In this guide we’ll look at the best toys for 11 year old boys and girls.
We’ve compared design, build quality, educational value and cost
to give you our top recommendations.

The LEGO Idea Maze Building Kit is an amazing gift for eleven year old kids. The included booklet with building instructions is super easy to read, and this is a classic style maze includes green start and red finish tiles. Kids can build assorted cottages, an archway, trees and a castle too! The maze is also great to practice planning skills, by making the maze as easy or as challenging as preferred.

The LEGO Ideas The Big Bang Theory Building Kit is such a cute set, and a great gift for eleven year old boys and girls who love the popular show! Kids can build Leonard and Sheldon’s living room, and then spend hours recreating their favorite scenes from the show. For the most dedicated fans, this set is great for display. Figurines are included!

This LEGO Technic Remote Control Volvo is one of the best remote control LEGO cars on the market! A great gift for eleven year old boys, this car features a six cylinder Volvo engine with moving pistons and a fan. It’s one of the most detailed RC cars out there, with articulated servo steering, a working lift arm and a tipping bucket! Build it, then use it!

The LEGO Technic CLAAS XERION 5000 Advanced Building Set is a toy that provides hours of play. The model itself is pretty high tech piece of machinery, and an exact replica of something you’d find on a real-world farm. The building set includes a detailed cab for the machinery operator to sit in, four huge tires and a tree trunk accessory (for moving). It really works!

The LEGO Creator Expert Winter Toy Shop is an amazing gift for eleven year old girls and boys, especially around the holiday season! This adorable set contains everything you need to make a winter toy shop, including a decorated holiday tree, wrapped gifts, a snowman, wreath, micro-toys, a teddy bear, and a battery operated light. Eight figurines complete the set with carolers, children, and skiers! A perfect holiday setting!

The Formula D board game is a super fun, fast paced, race car game that makes a great addition to the family game night rotation. It has a play time of about an hour, it’s easy to learn, and it can accommodate anywhere from two to ten players. Mastering the game is quite a challenge, and it’s a really entertaining switch up from the usual board games that show up on family night!

Harry Potter Scene It: The Complete Cinematic Journey is the perfect gift for eleven year old kids that cannot get enough Harry Potter! Kids with a knowledge of the movies will excel at this game, and it’s so much fun for the whole family to play. You’ll face questions, images, and challenges from all eight movies, and only one Harry Potter fan can come out on top!

The Better Me: Self Improvement, Relationship and Teen Therapy Games are a collection of games that helps kids to express how they’re feeling, and help them to figure out why they feel that way. This set makes a great gift for eleven year old kids, because they are just coming into that confusing phase of life. Holistic education, accountability exercises, and group discussions are a few aspects of this amazing board game.

Word on the Street Game: The Hilarious Tug of Words, is a board game that forces kids to put on their thinking caps. This game plays in under thirty minutes, so it’s great for parties and family gatherings. Two to ten players can have at it, so get everyone in on the fun as your team tries to brainstorm words that fit into the category on the card! The team with the most words wins!

Dungeon Tiles Master Set: The Dungeon in an essential role playing accessory for any avid Dungeons and Dragons fan! The kit contains ten double sided sheets or terrain tiles, so participants can create dungeon rooms and corridors, bringing a real authenticity to the game! The box itself can be used during play as well, and then neatly stores the tiles when you’re done.

The Steve Jackson Munchkin Quest Board Game is an incredibly unique gift for eleven year old kids. Play goes fast, and the premise of the game is a bit bizarre, but kids will love it. The goal of the game in summary: kill the monster, grab your treasure, stab your friend (or don’t). It’s up to you to decide! It’s certainly a game of choice, and kids will put their morals to the test as they choose to share the treasure, or keep it all to themselves.

The Ravensburger Mary’s General Store 300 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle is perfect for a rainy day. The high quality puzzle pieces will last through every dismantling and restoring you throw at them. The anti-glare surface makes it easy to see which pieces go where. This puzzle is perfect for bonding time, and gives you a great chance to talk to your kids about their day!

This Go Sports Premium Croquet Set is a must-have for outdoor play. One of the best gifts for eleven year old kids, this colorful set will have them practicing their technique and playing for hours. Croquet is so much fun, and the perfect game to play as a family. Six players can use this set, so make sure to pull it out at every gathering this summer!

This POSITIV Team Complete Skateboard is the perfect gift for eleven year old boys that love to skateboard. The board itself can be customized using Birch or Maple. Kids can follow their favorites on Team POSITIV, such as Andy Macdonald, Rodney Jones, and Sandro Dias. This board is safe and durable. It makes a fantastic addition to any skateboard collection!

The Kai Tai Inc 4 Pushers Complete American Mahjong Set makes a great gift for eleven year old boys and girls, as long as they love Mahjong! This classic Mahjong game comes with 166 double layer, blue and white tiles with clear engraving to limit mistakes. The Pushers are not included, but dice and coins for betting certainly are! The set comes with a lightweight aluminum case that stores it all neatly away.