In this guide we’ll look at the best toys for 7 year old boys and girls.
We’ve compared design, build quality, educational value and cost
to give you our top recommendations.

The Craftster’s Sewing Kits Woodland Animals set is an amazing gift for seven year old girls! Each set includes five pre-cut animal sewing projects, six colors of thread, needles, pins, a pin cushion, scissors and more! The instructions are easy to follow, and this is a wonderful project for playdates or a rainy day!

The Harrisville Designs Lap Loom is a great way for little hands to learn how to weave. The kit includes a tapestry needle, two wooden shed sticks and two wooden stick shuttles. The instructions are illustrated and incredibly easy for seven year olds to follow. This lap loom brings educational fun and original tapestries for hours of endless creativity.

The K’nex Deluxe Building Set is a fantastic gift for seven year old boys. This set of blocks and more comes with moving parts and endless building possibilities, keeping kids occupied for hours on end. The Deluxe Set comes with thirty different models, and each one will actually move. Great for planning and engineering skills!

The LEGO Creator Lakeside Lodge lets little hands build big things! Kids can create a log cabin complete with a campfire, fishing pier, stove, bed and much more! The best part of this set is definitely the buildable moose. You can also take it all down and rebuild it into an Observatory or small cabin.

LEGO Superheroes: The Hulk Buster Smash is a perfect gift for seven year old boys. The Hulk Buster suit features an opening cockpit for Iron Man. The weapons that come with the Hulk Buster include Scarlet Witch’s two magical power weapons, Iron Man’s helmet and super jumper! The perfect kit for a day of fighting bad guys!

The LEGO Friends Amusement Park Roller Coaster is a wonderful, skill building gift for seven year old girls. Not only will they build the entire roller coaster themselves, but they’ll have hours of play afterwards as a reward! This set comes with figures, and a roller coaster track and car that really work.

The LEGO Creator Corner Deli allows kids to build a deli addition to their LEGO Cityscape! The corner deli is incredibly detailed, with sandwiches that they can build over and over! They’ll also be able to take down the deli and turn it into a flower shop or small city townhouse. This cute set comes with an adult figure, a child figure and a buildable bird!

The LEGO Minecraft The Cave is so much fun, and makes a wonderful gift for seven year old girls and boys that are Minecraft obsessed! This fun Minecraft set includes two minifigures with plenty of accessories. Spend hours playing with this cave and the included zombie, spider, waterfall, lavafall, coal, iron, TNT, torch, and ladder! So many adventures to be had!

This Oxford Titanic Building Block Kit is a special edition collector’s kit that is perfect for any seven year old that has a knack for history. The incredible building block kit has the Titanic down to the last detail, and comes with blocks that are easy for kids to put together. The instructions are detailed, and it’s a wonderful project to work on as a family.

The Spot It! FAO game by FAO Schwarz is a fantastic game and a wonderful gift for seven year old children. This game will put quickness and matching skills to the test, with quick 15 minute play and hours of family or game night fun. This game calls for kids to think fast, and doesn’t leave much room for mistakes. If you don’t spot it, you lose!

The Mice & Mystics board game is incredibly adventurous and loads of fun as a gift for seven year old kids! Each player gets to take on a magical role as they help the king to save his kingdom from an evil witch! This game is fantastic for the imagination, and is always a hit at family game night!

This American Mahjong Set by Linda Li comes in a beautiful quilted carrying case that makes it easy for seven year olds to keep together and organized. A classic Mahjong game, this set includes four all-in-one pusher and tile rack combos, which are so easy to use and put away after game play. Each set comes with three large dice and one hundred money chips!

This Flinch Card Game is a classic, and a thought provoking gift for seven year old boys or girls. Cards games are always a great idea to teach to children, because they require a thought process and systematic thinking. The rule card is included, and easy to follow along. Flinch is a perfect addition to family game night.

The Alhambra Big Box is an easy game to learn and switches up the regular game night rotation. It’s a family game, and accommodates all players from beginner to advanced. The level of interaction is high, so you can be sure to strike up a conversation with anyone you’re playing with! Play again and again!

The King of Tokyo 1st edition board game is so much fun, and a great gift for seven year old boys who love monsters and aliens! Meant for two to six players, each player chooses a mutant monster or gigantic robot alien as their character. Next, battle each other to become the King of Tokyo! It’s easy to play, and so much fun!

The Piper Computer Kit 2 is a wonderful way to teach children how to code. Oh, and build a computer. This amazing STEAM kit comes with a computer that you actually put together, and then play with afterward! When the games begin, eleven progressively difficult challenges help kids to learn the basics of coding, and so much more!

The TYCO R/C Stunt Psycho Vehicle is one of the hottest gifts for seven year old boys! This R/C car is capable of insane multi-terrain stunts, and even does twisted tornadoes! Wheelies and crazy flips are not off the table, and the light up eyes of the Psycho will help with safe travels over any terrain. The controller offers full control of every trick and flip.

The Original BB-8 by Sphero is Droid enabled and has a tough waterproof polycarbonate shell. It has a bluetooth smart connection that allows contact at a thirty meter range. The battery lasts for sixty minutes, and has a compatible app for both the iOS and Android. This is the perfect little robot to store tons of information and reminders for any seven year old!

The Anki Overdrive Starter Kit is every R/C car lovers dream. Kids can use mobile devices to take command of real robotic Supercars! They’ll be able to build up to eight battlefields in just a few seconds with the Anki Starter Kit. Battle and race against friends, and WiFi is required to play. Hours of interactive fun with friends!

The Miposaur is one of the coolest robots available, and will make an exciting gift for seven year old boys, and dino loving girls as well! The Miposaur has hand gesture command recognition and evolving intelligence for progressive play. He comes with a trackball as well, that kids can use to activate modes such as dance, feed or chase. The Miposaur provides hours of play and fun!

The Snap Circuits Pro SC-500 Electronics Exploration Kit is a major supporter of STEM/STEAM curriculum. Kids can build over five hundred exciting circuit projects without any tools. All pieces snap together! They’ll be learning by doing, and building models that actually work, including a burglar alarm and parallel circuits.

The Snap Circuits Alternative Energy Green Electronics Exploration in Alternative Energy Kit makes an unbeatable gift for seven year olds who are out to save the world. Based on STEM/STEAM curriculum, this Snap Circuits kit teaches kids about green options when it comes to energy, and then gives a head start into actually building them. The future is suddenly brighter.

The AmScope Microscope has been voted the best student microscope of 2017. This fantastic little microscope has top and bottom LED lights, and optical glass. Ranging from 40X to 1000X magnifications, it has a sturdy metal frame and a single lens condenser. All introductory materials are included, as well as slide preparation tools!

The littlebits Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit is a wonderful, customizable coding gift for seven year old children. This droid is connected to an app that has over twenty two missions available for teaching their droid new skills. Kids will learn how to control electronics through coding with this award winning toy!

The littlebits Space Rover Inventor Kit is the perfect educational gift for seven year olds. Space lovers and aspiring astronauts unite to build, customize and drive an app-controlled space rover, and then transform it through coding. The skills that this robot teaches are out of this world, pun intended!

This Intech Lancer Junior Golf Set includes a driver, hybrid iron, wide sole seven and nine irons, a junior putter and two headcovers! The deluxe standing bag will make any new golfer look and feel like a professional. The shafts are made of softer graphite, and easier to grip! This set is perfect for any kid looking to learn the ins and outs of golf!