In this guide we’ll take a look at the best plus size yoga pants.
We’ve compared comfort, flexibility, breathability and cost
to give you our top recommendations.

What Are The Best Plus Size Yoga Pants?

  • Features
  • Great compression pants
  • Designed for curves
  • Durable & comfortable
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Great breathability
  • Moisture wick fabric
  • Awesome design
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Beautiful design
  • Great overall fit
  • Stretchy fabric
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Durable and well-designed
  • Four way stretch
  • Destroyed look
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Quality material
  • Vertatile
  • Incredibly soft and comfy
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Excellent Fit
  • Squat proof
  • Cool Design
  • Cost

Plus Size Yoga Pants Reviewed

Lola Getts Plus Size Yoga Pants

I cannot get enough of capri leggings. I have about 12 of them in my closet, and while I do use them frequently for yoga, I find them necessary on a daily basis.

They can be used for everything, from sleep to a crisp morning jog.

Now these yoga pants by Lola Getts are amazing. They design only with curves in mind, so when you buy a pair of LG’s, you know you get pants that were made for you.

They are the end all be all of plus size capri pants, and they pack in some serious compression as well. This means you get a fantastic workout with a pant that will smooth and accentuate those curves.

They lift your butt way up, and you can rest easy and keep your mind on your practice knowing that you look incredible.

The waistband on these is not as thick as some of the other pants on our list, but it stays in place from Down Dog to Child’s Pose. This pant moves with you all the way.

So here’s the lowdown on Lola Getts. They size using a size 16 model as a scale. This is incredible, because a lot of companies boast plus size while using a size 4 as a scale and then moving up.

You will get incredibly accurate sizing with these capris. No guessing, just check the size chart and order what size you typically wear and you’ll have a great fit.

These pants wick moisture away, are incredibly soft and are durable enough to withstand Vinyasa after Vinyasa. The 4 way stretch is amazing here, and they are as squat proof as can be.

From comfort to durability, these capri’s will take you wherever you want to go. Even if it’s just to the couch!

Core 10 The Warrior Mesh Legging

Never have I ever come across a yoga pant with a more perfect name for…well, yoga. The Warrior Mesh Legging by Core 10 will keep you in tip top form throughout the duration of your practice.

They fit comfortably and closely, making it easy for you to determine your form and fix mistakes. They wick moisture away moderately, at a much faster pace than their sister legging The Rebel.

You’d be able to grab a quick run before or after your yoga class without drowning in sweat.

My favorite thing about leggings today, from Forever 21 to Core 10, is the amount of mesh detail that is showing up. Mesh is a breathable, fun addition that will spice up any boring old yoga pant. The Warrior yogas have the perfect amount of that amazing mesh detail.

These leggings are thick and sturdy, with flatlock seams to prevent chafing and a squat proof fiber content. The waistband will not slip and slide, leaving you feeling uncomfortable during class. It stays put for ultimate confidence!

Core 10 The Supernova

These pants are beautiful in person! The star print is incredible and functional, and they have an overall great fit.

These Supernova Leggings by Core 10 can easily take you from yoga to the bank. The design is unique, but not ridiculous. You’re certain to get compliments wherever you wear them. At least I sure did!

These beauties have a wonderful 4 way, no rip stretch. The star print is featured all over the pant (black legging/white stars). The waistband is high and comfortable with the right amount of control.

They wick moisture about as well as The Rebel, and not as well as The Warrior, but they have a design that you’ll probably choose to wear more often the other two Core 10’s on our list.

True to Core 10 quality, these leggings are squat proof and hold up well to a folded forward bend. No one will get a sneak peek at what’s under the pants. I promise.

The best aspect of these has to be the reflective print. Not to be juvenile about it, but they look so cool when it’s dark. Also, they are fantastic for running because the reflective print is literally all over the pant.

I put them to the test one night after dinner, my dog in tow. We went for a short, late night run and with her reflective collar and my Supernova yogas, we looked like a giant flashlight.

Or possibly visitors from another planet.

Core 10 The Rebel Legging

This durable, machine wash legging is everything you could ever want in a yoga pant. Core 10 is an industry leader when it comes to yogas with a curvy fit.

The Rebel Legging has a perfect 4 way stretch that promises no ripping or chafing during any pose.

Speaking of ripping, these pants are perfectly destroyed in all the right places (if you’re the right height…more on that later), making for an edgy but super flattering fit and a great switch up from the traditional yoga.

Made with a durable and dependable nylon/spandex blend, the Core 10’s won’t wick quite as much moisture away as you’d probably like, but they are very breathable with a comfort fit and that helps during any workout.

These are super thick and as squat proof as can be. If you’re particular about where the rips will hit on you, then you’ll probably want to leave these alone if you’re on the shorter side. I am 5’4” and the rips fall below where they’re pictured.

Core 10 is definitely hitting it on the head quality wise, and these will hold up to any form and any intensity of exercise. Follow the size guide, and if you’re between…size up!

