How to Upload Fonts to Cricut

Using the right font is a really important part of creating great arts and craft projects which require text, whether that’s personalising a bag or creating a greetings card. Each font gives your lettering a different feeling and can create an atmosphere or emotional effect for your project. Think about the typical ‘Happy Halloween’ font – spooky, right?!

Some fonts are designed to be simple and easy to read, and others are more decorative. They might be scary, cool, fanciful, authoritative, dreamy, funky and, well, you name it!

Cricut Design Space already has a bunch of fonts on the program, so you don’t have to go looking for new fonts for your designs. But if you’re anything like us, you like to experiment with different fonts for different projects until you know you have just the perfect one.

As well as providing a set of fonts, Design Space allows you to upload your own font. On the platform they are referred to as System Fonts. But how do you get them into Design Space and start using them? Read on, and we will give you all the know-how!

Where do you get fonts outside of Cricut?

Free fonts are available across the web, but we’d recommend avoiding using these. Some of them are awesome, but quite a lot can be poor quality, and if you want to actually sell any of your designs, there are issues with licensing.

So, it’s best to actually buy the fonts if you’re going to go down that road because you will get the license to use them commercially.

Okay, I’ve bought some awesome new fonts – what next?

You’ll need to install your new fonts on your computer by unzipping the downloaded file and saving them. If you have a Windows machine, right click on your unzipped font and press Install. On a Mac, bring up the menu and press Open With > Font Book, then Install Font.

(Note that if you are using the Design Space app on your mobile decide, you will need a font app like AnyFont or FontFix to install new apps onto your phone).


Voila! You now have your new font and can use it in your apps and programs, including Design Space. You’ll be able to see your lovely new font in the dropdown box (or find it in the search bar) in the Text section on Design Space (listed as a System Font), and start using it for your designs!

Tip: Check out whether your font cuts well by cutting on some test material before getting stuck into your project. You don’t want to start cutting a huge ol’ project full of your lovely new font only to find out it’s not that lovely after all!


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