In this guide we’ll look at the best stuffed animals.
We’ve compared softness, design, material quality and cost
to give you our top recommendations.

What Are The Best Stuffed Animals?

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Stuffed Animal Buyer’s Guide

A quality stuffed animal will be your child’s new best friend. The best stuffed animals will never leave their side, and will provide them with years of happiness - from their cot to their bed all the way to college! But the best stuffed animal for one child will look very different to another, and while some kids might be content with a old piece of cloth, others might demand something slightly more luxurious!

What Features Makes One Product Better Than Another?


While the general consensus is that ‘bigger is better’, when it comes to stuffed animals this might not be the case. Although 6 foot tall giraffes look great in your child’s bedroom , they’re not exactly portable. If your child is having a tricky time at school or you want their stuffed animal to be their new best friend, opt for something they can carry around, which can also sleep in their bed alongside them.

Quality of Material

Children aren’t quite as careful with their stuffed animals as adults. They hug them, throw them, chew them, and drag them around across the floor as they go about their day. Your child’s stuffed animal should be made from quality material, and durable. There’s not much more heartbreaking than having to tell your child you have thrown their new best friend in the trash because it’s broken! If your child is especially messy, select a stuffed toy that is easy to wash.


Some stuffed animals can talk, but these have built-in speakers which aren’t great for cuddling! The best stuffed animals for cuddling are soft, cute and cuddly, without a extra features that make them too bulky.


A stuffed animal from a reputable brand will be more expensive, but they are generally very good quality. Choosing an animal from a brand like the ones mentioned on this list is the best option, as these are all made from non-toxic materials and very, very cute!

What can you Expect at Different Price Points?

Top of the range stuffed animals will be extremely soft and very durable. They’ll be able to withstand a whole range of childhood activities, and will last a long time. Very large stuffed animals can be expensive, but they make a great addition to any kid’s room. Cheaper versions can be more tempting initially but these won’t last so long, and if there’s one thing you want from a stuffed animal, it’s longevity! Ensure that if you do go for a cheaper toy, it’s still made from non-toxic materials and any small parts are firmly attached to prevent choking.


How do you clean and wash stuffed animals?

While the best stuffed animals may join your family in tip top condition, it’s unlikely they will stay that way for long. Various food spillages, drinks and a whole range of bodily fluid can have you wanting to throw your child’s stuffed animal in the trash long before they are ready. But cleaning a stuffed animal is actually very easy, and you can soon bring them back to good as new. Read the label to ensure you can wash it in your machine. If it’s very old, you won’t be able to wash it, likewise if there are glued on eyes, limbs or sequins. If there are any loose strings that need to be removed, do so before putting it in the washing machine. Stuffed animals are best washed in a mesh bag which will protect it in the machine. Use a gentle cycle, using warm or cool water as opposed to hot. Dry your stuffed animal by hanging it on a clothesline. If you need to wash your stuffed animal by hand, fill a sink with cool water and some delicate soap. Fully immerse the animal and gently rub away any stains, rinsing off all the soap when you are finished. Reshape your animal and leave it to dry on a clothesline.

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