In this guide we’ll look at the best hoverboard for kids.
We’ve compared build quality, battery life, safety and cost
to give you our top recommendations.

What Is The Best Hoverboard For Kids?

  • Features
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers
  • Stable on all terrains
  • Best hoverboard for kids
  • Cost
  • Features
  • LED lights change color
  • Can travel 12 miles
  • 10mph top speed
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Thick tires
  • Bluetooth speakers connect to smartphone
  • Reaches 12mph
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Best hoverboard for beginners
  • Anti-slip rubber foot surface
  • 6 great colors
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Wireless speaker
  • High intensity LED lights
  • Speedy on smooth surfaces
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Fast top speed of 9mph
  • Self balancing technology
  • Suitable for all terrains
  • Cost

More Detailed Hoverboard Reviews

Lamborghini Hoverboard 8.5”

The Lamborghini Hoverboard is one of the best hoverboards for kids and adults. It has incredible power, great foot space and an awesome design – available in four bright colors.

This kids hoverboard is designed with safety as well as fun in mind. It’s a certified and fully tested self balancing board with a smart battery, and it’s gone through rigorous tests to guarantee safety. It’s also exceptionally durable and has great traction on all terrains – including snow! It’s one of the best hoverboards for kids around.

Finally, kids can play music as they ride on this children’s hoverboard via the built-in Bluetooth speakers or light their path using the powerful LED lights. The speakers have great sound quality and add a new thrill to the ride. It’s the best kids hoverboard on the market!


Wheel Size: 8.5”
Power: 400W
Max Speed: 9.32mph
Max Weight: 264lbs
Distance on Full Charge: 9.32 miles
Age Range: Best for kids aged 8 and above
Charging Time: 2.5h
Terrains: All

Tomoloo Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker

Girls will love the Tomoloo Hoverboard. This kids hoverboard comes in a cute bright pink and is as safe as it is pretty, complete with self-balancing technology, acceleration sensors, high-temperature resistance and fire resistance. This might just be the best hoverboard for kids that are obsessed with pink!

This hoverboard for kids has built-in Bluetooth speakers and bright LED lights which change colour as the volume of the music changes. The 6.5” wheels provides a safe and stable ride on a range of surfaces. It has a long battery life, and the smart battery system will stop you over charging.


Wheel Size: 6.5”
Power: 300W
Max Speed: 10mph
Max Weight: 40-165lbs
Distance on Full Charge: 12 miles
Age Range: Best for kids aged 10 and above
Charging Time: 2-3 hours
Terrains: Smooth indoor and outdoor surfaces

Gyroor Warrior 8.5” All Terrain Off Road Hoverboard

The Gyroor Warrior Hoverboard has 8.5” tires for serious off road fun. This kids hoverboard is stable on uneven terrains as well as being great for a zoom around the house, and it’s powered by a whopping 700W motor with excellent braking power.

This hoverboard for kids is seriously fast and has a manually adjustable racing sound for that extra thrill. The Bluetooth speakers can play high quality music, while the LED lights give off an amazing light show while riding. Despite the speed and power, the Gyroor is safe, staying under your control no matter what speed you choose to zoom at! It comes with a high energy removable battery for ease of charging.


Wheel Size: 8.5”
Power: 700W
Max Speed: 12mph
Max Weight: 265lbs
Distance on Full Charge: 10 miles
Age Range: Best for kids aged 7 and above
Charging Time: 1.5-2 hours
Terrains: All

XPRIT Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker

The XPRIT Hoverboard is one of the best hoverboards for kids and beginners. It has a max speed of 6mph and lasts up to 75 minutes on each charge. It takes 3 hours to charge and is fully safety certified.

This is the best hoverboard for kids that are beginners because it is easy to learn on to ride. It has solid 6.5” non-slip wheels and anti-slip rubber which makes it easy to control and maneuver. The LED lights ensure you can see where you’re going even at night, and it has a built in Bluetooth speaker to play music while you ride. This kids hoverboard comes in a of choice 6 awesome colors.


