In this guide we’ll look at the best toys for 10 year old boys and girls.
We’ve compared design, build quality, educational value and cost
to give you our top recommendations.

The Marvel 6 Inch Legend Series Scarlet Witch makes an amazing gift for ten year olds that are fans of Marvel! The Scarlet Witch has a movie-inspired design, and she comes with two accessories. This action figure is one hundred percent authentic, and will make a perfect addition to any Marvel collection.

The LEGO Mindstorms Robot Kit with Remote Control is a wonderful gift for ten year old kids that have a heavy interest in STEM learning. The robot is fully functional, and builders of all ages will love coding their robot, helping it to walk and talk! It can also be taught to play games, for hours of interactive play that kids are creating all on their own.

The LEGO Ghostbusters Ecto Set is so much fun for kids of all ages. One of the best gifts for ten year old boys and girls, this set comes with four mini figures suited up in their proton packs. The ghostbusters vehicle comes in the set as well, complete with a logo decoration and paranormal hunting equipment!

The Mega Construx Pro Builder Coast Guard Helicopter Rescue Playset is a fantastic gift for ten year old boys. This set is buildable, and the rescue helicopter is incredibly detailed, ready for intense sea rescue! The helicopter features a working wrench and spinning propellers. Three poseable action figures are included, including a civilian that needs rescuing!

The Meccano Erector Super Construction Building Set is the perfect gift for ten year old boys. There are twenty five models in this set alone, all which can be built at the same time. Kids can reuse parts to rebuild a helicopter, buggy crane and much more! Bring your construction set to life with an electrical motor, which is included.


The AEG Love Letter Adventure Time Clamshell Card Game has a short, twenty minute playtime and is great for ten year olds to play on a rainy day, or a lazy summer afternoon. It’s a game of risk, deduction and luck. Two to four players can battle it out at one time, learning how to take calculated risks and reading the moves of the other players.

The Settlers of Catan Board Game is incredibly popular. It’s a game of strategy that has a different outcome every single time, and makes a super gift for ten year old girls and boys. This is a board game that will help to build planning skills, as well as giving kids the chance to think for themselves and be resourceful. It does require at least three players, so it’s a good one for the whole family to play.

Trekking the National Parks: Family Board Game is so much fun for ten year old kids, and the whole family! This is the second edition of this game, and players will be able to learn a whole lot about geography while having a great time! One of the top rated educational board games, this makes a fantastic gift.

The Parker Brothers Beyond Balderdash game is one of the best gifts for ten year old kids. A small twist on classic Balderdash makes this game so much fun to play, and you’ll love watching your kids try to figure out who is telling the truth, and who is telling a fib! This is a great game to help kids to read faces, while making educated guesses.

The Dabble Fast Thinking Board Game is certain to bring laughter to every game night! This game is meant for incredible fast thinkers, and if you’re not one at the beginning of the game, you will be at the end! It’s so much fun to play, and helps kids of all ages how to cleverly play with words. Simply pull out Dabble and watch them as they grow accustomed to thinking on their feet!

The OSOYOO Robot Smart Car is a good gift for ten year old boys and girls that love technology, and express an interest in learning how to program. This car allows hands on experience with robot design and assembly, which is a wonderful skill to put into the hands of the next generation. This kit contains a step by step tutorial, and five thorough lessons so kids can soak up knowledge that will apply to more than building the OSOYOO.

The Justice League Ultimate Batmobile RC Car and Figure makes an incredible gift for ten year old boys who can’t get enough of Batman…or the Justice League! This remote control Batmobile comes equipped with a drivers view camera in the cockpit of the car, making for a toy experience like no other. The engine makes authentic sounds, and smoke will release from the exhaust pipe during play!

The K’NEX Education DNA Transcription and Replication Set is an intriguing gift for ten year old girls and boys that love biology and building. The purpose of this kit is to help kids understand the formation and molecules in DNA strands. They can be formed and then reformed, and two models to scale can be built with this kit.

The Happy Atoms Molecular Modeling Complete Set contains fifty atoms that allow kids to build, scan and identify molecules. This set is an amazing way to teach ten year olds about atoms, bonding and the basics of chemistry. It comes with a downloadable app that compliments the set, and is compatible with Android, Kindle and IOS systems. Take your learning on the go!

The Ravensburger Windmill 3D Puzzle will make a really fun gift for ten year olds that love a challenge! Building a 3D puzzle is hard, and this windmill is no exception to that rule. This 216 piece puzzle is a great addition to family night, and helps to emphasize strategy and spatial learning. It won’t be easy, but the end result is well worth it!

This Cobble Hill Nancy Drew Jigsaw Puzzle will make a perfect gift for ten year old girls that love this classic book collection. Nancy Drew has been around for years, solving crimes and taking the lead as a strong female role model. This incredible 1,000 piece jigsaw features the covers of a variety of Nancy Drew books, and will make a wonderful keepsake for girls who are fans of the series.

The 4 Sun 10 Steps Japanese Puzzle Box is a whole lot of challenging fun packed into one little puzzle. It’s incredibly well made, and will make advanced puzzle solvers pretty happy. This toy is great for ten year olds, but will appeal to older children and adults as well. This is a great strategy and patience teacher, so add it to your gift list!

The Kan Jam Ultimate Disc Game is a fantastic gift for ten year olds that love outdoor fun. Perfect for beach days, cookouts and camping, Kan Jam is a two on two game of disc tossing and deflecting. It’s really easy for kids to learn, and then master. It will keep them busy for hours, and cut them way back on screen time during the warmer months!

This Wilson NCAA Official Game Basketball is a classic toy, and kids can take it anywhere. On vacation, camping, day trips and beach adventures, this ball will make for hours of passing fun, dribbling and play. The cover of this official ball is moisture absorbing, meaning the fun can continue during rain or shine! It’s the perfect addition to every outdoor game collection.

The Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Strung Tennis Racket makes a wonderful gift for ten year old boys and girls that love sports, tennis in particular! This racket is incredibly well made, and will work for kids who are avid players, and those who just like to play recreationally. The frame is light, but the racket is stable, making for sturdy play. It’s a fantastic racket to learn on.

The Hockey Revolution Stickhandling Training Aid will make a well received gift for any and all ten year old boys (and girls!) that love to play hockey. Whether they’re seasoned pros or just learning the ropes of the game, this training aid will teach every aspiring professional exactly how to handle the stick in all situations, including going in for the goal.

This Laser Tag Set and Carrying Case packs enough ammunition for four players, so round up the whole family and get started! There are four different team settings, so you can play every man for himself or two on two. The blaster is the target in this version of laser tag, so you won’t have to wear a bulky vest to get in on the fun! Set teams up any way you want, while encouraging active outdoor play!

The Razor Pro RDS Dirt Scooter will make a great summertime gift for ten year old kids. This scooter is no longer restricted to pavement, so watch out! Use it on the grass or on challenging terrain, but be sure to wear protective gear. The frame is heavy duty, with soft rubber grips and a rear fender brake.

These Chicago Women’s Classic Roller Skates are an incredible gift for ten year old girls. The pink and white design makes them appear delicate and girly, but they are sturdy as can be and a wonderful skate to learn on. Roller skating can be challenging, but these skates will handle indoor and outdoor lessons seamlessly!

The Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard is so much fun! A great gift for ten year old boys who crave adventure, this little skateboard packs a serious punch. It may be small, but Skatro guarantees ultimate flex on every single board. It will bend right along with its rider, sticking close by and making even the hardest tricks seem like a piece of cake.