thighs
  • Comfortable & functional
  • Never chafe
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Super soft & comfortable
  • Great for hot yoga
  • Flattering fit
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Super comfortable
  • Flexible and stylish
  • Leg Warmers
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Eye-catching design
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Flexible material
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Good budget option
  • Cool print design
  • Matching tops too
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Good value for money
  • Great color variety
  • High waisted
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Cool design
  • Good value for money
  • Breathable
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Durable compression fabric
  • Moisture wick material
  • Cool design
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Awesome camo design
  • Cropped & cute
  • Moisture wick material
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Soft, breezy and super comfortable
  • Traditional design
  • Goof for light yoga practice
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Awesome printed design
  • Great for restorative yoga
  • Very comfortable
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Helps with your core
  • Moisture wicking
  • Chafe-free
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Sexy design
  • Breathable
  • Unique
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Great tummy control waistband
  • Full length and capri versions
  • Cool pocket
  • Cost

Yoga Pants Reviewed

Teeki Hot Yoga Pants

I love this pair of Teeki’s! These are  very cute on, and the fabric is super stretchy. Teeki products are typically very durable yet flexible, and they boast a four way stretch.

When you yoga in these bad boys, you’ll get side to side stretch as well as crosswise and lengthwise. Basically, they won’t rip on you in the middle of Pigeon pose.

If you love yoga, you probably also love to recycle. That is definitely a stereotype, but it’s one of the few true ones.

These comfy pants are eco-friendly. There are 25 plastic water bottles in every pair. Don’t ask me how they do it, but it’s pretty cool.

The only downside I’ve found to these pants, is that the waistband doesn’t come up as high as some of us might like. By “some of us”, I mean those of us who have had a baby or two.

The band is considerably lower than most wide banded yoga’s, and it rolls down. Even if you’ve eaten a gluten free, low carb diet and exercised every single day for the last 6 months. Ugh.

Overall these are a fantastic product, but if you’re looking for tummy control, the Mermaid Fairyqueen’s by Teeki are more your speed.

Alo Yoga Women’s Coast Legging

I was excited from the get go about these leggings, because I love Alo as it is. They create comfortable, functional fashion forward yoga wear that is never boring.

As per every pair of Alo yoga leggings, these have a fantastic fit. Alo offers flatlock seaming on all of their pieces, meaning that they never chafe when you’re in the yoga zone.

The Coast Leggings in particular are comfortable and flattering. They are slimming in the hip and thigh area, and they lift your rear way up.

The stirrups in particular are amazing because they keep your pants where they should be in every pose, from mountain to triangle.

Comfy Yoga High Waisted Workout Pants

These yoga pants from Comfy Yoga are so comfortable. My first thought when I put these on was that they feel a lot like the “buttery soft” LulaRoe leggings.

While the term “buttery soft” grosses me out, they really are so soft and honestly buttery is the only term I can think of to describe them. Please don’t hold it against me.

Like LulaRoe, these leggings are 92% polyester and 8 % spandex. They have the one size fits most claim that leaves consumers (including me) boggled. Somehow, it works.

Customers ranging from U.S. sizes 2 to 12  have great success with the fit of these leggings. They look tiny when they first come in, so don’t throw your hands up in exasperation and curse me under your breath.

If you’ve followed the above recommendations for fit, you’ll be just fine.

These seem pretty durable at first glance, but since they have the same make as LulaRoe, my guess is they will eventually pull apart at the seam if you don’t follow the directions on your care tag. Machine wash them on gentle with cold water. Hang to dry.

Alo Yoga Goddess Ribbed Legging

Amazing yoga pants by Alo Yoga. I literally have zero complaints about these pants. They are wonderful and you should purchase a pair!

Alo hits it on the head almost every single time when it comes to yoga pants, and these Goddess leggings are no exception to that rule. Super comfortable, incredibly durable – made of a perfect nylon and spandex blend.

The stretch in these leggings is unbeatable, and they are super slimming. So slimming, in fact, that you’ll want to wear them all the time.

Like most Alo leggings, they give your butt a great lift too. The best part about these yogas, however, have nothing to do with slimming and everything to do with style.

The full heel coverage is completely amazing, and add a ton of length to those of us (me) with short legs. Also, the color block goes all the way up to the thigh, and gives the appearance of thigh high leg warmers.

These pants would be great for Barre as well.

Teeki Mermaid Fairyqueen Yoga Pants

The biggest risk you’ll take with these yoga pants is someone asking you what they’re called. Your best best is to say “I don’t know” and slink away.

Ridiculous name aside, these yogas have a great fit. The material is thinner than you’d expect, but that’s not a dealbreaker at all.

Order the right size, and the waistband will stay in place like a dream.

As soon as I took them out of the package, I was completely in love with the design! I was feeling iffy about mermaid themed yogas, but they’re amazing. In fact, they’re so pretty that you’ll spend a majority of your class looking in the mirror at your pants.

