In this guide we’ll look at the best volleyball knee pads.
We’ve compared comfort, protection, breathability and cost
to give you our top recommendations.

What Are The Best Volleyball Knee Pads?

  • Features
  • 6 inch sleeve length
  • Durable cotton/polyester blend
  • D.F. cut for freedom of movement
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Low profile, streamlined look
  • High density protective foam pad
  • Dri-fit liner
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Superior protection
  • Exceptional comfort
  • Thermal Stabilizer
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Good knee protection
  • Protects from staph
  • Eliminates odor
  • Cost

More Detailed Volleyball Knee Pad Reviews

Minuzo LR6 Volleyball Knee Pad

Minuzo is a trusted brand for volleyball lovers everywhere. They go way back with the business of volleyball, so when you’re buying Minuzo you can pretty much guarantee that the product will be good.

These knee pads are crazy comfortable, and won’t cut off your much needed blood flow to the lower part of your legs. Trust me when I say, there are knee pads that do just that. The worst!

Anyway, Minuzo makes their LR6’s with a wonderful, stretchy and super cozy cotton/polyester/spandex blend. It’s like wrapping your knees in a blanket. They are easy to pull on and take off, and they absorb sweat like a mother. They’re truly the best overall.

Since the most important part of any knee pad is protection, let’s touch on that for a second. These pads are designed with VS-1 padding (super thick and flexible), which will take the hit for your knees shock wise.

Every time they hit the ground, you’ll barely feel it. The Minuzo pads are cut for movement. Whether you’re moving forward, backward or laterally, your knees will be safe from popping out of place. Ouch!

There are a few fellow volleyball buffs who prefer a shorter pad, but I personally love the 6 inch length of these. It makes my knee feel fully covered and protected. I don’t have to worry at all about which way I’m moving, because I know my knee pads have my back.

It sounds silly, but it’s comforting! They assist in keeping all of my focus where it needs to be…on the game.

NIKE Essentials Volleyball Knee Pads

These bad boys don’t appear to offer as much coverage as the Minuzo’s, but they’re actually a little bit longer in length! I love these knee pads for so many reasons. The zebra patterns available have nothing to do with it…I swear.

Other than the best design available, the Nike Essential knee pads are super low profile and will give you all the protection you need with a minimalist look. They are streamlined and comfortable, with ergonomic padding that will move with you. It provides ample protection without appearing bulky.

The outer knit of the pad will stretch and bend without the fabric popping, snagging or pulling. You will find that it moves well with you, and that they won’t slide down or fold during play.

The inside of these knee pads are equipped with the famous Nike dri-fit material. They’ll get rid of sweat as quickly as you can produce it. That sounds gross, but it’s true.

If you are in desperate need of a knee pad that isn’t big in appearance, then these will be perfect for you!

VolleyCountry Volleyball Knee Pads

Now these are a knee pad that have a lot to boast about. They exceptionally comfortable and super effective. They’re the best for protection that you’ll find, so I’d say high intensity players need apply here.

The VolleyCountry pads are designed for mobility and comfort, and to stand up to pretty much anything you throw at them. They offer maximum protection when landing, dropping to your knees, and stopping or starting quickly.

They are a tad on the bulky side in the high impact zone (around your knee cap), but they’re worth every bit of bulk for the protection that they offer. These are great for anyone who has had a knee injury for advanced protection going forward.

These knee pads are equipped with a thermal stabilizer as well. That’s right. These suckers have bamboo weaved right into them to help keep you warm and dry, wicking away sweat and promoting blood flow throughout the game

VolleyCountry offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of their knee pads. If you are displeased with the product for whatever reason, you can contact them for a replacement or full refund.

The support and comfort is incredible, and while it might not be necessary for all players, these pads are definitely worth a try.

Mikasa Youth Volleyball Knee Pad

The Mikasa volleyball knee pads are often described as the best budget option in the bunch, but they are so much more than that. This knee pad is effective as heck against bumps, scratches and bruises.

They are built to protect from staph (by covering cuts that have already happened) as well as eliminating odor. They’re youth sizes, so they run small.

These pads are amazing for any parent with a picky kid looking for a volleyball pad. They do not fit tight enough to cause discomfort, but they don’t slide out of place of fold during play.

They hold up well to teen care. They won’t rip easily, and when your teenager misplaces them and you don’t get to wash them between games, the odor control they offer will make it so they don’t smell.

The padding will protect from busted knee caps, while the breathable material will keep moisture away and protect ligaments. They’re a simple pad with a specific purpose. These are not the best pad that money can buy, but they’re certainly a great start.

Volleyball Knee Pad Buyer’s Guide

You cannot take volleyball on as a hobby if you don’t have the right gear. This is typically true of any hobby, but since volleyball requires so little gear…it’s really important to have it all.

