Not only is getting too cold while camping a sure-fire way to ruin the fun, it can also be dangerous. Contrary to belief, camping in cold conditions doesn’t have to result in frozen fingers or hours spent with chattering teeth.

With the right preparation, keeping warm while camping is very easy. Here’s how to stay warm and cozy when the bad weather hits.

1. Pack a Tent Footprint

Tent footprints are fantastic insulators, stopping your tent from losing too much heat into the ground.

They are cheap to purchase and provide a whole host of other benefits alongside better insulation, including making your tent easier to clean, prolonging its life and making both packing up and pitching up easier.

2. Good Quality Sleeping Equipment

Good quality sleeping equipment is an absolute necessity. Silk sleeping bag liners add an extra layer of warmth, and down sleeping bags, although more expensive, are extremely effective. A good quality sleeping mat is another must-have.

While cheap equipment might be tempting if you’re trying to save money, you will pay for it in the long run – especially if you’re camping in the cold. A close-fitting Mummy bag is the best for keeping you warm and, while a thick comforter is certainly a cheaper option, it won’t keep you nearly as warm.

3. Get Off the Ground

We’ve already touched on this with the tent footprint, but getting off the ground is one of the best ways to keep warm – as a huge amount of heat is lost into the ground.

A tent footprint will give you that extra layer of protection, but a good quality, thick foam sleeping mat is an absolute essential when it comes to camping in cold conditions – plus you’ll be a hell of a lot comfier!

Other options include air mattresses, pillows and a bunch of blankets to keep you elevated.

4. Layer Up

Thermals and layers are essential when it comes to keeping you warm. Wearing lots of thinner items of clothing is better for keeping the heat in than just one thick jumper, as you will trap pockets of warmer air between the layers.

Your base layers should wick moisture away to stop you getting sweaty – which will make you cold. Good fabrics for base layers include wool, silk and synthetic materials.

It’s also essential that all your clothes remain dry, so it might be worth keeping them in a waterproof liner inside your backpack if the weather is bad.

5. Take a Hot Water Bottle

Hot water bottles are total game-changers There’s not much cosier than snuggling down with a hot water bottle tucked into your sleeping bag, and these are both inexpensive and easy to use.

If you have a campfire, boil some water and allow it to cool for a few minutes before pouring it into your hot water bottle. Tuck it into your sleeping back for an hour before you get into it, the heat should last for a good few hours – at least until you manage to fall asleep!

6. Ensure the Tent is the Right Fit

If you’re a one-man camper sleeping in a 6-man tent, things are bound to get a little frosty. Ensuring you are the right fit for your tent is one of the best ways to keep warm – if you are camping alone then you will only need a one or two-man tent at most!

A tent that’s too big will let a lot of air in and it’ll be harder to warm up.

7. Eat Enough Calories

A top tip I can really get behind, is to make sure you’re eating enough calories. As if I needed an excuse?

Your body needs enough energy to produce heat, so eating a hot, high calorie meal before you go to bed will do wonders when it comes to keeping you warm during the night.

Staying warm while camping is easier than many people think, especially with so many products on the market specifically designed for colder temperatures.

However, the best way to keep warm is to not get cold in the first place! Ensuring your kit remains dry and layering up before you get too cold is the best way to ensure you stay cozy and toasty throughout the night.

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