Today, we are going to compare the new Versix 6C+ RAW Carbon Fiber pickleball paddle to my current gamer, the Joola Hyperion CFS 16mm paddle. When I was first asked to review the Versix 6C+ RAW Carbon Fiber Pickleball paddle, I had not heard of the model before so I went and did a little research first. The paddle was created by the folks at Pickleball Central after listening to what their customers wanted, and they market the paddle as a value paddle. The design of the paddle is fairly low-key. As it is priced less than half of what a premium paddle would cost, I thought it would be interesting to compare it against a Joola Hyperion.


The specs say that it’s slightly smaller in length and width than my Joola Hyperion CFS 16, but when compared against the Joola, The “real life” length and width are just about exact. The paddle face on the Versix is a little wider at the throat, which does give you more paddle face surface area for shots missed closer to your arm.

Joola Hyperion vs Versix 6c
Joola Hyperion superimposed over the Versix 6c+

The Versix is lighter by a half an ounce, and the handle lengths are effectively the same. Although, since the Joola is thinner at the throat, it is easier to wrap that second hand on the handle vs the Versix. The Versix is a hair thinner at 15mm. Other features to note is its use of raw T700 Toray Carbon Fiber for the paddle face – and it feels appropriately rough.

Based on the specs alone, my first impression was that it seemed like your typical 16mm raw carbon fiber paddle – the main difference being the cost. Now let’s see how it performs compared to a premium paddle! (Note that I would classify myself as a 3.5-4.0 level player).


I can generate above average power with the Versix – enough to convince me to camp out at the baseline and bang away. I do get slightly more power from the Joola but that is likely due to the head heaviness of the paddle vs the Versix which is a little lighter and more balanced.


I would rate the control as very consistent. Dinks and drives would go where I was expecting them to go. Resets are predictable as well. I had no trouble taking baseline drives from my opponent and dropping them into the kitchen for winners. Once in a while I would spray a serve return long, however I’m not sure if that was due to the paddle or to user error! One area for improvement is on off-center hits. The Versix does not have the foam injected edges that other premium paddles have. So you do lose a little bit when you catch the ball on the edges of the paddle. This is minimized slightly with the larger paddle face.


This is without a doubt the strength of the paddle. It’s also not a surprise since it is made using Toray T700 raw carbon fiber which is currently the best material available. I was able to get my usual bite on my topspin drives, sidespin serves, and topspin lobs. The issue with all carbon fiber paddles is that the surface does wear down over time and both the Joola and the Versix will lose their grittiness the more they are played.

Versix 6c+ Paddle

Sound and Feel

I would describe the sound of the Versix paddle as more “deadened” as compared to the Joola which sounds a little more lively to me. Feel-wise, I had no issues transitioning from the Joola to the Versix. No adjustment period required – which was impressive.

Net Play

The Versix 6C+ is very well balanced at the net. I have above average hand speed and I was able to get the paddle where I needed to during hands battles. Definitely beats the Joola in quickness at the net. I also had no trouble absorbing hard drives and volleying them back.

Final Thoughts

I was pleasantly surprised at the all around performance and build quality of the Versix 6C+. I would have no problems going to battle with this paddle. That combined with the price point makes this paddle very attractive to players of all levels. What is it missing compared to premium paddles priced two times more? For me, it’s the foam injected edges and the sound. I like a little brighter sound when contacting the ball, but that’s a nit-pick. In terms of longevity, the jury is still out, however, the Versix comes with a 1 year warranty. It will be time for a new paddle by then!

Buy the Versix 6C+ paddle if:

  • You recognize that raw carbon fiber paddles wear down eventually with continual usage and it’s cheaper to get 2 Versix paddles than 2 premium priced ones.
  • You rely on a spin game
  • You have a 2 handed backhand
  • 30 day test drive and 1 year warranty

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