In this guide we’ll look at the best ankle brace for volleyball.
We’ve compared comfort, support, breathability and cost
to give you our top recommendations.

What Is The Best Ankle Brace For Volleyball?

  • Features
  • Exceptional support
  • Pain relief
  • Fully adjustable
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Very good protection
  • Not bulky
  • Allows for full range of motion
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Strong support
  • Good for moderate to severe sprains
  • Adjustable fasteners
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Protection technology engages when necessary
  • Allows for natural range of motion
  • Not overly bulky
  • Cost

More Detailed Ankle Brace Reviews

Venom Ankle Brace Lace Up Compression Sleeve

I have been in love with this ankle brace from the very first game I played in it. It’s a tad on the bulky side, but the support that it offers is worth the bulk.

This brace gives an incredible feeling of confidence, and it stems from the solid support that it offers. You won’t feel stiff in it, because along with support comes a fantastic level of flexibility. By far the best overall ankle brace available.

The Venom Ankle Brace is equipped with side stabilizers that protect against injury and prevent ankle rolls. You can literally jump from side to side on the balls of your feet and your ankles will stay put.

This brace isn’t just for volleyball, it will take you through anything from a warm up run to a hardcore CrossFit workout. There’s nothing it can’t handle!

You’ll find that this brace is also a great choice if you’ve had an injury in the past, or are suffering from a current one. Playing volleyball with an ankle sprain is no easy feat, but the Venom brace makes it more than bearable!

I’d even go as far as to say comfortable, depending on the severity of the sprain of course. Be sure to follow all doctor’s orders when it comes to playing on an injury. If a brace is recommended to continue play, then this is the one for you.

It’s wonderful for chronic pain as well. Arthritis or just plain fatigue is no match for this brace.

Full adjustability with double strap support will keep your ankles on the straight and narrow. There is a great size range – from small up to extra large – so you can be sure to find the fit for you.

This brace is constructed with sweat resistant, moisture wicking material. No more sweaty feet for you! Plus it’s lightweight, so while its size means you’ll probably need a sneaker that leaves ample room for an ankle brace, you won’t feel the extra weight from the brace itself.

An overall fantastic choice for all players, ranging from beginners to professionals.

Active Ankle T2 Ankle Brace

Meet my runner up…the T2 Ankle Brace by Active Ankle! A very cool feature on this strap is that it’s length is adjustable, so it’s suitable for low and high top volleyball shoes. A not so cool feature is that it’s really rigid. In fact, the word rigid is right in the descriptive version of the product name.

It’s not painfully tight or anything of that nature, but it doesn’t flex like the product description claims it does. It has a hinge that is supposed to move back and forth easily, but it doesn’t always work that way.

In my experience, I don’t feel the natural flow of movement that I want to feel when wearing an ankle brace. With that being said, this brace is incredibly supportive. You’ll be able to play volleyball, basketball or even football through a sprain if you’re wearing it.

The Active Ankle brace hugs the ankle well, and it’s not very bulky. It fits wonderfully inside a shoe, and the padding is custom molded with the ankle in mind.

If you choose to go with this brace, be sure to follow the size guidelines closely to ensure the perfect fit.

Zamst Ankle Brace Support Stabilizer

This brace by Zamst is effective and comfortable. The structure and design of the brace offers support for mild to moderate sprains during play. It’s a great brace to pick up to prevent such injuries as well!

When purchasing this brace, you’ll find that you’ll need one for your right and your left foot. Each is designed with angle and shape in mind, so make sure you’re purchasing one of each or one specific to the ankle that you need it for.

The velcro x straps offer amazing support, and your ankle will feel super secure in this brace. It’s comfortable enough to move laterally at a quick pace, even with a moderate sprain. Been there, done that!

This brace has an open design that allows for a custom fit. Tighten how you need it without extra bulk. The grip technology on the interior of the brace provides no slip comfort.

I haven’t had a problem with any of the braces mentioned in this review slipping, but it can be said that this one doesn’t budge.

DonJoy Performance POD Ankle Brance

If stability is at the top of your list, then stop right here at the bottom of ours. The DonJoy offers ah-mazing support with the help of brace technology that engages only when needed.

Yes, you read that right. It only engages when your ankle moves in a direction that requires engagement. That makes for a super lightweight and non-invasive feel.

The best on our list for injury prevention alone, this bad boy will stop ankles from rolling and improve your natural range of motion.

It’s basically like wearing an ankle on top of your ankle. Does that make sense? That’s how well it fits, is what I’m saying.