Everything necessary to play volleyball was invented for safety. There is nothing fun or jazzy about knee pads, but they keep you from cracking your kneecaps in half and popping them uncomfortably out of place.

They deserve a little bit of street cred just for the daunting task they take on.

Those of us who play volleyball on the regular know exactly how fun it is to drop down to knee level to volley the ball back over the net. It bring on a sense of accomplishment.

We wouldn’t be able to do so if it wasn’t for knee pads. We would be broken and bloody, unable to continue to partake in the sport we love so much.

There are more aspects that go into purchasing a pair of knee pads than one might think. It does require a level of thought that you wouldn’t expect. You’ll want a durable pair that offers incredible, unwavering protection against direct hits and quick, unexpected movements.

There isn’t a rigid set of criteria in which you’ll need to choose the right knee pads for you. However, you should know what to expect from a knee pad before you buy.

First and foremost, your knee pad should be comfortable. If they don’t fit you right, not only do you risk causing yourself injury instead of protection, but you’ll hate them and never wear them.

Second, you want a knee pad that offer fantastic protection. Without that product promise, the purchase is completely moot.

Third, try and find a knee pad that will whisk away and absorb sweat.

Comfort: When I’m talking about comfort, I don’t mean focusing on fit alone. Make sure you like the material. Make sure it feels soft to you.

It should be mobile, meaning it will move and flex with you. When you’re trying on knee pads, bust out some of your best moves right there in the store. Don’t be embarrassed, for it’s the only way to truly know that they work.

While you’re performing your mobility test in the middle of Dick’s Sporting Goods, be sure to keep an eye on the material while you stretch and flex. If it seems to thin out too much, or doesn’t flex enough, then it’s a no-go.

Your knee pads must be durable. If can’t hold up to a little stretching in the volleyball aisle, imagine what they won’t be able to handle on the court.

Protection: Protection, protection, protection. Like a high school health teacher, I cannot stress enough the importance of protection!

You need to keep your knees safe from injury during play, both past and future. Knee pads can keep from aggravating a past injury and prevent a new one.

Look for a pad that boasts the ultimate protection. Any pad on this list will do, but it’s important to keep in mind your level of play.

A beginner or casual player will be just fine with the Nike Essentials while teenagers will be a perfect fit for Mikasa Youth pads. If you’ve got a crazy high level of intensity of play, and you need the ultimate protection, you’ll probably want to choose the Minuzo or VolleyCountry pads.

As with everything, you’ll have to tailor your knee pad choice to your volleyball lifestyle need. Don’t get something that has crazy amounts of protection if you simply don’t need it. You’ll play a happier game if you’ve got something lighter.

The same goes for the opposite situation. If you play hard, you don’t want a knee pad that won’t be able to play with you. Establish your expectations beforehand, and you’ll be sure to find a set of knee pads that live up to them.

Sweat: A game of volleyball, whether it’s all in good fun or for a championship win, can be demanding. It’s not a sport for the weak, it what I’m saying.

You are constantly moving during a game of volleyball. You’re bound to work up a sweat no matter what position you’re playing. Believe me, you do not want that moisture and sweat to pool in your knee pads.

Not only is it gross, but you need to keep your knees dry and warm during play so your blood flows freely and your joints stay juicy. A good knee pad will help you stay dry and wick the sweat far, far away.

You’ll be much more comfortable the entire game, and that sweat resistance will keep your pads from slipping or sliding out of place as well.

My favorite pad has always been the Minuzo LR6. I find that unless you’re playing a super intense Olympic level game of professional volleyball, they will be exactly what you’re looking for.

They’re bulky, but not bulky enough to negatively affect play. They stay in place and the protection that they offer is incredible. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve twisted or dropped to a knee, only to be saved from severe injury by these pads.

They’re breathable and they’ll keep sweat at bay even during your sweatiest of games. They’re good for all ranges of player, and will hold up to extreme wear and tear. They are by far the best pick overall, and I recommend them to any of you reading this now.

My favorite color is the navy blue. I just thought I’d throw that in there. The navy looks great with everything…even black!

Beginners and advanced players alike should take the bit of time necessary to pick out the perfect knee pad for their level and intensity of play. There are tons available, but if you focus on comfort fit, durability, protection and sweat absorption you will find the one that works for you.

Remember, fit comes first, because if the pads are uncomfortable you won’t wear them. If you won’t wear them, then what is it all for? Why am I even here?

Knee pads are a volleyball necessity, so even if you’re just picking it up as a casual hobby, please be sure to invest in a pair. You’ll be protecting yourself from future injury, and playing a much more comfortable and confident game.