In this guide we’ll look at the best robot toys for kids.
We’ve compared educational value, features, battery life and cost
to give you our top recommendations.

What Is The Best Robot Toy For Kids?

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Kid's Robot Toy Buyer’s Guide

Just a few years ago, robot toys for kids were few and far between. While the odd remote control robot would have a place in the family home, the features would be basic and the functionality extremely limited. Nowadays, robot toys can be found all over. Packed full of advanced features designed to teach your kids everything from math to coding, as well as a range of functionalities to make them as entertaining as possible, the only difficult part is choosing which one to go for! If my list of the best robot toys for kids has got you feeling inspired, check out my speedy buyer’s guide to help you work out exactly what robot toy your kid needs.

What Features Makes One Product Better than the Other?

Robot toys for kids can be packed full of advanced features, and knowing what you want from your robot is the best way to ensure you don’t overspend.

Educational Value

While toy robots are designed to be seriously fun for kids, they can also be very educational, and toy robots are usually designed to help develop essential skills. With so many industries requiring technological and coding skills, it’s never too early to start! There’s a range of robot toys for kids on the market with the specific aim of teaching your kids to code in a fun and engaging way.


Smart robots will undoubtedly be more expensive, but they are usually highly engaging. Intelligent robots will learn as your child does. It may be able to learn their name, their habits, and adapt their games to suit the development of your child. These robots are much more advanced than the standard kids’ toy robot, meaning they will likely cost a lot more.


The most engaging toy robots will be able to walk, talk, dance and sing! They’ll have built-in speakers and are great for younger kids. More expensive robots will have these fun features, but also have an educational value too, whether that’s teaching your kids to code or helping them with their math.

Smartphone Connectivity

You’ll find many toy robots connect to your smartphone and can be controlled via an app. The app may also allow them to play games or learn new skills, using their robot to help.


A solid construction and material is essential, especially if you are buying for much younger kids. If the robot is made from cheap material, it won’t last long - so your robot should be able to withstand some bashing. Metal toy robots are usually very durable, and these will often have more advanced features than plastic robots.


There’s so many toy robots on the market in a range of designs, and only you know what your child will love best! Toy robots in the form of pets like dogs or cats are great if your child is constantly begging you for a pet, while more adventurous kids may want a robot straight from the set of their favourite action movie.

What can you Expect at Different Price Points?

The more expensive robots will have learning capabilities, connectivity and teach your kids valuable skills like coding. Their features will be more advanced and their movements more impressive. While these toy robots are undoubtedly fun for kids, they also have a high educational value. They may come with a range of games designed to develop different skills. They may respond to hand gestures and even facial expressions. The cheaper models will have basic functionality, although they will still most likely be able to walk and talk. Their emphasis will be on fun as opposed to education, and you may find they are made from less durable materials. Their movements will be less impressive, but they can still provide hours of entertainment for younger kids.


What is the best surface for robot toys?

While manufacturers will claim their toy robot performs well on all surfaces, there’s really no substitute for a smooth, hard surface. Thick carpets will slow the robot down; wood or tile is generally best.

How much ‘educational value’ do they provide?

This really depends on the robot you go for. Technology is the future, and many parents believe getting their child engaged and learning about technology is a good way to prepare them for later life, and many toy robots come equipped with games to teach kids how to code. Other parents just want their kids to have fun with their toy robots, and simpler robots with less complex features are great for this. The educational value of a robot can be as big or as little as you like. Remember that even the simplest toy robots can teach your kids valuable skills!

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