This brace was designed to prevent injury, and it does a decent job of offering support while you have one…off the court. Like, while grocery shopping or walking the dog.

I don’t recommend playing in this brace if you do have an injury. Choose something a bit sturdier, such as the Venom. Other than that minor, fixable flaw, the DonJoy will fit your foot like a glove, and the EVA padding is comfortable as heck and sweat resistant.

The open heel and design allows it to fit in all volleyball shoes comfortably, giving you a super streamlined look.

A great choice for all of you hoping to prevent future injury! Which is kind of what ankle braces are all about.

Volleyball Ankle Brace Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to volleyball, ankle care and protection is extremely important. If you’re just starting out (or a seasoned veteran, for that matter) it’s vital that you take proper care of your ankles.

During a game, or even light practice, you will be constantly moving your feet side to side and back and forth. Hopefully this isn’t news to anyone, but your ankles are attached to your feet.

You’ll land on them, sometimes heavily, and the combination of a great pair of sneakers and a good ankle brace will keep them in perfect shape.

You can’t play volleyball without strong ankles, so don’t brush braces off as a precaution. They’re wonderful for preventing future injury and protecting from past ones.

You don’t have to wear a brace on each ankle every single game or practice. I mean, you can if you want, they’re your ankles…but it’s not a necessity.

I am heavier on my right hand side. It’s my dominant side in everything, and I tend to land on it quite heavily when I play. As a result, I always brace my right ankle.

However, when I know I’m headed into a game that is going to be somewhat intense…I brace both ankles. Every single time.

Keep in mind that I am involved in volleyball strictly as a hobby. I’ve had my share of intense play, but those of you looking to dedicate some serious time in hope to play professionally should brace both ankles.

Now that you’ve laid eyes on a few different designs available for ankle braces, you probably have a better idea of what you’re looking for and what will work for you. Everyone is different, so be sure to tailor your brace to your needs.

While it’s recommended to wear a brace on both ankles to prevent injury, you can try one at a time to start and see how it feels. If it’s the perfect brace for you, buy one for each ankle. That is the brace approach that worked best for me.

I have been with the same ankle brace on a consistent basis since day one, but you might find that you like to switch it up. You can easily use different braces for different situations.

For example, those looking specifically to prevent injury will do best with the flexibility and function of the DonJoy. If you want to play on an existing injury without aggravating it further, you’ll want to go with the Zamst brace.

I personally prefer the best of both worlds, so my top pick is and always will be the Venom brace. I’ve used this brace to heal from injury on and off the court. I’ve also used it to prevent further injury. It works for both.

It’s comfortable enough to wear while you’re playing, but you can also rock it off the court without issue or annoyance. It will fit well inside any low cut sneaker, and the support level is insane.

I was able to comfortably play a full game on a somewhat fresh injury in this brace. I did not hurt myself further and I wasn’t worried about the ankle during play. I had doctor clearance to play, however, and I cannot stress how important that is.

On the rare occasion that I do go on the hunt for a new brace, I look for comfort, function and sweat resistance.

Comfort: You simply cannot wear an ankle brace without feeling comfortable in it. The brace should move with your and help you feel supported. I have high standards for my braces. I like for them to do all the work.

When I step onto the court with my ankle braces on, I want to not worry for a single second about rolling, turning or spraining my ankle. The right brace will hug your ankle and give you that security blanket.

Function: Support! I can’t stress it enough. The whole reason behind the creation of the ankle brace was to offer ample support to prevent and heal injuries.

If you aren’t feeling that tight hug of support, then don’t buy the brace. Try doing a few jumps up and down, then side to side while you’re trying on. You’ll know real quick if the brace is doing its job.

Sweat Resistant: You don’t want moisture to pool around your ankles, causing a slick surface and braces that slide down. A good brace will wick moisture away from the area, and absorb sweat at a high rate.

The goal here is to keep your ankles dry and your brace where it belongs. Otherwise, the whole endeavor is pointless.

Each choice on our list holds all of these qualities. The rest is up to you!

Volleyball braces are a huge part of embarking on a volleyball journey. It doesn’t really matter at what intensity you choose to play, you should have them regardless.

Volleyball braces are utilized in order to prevent injury, support old injuries and give relief to chronic conditions. They are a wonderful tool to keep your game strong and your body performing at the level you want.

You can’t push your recreational team or club forward, or reach personal goals, if your body is falling apart. Take the time to choose the right brace, focusing on comfort, function and moisture wicking ability.

I’m sure that if you choose from this list, or just take my advice and go with the Venom, you’ll have the perfect brace for you in no time!