One of the reasons I love camping is because it forces you to be without luxuries – if only for a short amount of time. There’s something very humbling about pitching a tent and settling in for a night with nature.

Forget your luxury pillows, your power shower and your Netflix account, camping is about letting go, and there’s something hugely romantic about getting back to your roots and switching off from the always-connected world.

Yes, camping is a chance to let go of the luxuries. But there’s one luxury I can’t let go of – and that’s coffee.

The Cowboy Coffee

We’re not talking Starbucks-style caramel cappuccinos with extra froth. While the camping coffee is still something of a luxury, it’s a humble one at that.

All I really need is an adequate dose of caffeine to perk us up in the morning and give us energy to pack up the tent. Oh, and I’d rather it didn’t taste too terrible.

Here’s how to make the perfect cowboy coffee.

You Will Need:

  • A campfire
  • A kettle which can be put on top of the campfire
  • Water
  • Freshly ground coffee

Fill your kettle with water and bring to the boil over the campfire. Remove the kettle from the fire and let it cool, until it stops boiling.

Stir two tablespoons of coffee granules into the kettle and leave your coffee to rest for a couple of minutes.

Stir again, then sprinkle a little cold water into the pot to help the granules to settle on the bottom.

Slowly pour the coffee into your mug, ensuring the grounds remain in the pot.

Adding Eggshells

Cooking eggs over the campfire and don’t have a use for your leftover shells?

Many people complain that cowboy coffee comes out to bitter or strong and, if you’re a seasoned caramel latte drinker, I can certainly see why.

Coffee is acidic, and brewed in this way will make it taste bitter. A good way to counter this is by adding eggshells which are alkaline. If you have some, ensure your eggshells are thoroughly washed and put them in the pot when you add the coffee to the water.

This will hugely reduce the acidity and make your coffee slightly less bitter tasting!

Knowing how to make coffee while camping will make those early mornings even more appealing, especially when if the weather is a little frosty!

Sitting outside the tent with the sun rising, while sipping on a freshly made coffee provides a sense of calm that you may struggle to get in the city! Enjoy these moments, it’s what camping is all about!

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