In this guide we’ll look at the best nerf guns.
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What Is The Best Nerf Gun?

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Nerf Gun Buyer’s Guide

There’s no better way to release some steam than with a good old Nerf gun. Loved by adults just as much as kids, a Nerf gun battle is some lighthearted fun for all the family. There’s a huge range on the market. From state of the art (and pricey) models, to durable and sturdy guns for those who are a little more accident-prone, the perfect Nerf gun is easy to find. And with technology expanding at the rate it is, Nerf guns are only going to get better. The best Nerf guns will sell out fast, but with such a variety online it’s worth having a checklist of what matters to you. Here’s what to look for when it comes to shopping for the best nerf guns on the market.

Rapid Fire Mode / Automatic

Battery powered automatic Nerf guns are the most popular and seriously fun. They have a rapid-fire mode meaning you can shoot multiple darts. These are generally seen as more fun than standard Nerf guns and they certainly add to the adrenaline.

No. of Darts

Most Nerf guns come with foam darts included, but buying more is a good option to ensure you don’t run out! Buying them separately can be expensive, so while it might seem a lot of money to pay for a Nerf gun with 30+ darts included, it’s probably less than what you’d pay if you bought the darts separately.

Consider Shooting Distance

While the distance a Nerf gun can shoot won’t directly influence it’s firepower, it certainly helps! Many Nerf guns can shoot their darts 100 feet per second, which is great if you’re planning on battling it out in your local park or the forest. If you’re buying for younger kids or not planning on battling outside the house, the distance will be less important.

Easy to Hit Target

Of course, everyone wants a good shot, but the majority of Nerf guns can be pretty accurate if you shoot properly. Most Nerf guns come with foam darts, but it’s consistency that gets you the accuracy. If you have a gun that shoots the same way every time, you can learn to be accurate. Sniper-style guns are the most accurate, while attacking guns that fire showers of bullet will be less.


You need to find something that’s comfortable to play with and carry for long periods of time. If it’s too large or heavy, your child might get bored and tired quickly. Nerf guns that are too small might get boring quickly, especially when friends are upgrading!


If you’re playing with kids, durability is important. However, at the end of the day these are plastic toys, so they aren’t going to last forever. Read reviews to check that the Nerf gun doesn’t jam easily as this is a common issue.


There are so many Nerf guns on the market today, so prices are generally very competitive. While the more expensive Nerf guns will have more advanced features, the cheaper options are perfect for beginners and not that different when it comes to durability. Save money by buying a Nerf gun with the foam darts included.


How Does a Nerf Gun Work?

There’s 4 main types of Nerf guns, with each working in slightly different ways. Spring loaded blasters come with a powerful spring that compresses air into a plunger chamber. When you pull the trigger, the spring is released which causes a sudden rise in pressure to fire the dart. Flywheel blasters have two wheels that rotate quickly. The dart fires through the wheels at high speed. These require batteries and are generally the Nerf guns with the fastest shot. Finally, there’s string blasters which are similar to a bow and arrow. Pull back the string until it’s taught and pull the trigger. This releases the string to fire the dart.

How Much do Nerf Guns Cost?

The price of a Nerf gun can vary enormously, but when it comes to hours of enjoyment versus money spent, they’re incredible value. Nerf guns will cost more if they have more advanced features, these ones will be powered by more expensive NiMh batteries. However, Nerf guns are still really just toys! They’re unlikely to break the bank and make great presents. The cheapest options will cost just a few dollars, while the more advanced Nerf guns could be up to $100.

How Safe are Nerf Guns?

The number one question that gets asked is, how safe are Nerf guns. The whole point of a Nerf gun is to give children and adults a taste of the action without compromising their safety. The darts are made from foam with a small plastic piece on the end. If fired from a very short distance towards someone’s skin, they may sting a little, but at longer range it’s very unlikely a Nerf gun dart will hurt you! A few things to watch out for are not aiming the gun at anyone’s eyes, even if you think it’s not loaded. They can do damage when fired at close range into an eyeball. Do not leave your Nerf gun lying around if it’s loaded, and always shoot for the body - not the head. Be extra careful around unsuspecting pets!

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