In this guide we’ll look at the best rc cars for toddlers.
We’ve compared ease of control, safety, sounds and cost
to give you our top recommendations.

What Is The Best RC Cars for Toddlers?

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Toddlers RC Car Buyer’s Guide

We know there's lots of options out there - but don't worry, we're here to help you find the best RC car for toddlers! Keeping toddlers entertained and engaged is certainly not easy, but modern RC cars for toddlers are designed to do just that. These cars will not only provide them with hours of fun, they’re also useful for developing important skills - such as hand eye coordination, imagination and fine motor skills. Searching for the best RC car for your toddler but not sure what’s most suitable? Here’s what to look out for.

Ease of Control

The fewer the channels, the easier the RC will be to control. An RC car like Holy Stone RC Dump Truck with 2 channels (usually forward and reverse/left) is perfect for younger kids, but as they grow in confidence they might want something that can turn left and right as well as move forward and backwards. Speed is another consideration, and some RC cars for toddlers can reach quite a pace! A fast RC car should be very durable in case of collisions, and some like Fisher-Price My Easy Toddler RC Car will have 2 speeds, one for beginners and one for more advanced toddlers.


Safety is of course a big concern, especially if you’re going to be leaving your toddler to play alone while you make dinner! Look for an RC like Joyin RC Stunt Car for Toddlers which is made from non toxic ABS plastic, and has no sharp edges. Some RC cars have removable figures, and if it’s likely your toddler will try to eat these they should be taken away! 


Unfortunately, most RC cars aren’t particularly peaceful for the parents! Most like NQD Remote Control Car for Toddlers will blast music, honk and play other engaging and exciting sounds. While RCs can be purchased that don’t make a sound, these aren’t nearly as fun for the kids. 

Battery Life

RC cars for toddlers generally have a good battery life, and they will either use disposable or rechargeable batteries. Look for an RC with an auto shut off feature which will save battery life (and save you money on disposable batteries) if it’s accidentally left on. 


RC cars can teach toddlers a huge range of important skills, and boys and girls alike will love zooming round the living room impressing family members with their newfound driving abilities! The Liberty Imports My First Cartoon RC is our winner, thanks to the sleek wheels, awesome bright design and engaging extra features.

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