In this guide we’ll look at the best toys for 8 year old boys and girls.
We’ve compared design, build quality, educational value and cost
to give you our top recommendations.

The Angry Birds Star Wars Fighter Pods Jenga Death Star is a really fun game and an amazing gift for eight year old boys or girls. The Star Wars Jenga game lets kids stack the Jenga blocks to make the Death Star, then comes the fun part. Launch the birds at the Death Star! Plus, the pigs look like Stormtroopers!

The Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Megatron Figure is an incredible gift for eight year old boys who love everything Transformers. This two in one Megatron has a robot and tank mode, and the tank contains a missile launcher! Instructions are included for an easy transformation, and kids can make it all happen in about fifteen steps!

The Riverside 3D Construction Paper Combo Case is a perfect gift for eight year olds with a love for drawing, painting and creating. This super heavyweight groundwood construction paper is perfect for 3D models and projects. The paper is acid free and recyclable. It’s made with 100% recyclable materials!

The McFarlane Five Nights at Freddy’s The Office Construction Set makes a great gift for any eight year old kid that is a fan of the game! This set comes for 19 pieces for kids to build The Office brick by brick! Accessories include the golden Freddy figure, balloons, monitors, a fan, a speaker, cake, and a soda cup! Creepy office parties commence.

This American Girl Beforever Rebecca Doll and Paperback Book is the perfect combination gift for eight year old girls who love American Girl. A true classic, this beautiful doll comes wearing an authentic 1914 outfit, complete with a velvet sash and faux pearl buttons. The adventures with Rebecca in tow are endless, and little girls will adore her.

The Yard Games Giant Tumbling Timbers is a massive, life sized version of Jenga. Build the tower up, and watch out when they fall! The game stacks up to over five feet tall, ad eight year old kids will have a blast with it. It’s wonderful to bring along to outdoor events such as barbeques and camping!

The Timeline 2: Science and Discoveries kit is a fun game with a fifteen minute play time, so it makes an incredibly entertaining gift for eight year olds! This high quality game comes with one hundred and ten discovery related cards, making it fun and challenging all at once. Race against time and place your discovery cards in chronological order to win!

The Yahtzee Super Mario edition takes this classic game and gives it a Super Mario twist! In order to win, your Mario will have to power the most cities, collecting power-ups along the way.  Just as in traditional Yahtzee, this game is great for teaching kids how to create an effective strategy to come away with the win!

Snorta is the family game where everyone acts like an animal! This game will keep everyone laughing, and will turn all of your party guests into an animal…or at least they’ll sound like one. Each player chooses the sound of a farm animal, while other players try to blurt out the sounds of the other players. This fast paced game gets crazy really quickly!

The Sphero BOLT App Enabled Robot is so much fun, and a forward thinking gift for eight year old boys and girls. This robotic ball can be driven and coded, even by beginners. There are endless opportunities to have fun while learning! Code BOLT through the mobile app by drawing, using scratch blocks, or even writing JavaScript!

The Anki Cozmo Robot for Kids provides endless fun, interaction and learning. Cozmo is a real life robot and proves to be a loyal sidekick! You can challenge Cozmo to games, or use his explorer mode to see things how he sees them! Cozmo has a super beginner friendly interface, and can easily teach eight year old kids to code.

The Top Race 15 Channel Full Functional Remote Control Excavator is an amazing gift for eight year old boys. This Excavator is incredibly realistic, and boasts three separate motors on the digging arm! Each movement mimics the real life machine, and your little guy is certain to enjoy hours of R/C play!

This Piper Computer Kit comes with literally everything eight year old kids need to assemble their very own computer. If that’s not STEAM learning, then nothing is! The point of the Piper Computer kit, is to understand what goes on inside the beautiful packaging of the phones and tablets kids always play with. Tinkering is a vital process of the STEAM curriculum.

The Tinkering Labs Electric Motors Catalyst STEM Kit is a must have gift for every eight year old kid! This is the original Tinkering Labs kit, and allows kids to build and rebuild endless creations with one kit. Kids can create their own STEM toys, including robots, model cars and more! The can even add motors to LEGOS. How cool is that!

Turing Tumble: Build Marble Powered Computers is an award winning STEM toy in which kids can build incredible computers powered by marbles, while learning to code and discover how computers work. Not to mention, there are over one hundred logic puzzles to solve! The learning, along with the fun, is endless.

The Thames and Kosmos Remote Control Machines: Custom Cars with a Configurable Gearbox is loads of fun and a wonderful gift for eight year old boys who love cars, and love to know how they work. Kids can construct ten different remote control cars, and use parts to reconfigure over and over again.

The Nerf Official: Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger is a toy that is also a ridiculous amount of fun. It’s a complete laser tag system, that includes two Taggers for all out play. The Taggers have amazing sound effects, and are set up perfectly for indoor and outdoor battles. These are immensely fun, and a great gift for eight year old boys and girls.

The Mizuno Prospect Catcher’s Mitt is bring play back outside. Learn motor and concentration skills different from those that are honed while building with blocks and computer sets. This well made, durable catcher’s mitt will teach any eight year old kid exactly how to keep focus, and their eye on the ball.

The ANCHEER Inflatable Bumper Bubble Ball is a fun gift for any eight year old kid! Simply blow the balls up, climb inside and hours of fun will ensure. Run into each other while rolling across the lawn, have races, even use them in the pool! These are a great addition to summertime play, and a really good way to stay active while having fun!

The Baden Champions Badminton/Volleyball Combo Set is the perfect addition to any summer cookout or camping trip! Simply bring it with you, set it up and you’re guaranteed hours of fun with the whole family. Turn this combo set easily from standard volleyball net to a Badminton court! Kids will learn to keep active, while having fun and grasping a ton of hand-eye coordination!

The Prism Snapshot Dual-line Parafoil Kite is super fast and ready to fly. With a responsive four foot wingspan, this kite makes a great spring and summer gift for eight year old girls and boys. The Prism Snapshot fits snugly into a small carrying pouch, which means that it can come along on any park trip or beach vacation.

The Park and Sun Sports Deluxe Bocce Ball Set with Carrying Bag is a wonderful addition to your outdoor party game rotation! Up to four players can play at once with this set, and the competitive skill set that comes with Bocce Ball is so beneficial for elementary learning! There is nothing more important than being a good sport. Well, winning. Kidding!

This Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter is a trick scooter that will make a quick (literally) gift for eight year old boys. Learning to do tricks isn’t easy, but the balance and easy grip that the Fuzion offers makes it attainable for younger kids. Learning doesn’t come without falls, but this scooter was built tough and can handle most anything. Get out those pads and helmets!

These comfortable Roller Derby Candi Girl Skates are a beautiful seafoam green, and while Roller Derby is no easy feat, these skates sure to make it look good. The Candi Girl Skates are durable, and will protect the ankles of little ones just learning the ropes. The heel and toe are reinforced for extra safety as well.

These Chicago Men’s Roller Rink Roller Skates are reliable, durable and balanced. They make a good gift for eight year old boys who want to learn how to roller skate like a pro. Stable, comfortable and supportive, these skates are easy to learn in, offering ankle support and peace of mind to parents.

These White Wave Bamboo Longboards are a super fun gift for eight year old kids. White Wave Longboards are durable, balanced and lightweight. They are meant to be easy to steer, while protecting the rider and helping to develop longboarding skills. Beautiful bamboo designs adorn the top and bottom of these boards. They are a summer dream!