Calvin Klein Control Waistband Legging

This is the honest truth: My grandmother once told me that you can never go wrong with anything made by Calvin Klein.

We were in a Nordstrom at the time, and I was debating between two dresses for a wedding we had to attend. I went with the Calvin Klein and I was not disappointed.

These wonderful Performance Control Waistband Leggings are no exception to my grandmothers CK rule. They are fantastic!

The rayon/nylon/spandex combo leaves these pants incredibly soft and comfy. In my opinion, they don’t wick enough moisture away to wear them to a high intensity yoga class, so stick to gentle yoga if you’re wearing these.

You can tell these are of true Calvin quality because the black is such a true black. They don’t fade or pill, even after a few washes. They hold up well over time and are worth the investment for two or maybe even three pairs!

A great thing about these pants, is that while they can be used for yoga, it’s not clear that their only purpose is to be worn to yoga. You can wear them with sweaters and boots, and tanks with sneakers.

They are an all around versatile piece and a great addition to the closet of any legging loving yogi.

Bombsheller Badass Plus Size Leggings

A wonderful aspect to the Bombsheller company, is that they use real women in order to establish the size and cut of each pant. They put together a prototype, host a fitting party and essentially have women from all over tell them what works and what doesn’t.

This concept is freaking genius.

Not only has Bombsheller created a product that will fit you perfectly, but they have a way to back up that claim. Each pant is designed and created by the individual artist. With such a small production process, you’re guaranteed to be pleased with the product.

Right from the start, I noticed that Bombsheller states the customer is responsible for purchasing the right size. This is 100% true. Even though they measure meticulously, their sizes run a bit small.

Read the size guide and order the size that you are, even it’s larger than your typical size.

That aside, these pants are amazing. They are put together with high quality imported fabric of a polyester spandex blend. It shows.

They are completely squat proof, and they’ll hold up to any workout that you decide to put them through. Wear them to Hot Yoga or an advanced Vinyasa class without worrying about sweat.

The polyester in these badass yogas wicks moisture away like it’s nothing. They move well with you, and the waistband sits right where it’s supposed to without folding over.

This offers extreme control and confidence, and lets you focus on your workout instead of your pants. The colors are bright and accurately depicted in stock photos.

They are soft and comfortable, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a pant that will perform like this one when it’s correctly fitted.

Plus Size Yoga Pants Buying Guide

It’s no secret that we’re not all built the same. Even today, social media outlets and fashion magazines are still pushing an unrealistic body image.

Is it just me, or does every Instagram model look the same? Big lips, blonde hair, small waist, generous coat of Loving Tan sunless tanner (which is actually amazing), wearing white and holding up peace fingers. Approximately five app photo filters applied. Post and repeat.

I’m not here to shame it. It is what it is, but how can we celebrate individuality when we’re all expected to look the same?

Don’t get me wrong, the way women are depicted for the purpose of modelling clothing has progressed beautifully over the last 10 years.

With companies like American Eagle refusing to touch up the women that model their intimate Aerie line, normal, healthy women are finally able to see what the pieces will reallylook like on.

Their website is refreshing and beautiful, and they should be applauded for it.

We live in a world where anything over a U.S. women’s size 10 is considered “plus size”. I’m not sure who came up with that scale, because a 10 is quite an average size to be, but we’re seeing more and more manufacturers cater to it.

Yoga pants are no exception. There are some incredible manufacturers of yoga pants and activewear out there that understand women are all different, no matter what social media might have you think.

Things to Consider

Comfort is necessary in any yoga pant, and if you’ve got curves you want to show them off without sacrificing that necessary comfort. You want something durable, perhaps not with a slimming effect but definitely smoothing. You’ll also want something soft.


You want comfort for all of the obvious reasons. Right? You want to feel like you’re wearing a second skin while you manipulate your body into poses that will accelerate your health.

Yoga is about comfort, and your pants should be as well. This includes no slipping, sliding or moving when you do. Your yoga pants should streamline your body and allow you to focus solely on your practice.


Also important! Nobody wants a pant that rips out on them during a warrior sequence. If you don’t have your peace of mind in yoga class, then you’ll probably never have it. Hardy pants can keep your busy brain off of your wardrobe and focused on your instructor.


Finally, that wonderful smoothing compression is a yoga pant want for women of all shapes and sizes. Your clothing should make you feel good, especially your yogas, because you’re using them for something that helps you achieve your best self.

Even if you’re just lounging in them, as many of us do, it never hurts to feel good while doing it. Everyone loves a little booty lift any time of the day.

They are incredibly comfortable, and the imported fabric blend of polyester and spandex guarantees a long life. The waistband holds you in, the sizing is impeccable as long as you follow the chart and your legs will look streamlined and smooth.

The Bombsheller’s are perfect for any workout…light to intense. They dry quickly and the prints are incredible. They will please even the pickiest of yogis, and help the beginners feel like gold when they walk into that first class.