As far as sizing, I’d say they fit true to size. Everyone is different, but for a classic yoga fit I would recommend ordering the size you usually get.

According to the manufacturer, these particular pants are great for surfing and paddleboarding. I didn’t try either of those activities for two reasons:

I don’t know how.

I have zero interest in putting myself into the ocean alongside hungry sharks while wearing pants designed to look like fish.

As far as water sports suitability, you’ll have to find out for yourselves or trust the manufacturer. When it comes to yoga class, you’ll find these pants to be functional and unique. I can confidently tell you that these top the list!

Icyzone Capri Yoga Pants

Yoga instructor approved (I asked a few), these capri yoga leggings by Icyzone wick moisture and stay put.

The mesh detail on the back give a cute and stylish look to an otherwise functional pant. They come in a wide choice of patterns as well as solid colors.

These have a great feel and with a breathable 80/20 polyester spandex blend, they will dry quickly during any workout, not just yoga!

One aspect that I love about Icyzone, is that you can  find a matching sports bra or tank for almost every pant they offer. For those of us that go to a regular yoga class and are all matchy-matchy about it, this is a big deal.

Baleaf Women’s High Waist Yoga Pants

These high waist yogas by Baleaf were a wonderful surprise! They are incredibly affordable, and even though they’re nylon they hold up nicely to sweat.

They are also pretty thick, with a slip free waistband. It stays right in place, and holds everything in. No muffin top in the Baleaf pants!

Like most yoga pants today, they come with a pocket to keep cash or your phone. There is a wide color variety, and you can wear them with underwear and suffer a very minimal pantyline. All wins in my opinion.

These pants are comfortable, and because they’re generally quite plain, you can get away with them for everyday wear. That right there is the definition of athleisure. Take my advice, and grab these in every color!

DOVPOD Printed Yoga Pants

hese yogas are perfect for any yogi on the search for a high quality pant at a great price. Made from a 75/25 blend of polyester and spandex, these pants are durable and wick moisture away from any medium intensity workout.

These printed yoga pants come in a variety of incredible designs, each one brighter and more eye catching than the last. Lightweight, but not thin enough to see through, DOVPOD has created a pant with four way stretch and a bit of compression packed throughout.

This is a pant that will last through any class, from yoga to Crossfit. I can’t recommend them enough. One in every color will do!

Note*If you have to choose only one pair, go with the Bosnia Secret print.

BubbleLime Printed Yoga Pants

First off, these look small when you remove them from the package. They aren’t. Mine fit perfectly, so keep true to size when you order!

BubbleLime offers a line of full and capri length yoga pants in a wide variety of prints, patterns and colors. They are high compression, thick, not see through and moisture wick with the best of them.

Best of all, these pants are so comfortable and streamline your lower half for confidence and comfort during every workout.

They do run a little long, but not terrible, and the compression fabric is thick enough to hold you in but thin enough so you don’t sweat buckets during a normal yoga class.

Overall, a great yoga pant and a good choice for any level of yogi.

Koral Women's Hammer Cropped Legging

Camo yogas…yes please! When I first saw these I was in love with the patten. It’s so fun, and sure to stand out in class. They are comfortable, durable, water friendly and moisture wicking.

Yogi’s far and wide are pulling these on and headed to hot yoga. They dry quickly, so there’s no chance of you sitting in a pool of your own sweat. That alone is enough to justify the price tag.

The only real complaint on the Koral yoga pants is the thin waistband. It’s also actually pretty tight fitting and not comfortable for every yoga pose. However, it does stay in place which is not common in a thin waistband.

Other than that, these pants fit like a second skin.

These are a great, sturdy pair of yogas that will last quite awhile if they’re cared for properly. If you’re worried about the waistband, try a size up.

Banjamath Smocked Boho Yoga Pants

Over the years, I’ve done a lot of yoga and worn a lot of yoga pants. Not once have I ever gone the baggy route, but since these tighten at the ankles I figured I’d give it a go.

These smocked pants make a great stand in for the occasional yoga class. They are soft, breezy and really comfortable. Honestly, they would probably make better pajamas than anything else.

The prints are bright and really fun. Chances are you’ve got a yoga tank tucked away somewhere that will match one or more of the patterns that Banjamath offers. There are a ton of designs to choose from.

They would never do for a high intensity class, as the rayon would probably just soak up all your sweat, turning them into a wet rag.

They were perfect for a light yoga practice, and cute enough to buy a pair or two to throw into the rotation every now and again.

Bombsheller Badass Workout Leggings

These leggings really have to be badass to live up to this name. The prints and patterns are badass for sure, but other than that they don’t show anything that we haven’t seen before.

They do advertise reinforced stitching to add muscle mass, but in reality these tend to thin out after only a few months of wear.

They don’t have any lift or sculpt to them, and while they are very comfortable, they’re yoga pants. They should be.

The waistband on these is relatively thin, but it does come up high and it will stay in place through the twists and turns of yoga and lifting alike.

