In this guide we’ll take a look at the best maternity yoga pants.
We’ve compared comfort, flexibility, breathability and cost
to give you our top recommendations.

What Are The Best Maternity Yoga Pants?

  • Features
  • Incredibly soft
  • So comfortable
  • Non-restrictive belly support
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Great for back and tummy support
  • Flexible materials
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Very supportive waistband
  • Helps your posture
  • Slight boot cut
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Great design
  • Stretchy & comfortable
  • Extremely versatile
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Good for taller women
  • Stretchy waistband
  • Soft material
  • Cost

Maternity Yoga Pants Reviewed

Kindred Bravely "The Louisa" High Waisted Legging

When I was pregnant the last time around, the Kindred Bravely “The Louisa” High Waisted Leggings were my go-to for quite literally everything.

I wore them to work out, to grocery shop, to dinner and to lounge in. They are so comfortable and offer wonderful, non-restrictive belly support.

They are made up of an incredibly soft polyester/spandex blend, and they really move with you no matter what you’re doing.

Since I was packing a little more weight than usual during pregnancy (obviously), even a gentle yoga session made me sweat more than usual. These leggings are mostly high quality polyester, so they stayed comfortable and dry throughout.

These leggings have a waistband that’s better than that first postnatal latte. Seriously, it holds everything in. You can pull it all the way up over your bump for a smooth look, or fold it down under for extra tummy and back support.

It also works wonders for how you’ll feel physically postpartum. The band here is designed to hold your tummy up as it shrinks, helping with discomfort and working to prevent abdominal muscle weakness.

The Louisa leggings are also great for those who have had a c-section and are looking for extra support while healing.

You’ll feel as comfortable as can be once your doctor clears you to work out normally again, as long as you have a pair or two of these leggings! They hold you in, giving you a little more confidence when you’re hitting the gym, or getting back into a few postnatal yoga classes.

They are durable, comfortable and everything you could possibly want in a maternity yoga legging.

Ingrid and Isabel Maternity Yoga Pants

I love the look and the length of these incredible leggings by Ingrid and Isabel. There is something so sporty and relaxed about a capri active pant.

These are the perfect length in that they’re not cropped way up under the knee, but sit mid shin. They are a crazy comfy nylon/poly/spandex blend, and are decent at wicking moisture away during a moderate workout.

You don’t need all that high intensity nonsense during pregnancy anyway.

The best part about these capri leggings is the waistband, hands down. It’s a crossover panel, designed to support your back and tummy while growing with you comfortably. No squeezing the bump!

These pants are true activewear and contain a four way stretch to bend and move with your changing body. You won’t face any ripping or chafing, as the Ingrid and Isabel’s are constructed with hardy flatlock seaming.

A fantastic legging for pregnancy workouts, these are not see through at all, making them squat proof for those of you who prefer more of a challenge even when you’re pregnant.

If you recognize the brand name and can’t figure out where you’ve seen it, the answer is Target. They do stock Ingrid and Isabel in their maternity section, but I can tell you first hand that the quality doesn’t match what you’ll find here.

They definitely skimp to make the price friendly to Target buyers. While I consider myself an avid Target buyer, I would absolutely purchase these instead of the ones in store. They’ll last you forever!

Mumberry Maternity Yoga Pants

I know what you’re all thinking. Flare yogas are not as cool as they used to be. They are typically frowned upon when you wear them to a yoga or barre outside of the home.

Nobody says anything, but you know what they’re thinking.

Here’s the thing, these maternity yogas by Mumberry are so freaking comfortable you will not care what anyone might think about your pants.

Mumberry has a patent pending on their waistband for this pant. It offers super gentle compression while providing an upward lift at the same time. The support is incredible.

You will feel an immediate improvement in your posture while your back pain is reduced considerably, if not completely.

You all know how painful pregnancy can be when it comes to your body supporting your ever growing belly. These yogas make everyday life much more comfortable, and that includes exercise!

Easily styled with a criss cross active tank and bare feet, you’ll look adorable in any prenatal yoga class that you decide to attend. Grab a pair or two of these to take you throughout your pregnancy, and for comfort beyond.

Boob Once-On-Never-Off Maternity Leggings

Okay, okay. So this brand doesn’t have the most flattering of names. Don’t think for a second that we didn’t take notice to that when compiling this list.

However, these are super comfortable knit leggings, that aren’t actually made for exercise, but quickly became one of my maternity go-to yoga pants. I wore them to quite a few Hatha classes, where the yoga is gentle and the vibes are positive.

They held up perfectly. The waistband is no budge, and they stay in place either up over your belly or folded down. They move, they stretch and they’re comfortable.

They don’t wick away moisture as much as your typical pant meant for exercise, but these do a nice job of keeping you cool and comfortable.

You can machine wash them and lay them flat to dry. They’ll keep their shape without any issue.

These are a great pant for pregnancy yoga and even light walking. They won’t rip or tear on you as long as you care for them properly, and they come in this adorable print as well as solid.

Overall, a wonderful product!

My Bella Mama Maternity Leggings

I am not tall. I’m average height at 5’4” and most of the time I find any type of yoga pant, even the capri ones, to be too long for me.

I don’t need maternity yogas for tall women, but you can bet I have friends that do. These pants made the list because of the rave reviews that have come my way from the women in my life who are in a constant struggle because they’re tall.

I mean honestly, think of how many stores have a tall section for men. Women do not have that, so these leggings are technically blazing trails over here.