Wheel Size: 6.5”
Max Speed: 6mph
Max Weight: 165lbs
Time on Full Charge: 75 minutes
Age Range: Best for kids aged 7 and above
Charging Time: 2-3 hours
Terrains: Smooth surfaces

CHO Spider Wheels Series Hoverboard

The CHO Spider Wheels Series Hoverboard is great to look at, with an awesome design and high intensity LED headlights keep you safe. The self balancing technology of this kids hoverboard makes it easy for beginners, with most people mastering the technique in minutes.

This also has a built-in wireless speaker which can connect to your smartphone. This kids hoverboard is speedy, reaching up to 8mph with ease. The tire size is 6.5” which is great for use on all smooth surfaces.


Wheel Size: 6.5”
Max Speed: 8mph
Max Weight: 165lbs
Time on Full Charge: 60 minutes
Charging Time: 2hrs+
Terrains: Smooth surfaces

Felimoda Self Balancing Hoverboard with LED Lights

Another on the list of best hoverboards is the Felimoda Self Balancing Hoverboard which comes equipped with LED lights, and is available in a range of bright colors.

This safety certified kids hoverboard comes with a wireless speaker and self balancing technology. This makes it both a joy to ride, and safe, and it’s exceptionally easy for beginners to learn to balance.

This hoverboard for kids comes with 6.5 inch solid rubber tires which make it easy to drive on all terrains, and it has low voltage, short-circuit and overcharge protection to keep it in tip top condition.


Wheel Size: 6.5”
Power: 300W Motor
Max Speed: 9mph
Max Weight: 264lbs
Time on Full Charge: 60 minutes
Age Range: Best for kids aged 6 and above
Charging Time: 2-3 hours
Terrains: All

Kids Hoverboard Buyer’s Guide

Stand aside skateboards, there’s a new kid on the block in the form of a hoverboard. While skateboards, roller blades and scooters still have their place, there’s nothing quite like the feel of the wind in your hair as you zoom around town on your very own hoverboard.

Of course, these kids hoverboards don’t actually hover – we’re not there just yet. But they’re still a seriously high-tech way to go about your day, and they look pretty impressive too. But finding the best hoverboard for kids is, quite literally, no walk in the park, and if you’re going to find them the best kids hoverboard, you’re going to need a little help.

To find the best hoverboard for kids, let’s take a look at the top features to look out for in a hoverboard.

Safety Features

Safety should be a real concern, especially if you’re buying a hoverboard for kids. Most hoverboards are safe nowadays, with acceleration sensors and lights that tell you if the battery is running low. Look out for the UL 2272 Certification which means its passed safety tests. Ensure your child wears a helmet if they are very young!

Size Of Tires

Size of tires is important as tires too small will make the ride unstable. This is fine for indoors but for on rougher terrains can be dangerous. If you’re just going for a zoom around your neighborhood, don’t worry too much about tire size. For off-road, opt for thicker tires.

Battery Life

While a long battery life is a priority for some people, it will add to the price. The more features the hoverboard has, the less long the battery will last.

Charging Time

How long you’re willing to wait for a charge will depend on your patience! 1 or 2 hour charges are becoming the norm, but ensure you balance this with how long the battery will last once it’s been charged.

Hoverboard Construction

The best hoverboard will have a solid construction that won’t break the second you go over a pebble! More expensive models have scratch resistant materials, and a durable model will save you money long term. Lighter hoverboards are generally faster and have a better battery life, but they may not be quite so durable.

Size Of The Motor

The more powerful your motor, the greater the speed and the longer the battery on your hoverboard will last. A bigger motor will give you more power, and the board should be able to hold a heavier weight. Hoverboards with bigger motors will cost more.

What To Expect At Different Price Points?

The price will depend on the features you are after. Hoverboards with a longer battery life that offer a smoother ride across all terrains will be much more expensive.

Cheaper models won’t be quite so durable, but they should still be very safe. If you are on a budget, ensure the hoverboard is safety certified. The battery may not last so long and they’re unlikely to have extra features like speakers or LED lights, and they certainly won’t reach the same speeds.