Lucy Perfect Core Print Legging

Lucy leggings are chafe-free, moisture wicking and offer a pretty impressive compression aspect. These leggings give extra compression at the core, making for a better workout overall.

In yoga, a tight core is a requirement in order to maintain balance and protect the lower back. Having a legging with such support is beyond helpful, and any girl who works out on the regular should have a pair.

Add machine washable and a high rise, slip free waistband and you’ve got a great yoga pant combination.

Alo Yoga Women’s Interlace Legging

There is definitely a reason that Alo has shown up on the list so many times. Quality, quality, quality.

So, these Interlace Leggings definitely show more leg than your typical yoga legging. Honestly, you might as well buy shorts.

But let’s try them anyway.

Alo engineers most of their leggings geared for yoga to sculpt and lift your body during your practice. The reason for this is to help you feel your best.

Typically, if you feel good before your workout, you’re actually more inclined to put in a longer, more productive sweat session.

These interlace leggings adhere to that rule. They’re comfortable, with a great and flattering fit.

The interlace, however, left me feeling strange. My pants were open on one side but not the other.

If you’re all good with half on pants, then you’ll love these.

Neonysweets Printed Tummy Control Yoga Pant

Oh, Neonysweets, you had me at tummy control.

The fact of the matter is, pretty much everyone can benefit from a little tummy control. No matter what your situation, a high waistband is just more comfortable during any workout.

The tummy control waistband on these polyester/lycra blend pants is super effective and worth every cent. The patterns available here are the real sell.

There is a really wide variety of designs and colors available in this pant, and Neonysweets offers full length and capri versions as well.

With pockets for your phone and cash, extreme durability and an easy care tag, you’re looking at a really fantastic pair of yoga pants!

Yoga Pants Buyer’s Guide

While it may be a tad difficult to advise someone how to buy pants, I can give you a good idea of what you’re looking for. Now, yoga pants are bit more difficult to review than say, a kitchen appliance.

Unless the pant is complete junk or unsuitable for the task at hand, odds are they’ll get the job done. They are really more of a personal preference than anything.

It’s important to consider how differently we’re all shaped. A pant that I love on myself, you may hate. While I prefer cotton or nylon, you might go crazy over polyester or spandex. It can also depend on the intensity of which you usually practice.

I have been practicing yoga for a long time, and I take my pants very seriously. When I go out to purchase a pair of yoga pants or leggings for myself, I take three things into consideration. I’ve applied that criteria to every pair of pants in this guide.

Putting potential personal preferences aside, when I set out to review this yoga pant haul, I focused primarily o durability, comfort and all round fit. You can’t have a decent yoga pant without these three factors.


There is no point in purchasing a yoga pant that is see-through in class, or that will fall apart after only a few washes. Both of these instances leave you with money wasted.

There is no fabric in particular that I was looking for, but I wanted each of my top picks to be thick yet lightweight. A yoga pant must stretch and bend with the body without straining at the seams.

My top three choices consist of pants made from durable nylon and polyester blends. There is no reported ripping or intense wash wear, and I felt secure and confident while wearing them.


While any yoga class can push your physical limit, it’s all about being comfortable while doing so. Each pant I chose fits like a second skin, with a comfortable, wide waistband and flatlock seams.

It was important to me that I provide you with a variety pants suitable for every level of yoga. For example, The Alo Goddess pants will wick away light moisture, perfect for Hatha, Restorative or a light Ashtanga class.

Baleaf comes in at a medium moisture wick level making them a great choice for Vinyasa, and the Teeki Fairyqueen pants get rid of sweat so quickly that they can withstand a 5 mile run followed by Hot Yoga.

Knowing this information before you purchase will allow you to find a pant that will keep you breezy and comfortable throughout any yoga class.

Good All Around Fit

This requirement was harder to fulfill than the others, but I knew I wanted to choose pants that would offer confidence for all.

Most of this comes from material, but it also comes from a wide or non-slip waistband and the slimming effects offered by so many manufacturers today.

It’s not so much about hiding the beautiful imperfections that make you who you are, but more about feeling streamlined and organized during your yoga practice.

Each pant on my list will hold you in and keep you feeling long and collected throughout class. This gives you less time to worry about where your pants are (riding up or falling down) and more time to focus on your form.

No matter what your level of practice, taking this criteria into consideration while yoga pant shopping will help you to walk away with the right choice for you.

Final Thoughts

It’s no secret that yoga is beneficial to your mind and body, fighting ailments like depression and anxiety while keeping you firm and fit.

Add in really fun clothes and you’ve got yourself a wonderful hobby.  There is no doubt in my mind that you’ll all find the yoga pant that was meant just for you.

No matter which pant you choose, just be sure that they make you feel amazing! Don’t get discouraged if you have a few misses. Life is all about trial and error.

You can’t go wrong with our top picks, but if you choose to wander off the beaten path, let us know what you’ve chosen! The world is full of yoga pants, go find yours.