If you’re pregnant, and sick of watching your already short leggings get shorter and shorter as your belly grows, then these pants are for you. I have a friend who swears by these. She even wrote a letter to My Bella Mama out of sheer gratitude.

These leggings are true to description. They fit my letter writing bestie (who is approximately 5’11”) with about an inch and a half of fabric to spare around the ankle. They are thick, and not see through.

The seams don’t chafe, and there is plenty of room given in the waistband to grow. They will fit you right from the time you start to show until you’re wheeled into Labor and Delivery. Plus, they’re great for postpartum wear, and will keep all of you leggy ladies comfy in the weeks to come.   

These are a cotton/spandex blend, so while they’re squat proof and breathable as heck, they won’t hold up to a heavy workout. They will stretch out a bit of you sweat in them too much, but that’s pretty much the only downside they have.

They will do just fine for light to moderate yoga classes, and trust me when I say that all of your tall friends will be asking where you got them.

A quick note* If you’re shorter than 5’9”, these will be way too long for you. If you’re thinking you can get away with rolling them on the bottom, don’t bother. The cuffs are bulky and ridiculous.

You can get away with buying long in jeans, but I don’t recommend it here. Too bad, because the price is something to be celebrated.

Maternity Yoga Pants Buying Guide

It is a proven fact that exercise during pregnancy will make your labor progress at a faster rate than if you sat down and ate brownie sundaes for nine months. I know this, because I’ve tried it both ways.

The brownie sundae baby took 15 hours of labor, while the daily exercise baby took 45 minutes of labor and that included the drive to the hospital.

All I did was walk my dog every day, and fit in the time for 30 minutes of yoga.

As long as you’re doing the correct poses, yoga throughout pregnancy is relaxing, beneficial, gentle exercise. It can lower your blood pressure, get your circulation moving and you can do it safely right up until the end of your ninth month.

If you’re a regular yogi, you’ll find yourself a bit disheartened when you go to pull on your favorite pair of yoga pants and they no longer fit. The baby bump is a fickle thing. One day there’s nothing and the next…sigh.

Buying an entire wardrobe of new clothes, from office attire to exercise gear, can be a daunting task. Lucky for you, I’ve been down this road more than once, and we’ve got a list of fantastic yoga pants to keep you comfy and fit for a full nine months.

Pregnancy is already the most uncomfortable you’ll probably ever be in your life. Especially late pregnancy. It’s so important to take the time to get yourself into clothing that will keep you cool and comfortable.

A legging that moves with you when you’re pregnant, especially during a yoga class, is the ultimate indulgence to any pregnant woman. Other than those pesky cravings, of course.

When I went on the ultimate search for yoga pants during my pregnancy, I had a few things in mind that I refused to go without – comfort, stretch and durability.


You cannot have uncomfortable maternity leggings. It completely negates the point of them. You are literally carrying someone inside of you that is rearranging and poking at your internal organs.

Yoga or not, you require comfortable leggings. This is why comfort was at the absolute top of my list when it came to finding the perfect maternity yoga pant.

Moisture wicking ability and size accuracy aside…I wanted COMFORT. Soft, flexible and stationary. No slip waistbands are a must as well as a true to size fit. Every pant on our list fits this bill.


You want a pant that is going to move with you throughout your pregnancy friendly Vinyasa flow. You want a pant that won’t squeeze your belly as your tiny human grows.

You want a pant that is going to grow with you, because let’s face it, maternity everything is an investment. Don’t settle for less than what you want.

It may just be a legging, and I might be a tad dramatic, but you really should feel your best. Pregnancy is a rollercoaster, there’s nothing wrong with finding comfort wherever you can.


Finally, I wanted every single pant on the list to be durable. No ripping, no flimsy seams, no waistbands that fold down without permission.

You need stability in your life right now, and if that comes from a legging then so be it. I’m kidding, pregnancy isn’t that bad. You are growing a human though. You should have nice things.

A maternity yoga pant that is durable will hold up during any pose you come across, and you’ll be thankful for that while you’re trying to maneuver your 36 week belly into Child’s Pose.

Any legging on this list will do just fine for anyone that is in any trimester of their pregnancy, as well as any level of yoga. They all offer complete comfort, but my top pick here is (drumroll please)…

Kindred Bravely “The Louisa” High Waisted Legging

They are just perfect for every situation you encounter while you’re pregnant. You can wear them to yoga, your baby shower or on a date night. They are versatile, comfortable, durable and so wonderfully stretchy.

They are available in black as well as charcoal grey, so you’ll have something to match anything in your closet. The belly band alone is a wonderful reason to purchase as many pairs of these pants you possibly can.

It comes up super high, but also folds down for incredible support. I wore these pants for quite some time postpartum. They are immensely comfortable and you’ll have trouble giving them up when the time comes.

Final Thoughts

No matter which pant on this list you decide to go with, you’ll find everything you’re looking for in a yoga pant to carry you through your pregnancy.

This list was created with comfort and functionality in mind. Whether you’ve decided to take up yoga for a light workout during your pregnancy or you’re already a committed yogi, the right pair of maternity yogas will make you feel a little more like you during your practice.

No matter what pair you decide you can’t live without, promise me you won’t try to keep your pre-pregnancy yogas in rotation when they no longer fit. You will be so much happier and much more comfortable if you invest in just one pair of maternity yogas to wear on and off the mat!