In this guide we’ll look at the best toys for 9 year old boys and girls.
We’ve compared design, build quality, educational value and cost
to give you our top recommendations.

The LEGO General Grevious set is a perfect gift for nine year old boys who can’t get enough Star Wars! Once assembled, the set features posable limbs, separating arms, and four buildable lightsabers! This set is super sturdy, and designed for hours of intense play…meaning it’s made to stand up to nine year old boys.

The LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall Building Kit is one of the best gifts for nine year old kids that love the Harry Potter films.They can build the Great Hall, and the set comes complete with house banners, a moveable spiral staircase, potions room and more! There are ten figures that come along as well, including Harry, Ron, Hermione and Draco!

The LEGO Technic Street Motorcycle is an intense set to build, but once it’s put together the motorcycle boasts front and rear suspension, chain drive, working steering, a detailed engine with pistons that work, and sporty wheels. Kids love the light blue and red color scheme, and you can rebuild this set into a retro bike! Two for one!

The LEGO Creator Bike Shop and Cafe is a great gift for nine year olds. The entire set includes a bicycle shop and cafe, along with a cute little buildable bird. Kids can put together two separate buildings, have their characters spend the day at a cozy cafe, or go for a drive! Put together a rooftop barbeque as well!

The Supernatural Collector’s Edition Clue Board Game is mass amount of fun for any nine year old, not just fans of the show. Hunt demons and monsters with Dean and Sam Winchester using the rules of the game. This limited edition board game comes with six collectible mover pieces, six custom weapons and a game board specifically designed for the show!

The SET Enterprises Quiddler Deluxe Word Game is a great gift for nine year old girls and boys, and will give them hours of educational play. This fun word game is easy for kids to learn how to play, and has over twenty best game awards under its belt! It’s a fantastic teacher of how wonderful words can be.

The SpyNet Ultra Vision Goggles have five vision modes, and is one of the best gifts for nine year old boys that love the spy world. With award winning technology, kids can see up to fifty feet in complete darkness, and also use enhanced daytime vision. It’s easy to switch from day mode to night vision, and you can record your findings in any mode!

The Evo App Connected Coding Robot is an amazing gift for nine year old kids, that encourages STEM learning in so many ways. Evo is an award winning coding robot that grows with the kid that uses it. They can track their skills, connect with friends and find endless creative ideas within the Evo app. The best part is…Evo comes assembled!

The Snap Circuits Extreme Electronics Exploration Kit allows kids to build over seven hundred and fifty experiments with eighty parts! Winner of Specialty Toy of the Year, this snap case comes with a heavy duty plastic case that has custom foam inserts to keep your snap circuits safe and ready for use.

The My First Lab i-Explore Stem Stereo Microscope makes one of the best gifts for nine year old girls and boys who are head over heels for science. This award winning microscope with real glass optics is designed for an easy to use experience right out of the box. As a stereo microscope, the i-Explore allows you to inspect anything up close, from rocks and bugs to action figures and kitchen sponges.

The National Geographic Hobby Rock Tumbler Kit makes any stone sparkle, as kids can polish regular rocks into gemstones. An amazing gift for nine year old girls, this tumbler is great for any little rock collector. Everything you need to make gemstones is included in this kit, including learning guides, simple instructions and nine types of real rough gemstones.

The JIGSORT 1500 is a super cool gift for nine year olds that love to organize and put together jigsaw puzzles. This puzzle sorter is suitable for most puzzles up to fifteen hundred pieces, which are not included. This sorter has a quick and easy system to pack away a puzzle that is incomplete, keeping it safe from pets and younger siblings!

Not to be confused with the JIGSORT, the JIGBOARD 1500 is an awesome way to keep jigsaw puzzles organized without having to pack them away in between use. Suitable for most puzzles with up to fifteen hundred pieces, the JIGBOARD is light, easy to move and covered with fabric to prevent table damage. Easily sort the pieces of your jigsaw puzzles, which are not included. It does come with a cover to prevent mixing the pieces when you’re away from the puzzle.

The Slackers Zipline 70’ Hawk Series with Seat is an awesome gift for nine year old boys and girls that have a serious sense of adventure! This high quality zipline delivers exceptional performance with a sturdy stainless steel cable. The seat comes with a ten foot adjustable rope, and a heavy duty carabiner for quick attachment and removal. The hardware attaches to two trees.

Perfect for summer, the Capture the Flag REDUX: A Nighttime Outdoor Game provides hours of well lit summertime play, after dusk! This revolutionary game is so fun, and includes twenty-five light up game pieces and many different ways to play. Up to twenty players means that all ages can play together, and is wonderful to help nine year olds develop social skills and strategy!

The Nerf Mega ThunderBow Blaster is a great summer gift for nine year old boys. The darts scream through the air, and the blaster makes a great defense against an impending zombie invasion. Firing up to one hundred feet, the ThunderBow recreates real bow action, and can be used with the Nerf light up darts for fun long after the sun.