How do you ride a hoverboard?

Hoverboards can look very intimidating, and if you have fears of your legs shooting out from underneath you then you’re not alone. However, this is actually very unlikely and the majority of hoverboards are now self-balancing, specifically designed to keep you upright.

Make sure your hoverboard is charged and turned on (stepping on a switched off hoverboard will almost definitely result in a fall). Place one foot on the hoverboard and try to find your balance. When you’re ready, step the next foot up onto the hoverboard, holding onto something or someone if need be.

You will wobble a bit when you step on, but the hoverboard naturally will balance you, and you should find it easy to find your balance after a few seconds. Once you can stand still on it with no wobbling, you can start going forwards and backwards. Lean forwards gently to accelerate, and lean back to slow down. Bend your knees so you have more control over your body.

To turn left, push your right foot forward and to turn right, it’s your left food. You will find this quite intuitive, but remember to start off slowly as it’s easy to lose control on the turns.

Had your fun? Step off the hoverboard backwards instead of forwards so you don’t accidentally shoot it forward and lose your balance!

How much are Hoverboards?

Hoverboards vary in price. What you get for the price will vary enormously. The best hoverboard for kids will be equipped with Bluetooth speakers and advanced features. They’ll have a longer battery life and a more powerful motor.

What you shouldn’t compromise on however, is safety. Hoverboards can cause nasty injuries, so ensure the one you buy is safety certified. These days, even the cheapest hoverboards should will have safety as a priority, but this is worth checking.

How do hoverboards work?

The wheels of hoverboards are equipped with a full electric motor. Inside each one are speed and tilt sensors, which make the hoverboard work as though it is attached to you. The hoverboard detects motion and creates a plane between the foot pads and the board so that even beginner riders can find their balance.

There are two control boards located near each wheel which decides which way to power the wheels or turn based on your movements. The main logic board will stop you from going too fast if you are in beginner mode. Finally, the pressure sensitive switches on the side of the foot surface will help you turn. Pushing on one of the switches will bring more power to the motor in that heel, enabling you to turn.

How long does a hoverboard battery last?

This will depend on the speed, your weight, the size of the motor and whether you are using extra features like Bluetooth speakers or LED lights. Hoverboards rarely travel more than about 10 miles on a single charge.

How fast are hoverboards?

Most hoverboards will go between 6-10mph, and this speed depends on the size of the wheels, power of the motor and whether you have beginner mode on! Beginners should not make speed their priority, as even 6mph can feel fast on smooth surfaces.

Make sure you’ve found your balance on the hoverboard before you attempt to reach max speeds, and beginners should purchase a hoverboard with beginner mode to ensure they don’t build up too much speed and lose control.

Who invented the hoverboard?

The hoverboard was invented by Shane Chen only in 2013, making them an extremely modern mode of transport! The invention has not been without controversy, with multiple lawsuits between different companies. Whoever is right or wrong, we’ve now got hoverboards on our shelves and that’s all we really care about!  

Do flying hoverboards actually exist?

You may have noticed that the hoverboards I’ve been discussing, well, they don’t exactly hover. Flying hoverboards do exist, and they are used in water. These are jet powered and allow users to hover above the water. But if you’re asking whether the flying hoverboards from futuristic films exist? The answer is an optimistic, ‘not yet’.

How safe are hoverboards?

Pretty safe! Hoverboards have become a must-have item, and manufacturers can no longer get away with poor safety. However, it’s important that you always buy your hoverboard from a reputable brand, and if you’re a beginner, buy one with a beginner mode. If you’re worried about your kids, a helmet, shin pads and elbow pads will keep them safe – but it might not get them much street cred!

Hoverboards provide hours of fun for both kids and adults. Be honest about your ability with a hoverboard and don’t buy something that has more power than you can manage, especially if you’re shopping for kids. Take the time to find your balance in the safety of your living room before you head outside. You’ll be a hoverboard master in no time.