In this guide we’ll look at the best toys for 13 year old boys and girls.
We’ve compared design, build quality, educational value and cost
to give you our top recommendations.

The LEGO Creator Palace Cinema is a perfect building set gift for thirteen year old boys and girls. Once built, the set can be played with for hours. It features entrance doors, a concession stand, big screen, projector and reclining seats for 6 LEGO minifigures. A classic limousine is included, because The Palace hosts only the finest of guests! The lobby is detailed, and a star-studded sidewalk completes the front.

The Hawk Weird-Ohs Digger is so much fun, and a great gift for thirteen year olds that like to get creative. This crazy, customizable, completely paintable model is something straight out of the 1060’s, but modern kids will love it. It’s easy to assemble, made of molded white plastic, comes from vintage molds, and boasts the true vintage packaging. Mom and Dad will feel nostalgia for sure!

The Mega Bloks Call of Duty Anti-Armor Helicopter Collection Construction Set is a fun gift for thirteen year old boys who love Call of Duty! An authentic replica from the game, this construction set is fun to build and even more fun to play with! It comes with a buildable refill station, complete with a fabric tent, crates and a pallet for realistic play.

A Game of Thrones Board Game Second Edition is a great way to shake up family game night. The goal is to win over Westeros, and fans of the popular HBO series (or the books) won’t be able to get enough. Three to six players can strategize, fight battles, and rage war, all in hopes of winning the Iron Throne. Be careful, there is no shortage of family betrayal during A Game of Thrones!

The Carcassonne Big Box 2017 Board Game by Fantasy Games is a wonderful gift for thirteen year old kids that love to use their imaginations! The rules of the game are easy to learn, and the whole family will love wandering through a magical world. The Big Box set is perfect for anyone who has never played the game before, and a great way to get started with this cult classic!

The Android Netrunner LCG Board Game brings new life to a classic card game! Thirteen year olds will have a blast partaking in high-stakes futuristic gambles in a cyberpunk setting. The game is set up to pit players against one another, consisting of corporation players and runners! It’s a ton of fun, and no round of play will ever be the same!

Monopoly: The Walking Dead Survival Edition is an essential gift for thirteen year olds that love The Walking Dead! This mashes the original Monopoly game up with the hit horror television show. Run from zombies, and pass GO, in this fight to the finish board game. This is a true collector’s piece, so be sure to scoop it up while you can!

The Zombicide Base Game Board Game is another hit for zombie loving thirteen year olds. This game is fully cooperative, and no player has to play as the zombies. Six survivors, each with their own skill and abilities, will live out their zombie nightmares in a fight for life or undeath. Unique and clever mechanics to defeat the opponent keep players thinking on their feet.

The CMON Arcadia Quest Board Game is a great gift for thirteen year olds that love to play hero games. The whole point of the game is to complete individual quests, while defeating monsters and enemies along the way. Each player will get to be a hero, nobody is assigned the role of monster. This means you can fight alongside friends for hours of imaginative role play!

The Mage Knight Board Game is nothing short of a true gaming experience. Players will face epic exploration and conquest, while mixing in a bit of character development, intrigue and, of course, the clashing of swords (also known as a fight). This game is completely unique, and will bring hours of fun to family nights and slumber parties!

The Electronic Catch Phrase Game is a ton of fun for parties and get-togethers. It makes a perfect gift for thirteen year old girls or boys that like to play games in which they have to think on their feet. This classic game challenges players to guess words and phrases, and they can choose from five exciting categories; Fun & Games, Entertainment, Everyday Life, and The World and Variety!

The Force 1 Drone with Video Camera is a great drone for first time users. It’s easy to operate, and an especially popular gift for thirteen year old boys. This flashy little drone can take and store pictures, and do tricks mid flight! It comes with an extra battery as well, so kids can keep it airborne for a longer amount of time!  

The Sunnytech Hot Air Stirling Engine Motor Model is the perfect educational gift for thirteen year old kids! This electricity generator allows children to get a feel for how electricity works, as they build, study and operate the generator themselves. Use alcohol to make it run, and have a blast causing the generator to heat up, and the LED lights on the engine to turn on.

The STIGA Pro-Carbon Performance Level Table Tennis Racket is perfect to keep around for lazy afternoons and rainy days. In fact, keep a couple of them handy, and strike up a game of table tennis any time! This racket is durable, and will work well for beginners and advanced players. It has a comfort grip, and will promise hours of volleying fun.

The NERF Rival Prometheus MXVIII – 20K is the ultimate in NERF guns! An amazing gift for thirteen year old boys, this gun has an advanced acceleration system and a rechargeable battery, so there’s no need to stock up or replace. It fires rounds at a velocity of 100 feet per second, and will keep them busy outside for hours! The foam rounds are high impact, but easy to load.