In this guide we’ll look at the best fidget spinners on the market.
I’ve compared design, spin time & cool features
to give you my top recommendations.

What is the Best Fidget Spinner?

This metal fidget spinner sounds straightforward, but the titanium make is really cool! It’s durable and tough yet light as a feather. The ball bearing on this spinner is pre-lubricated for a super fast spin time! Definitely one of the best fidget spinners out there.

This gold fidget spinner is nothing short of beautiful. An odd descriptive word for a fidget spinner, we know, but with name like “Sugary Gold” it’s fitting. Durable and compact, this spinner is beautiful to look at – sure to refocus and soothe anxiety.

This rainbow fidget spinner is amazing. Made from hardy stainless steel, you can be sure that it will resist scratches, survive falls, and last you a long time. Truly the best fidget spinner to practice and perfect tricks!

The Batman fidget spinner is clearly the best fidget spinner for any fan of The Caped Crusader. Topping our list the fidget spinners, this gem is made of plastic, spins quietly and makes a fantastic gift for any Batman loving kid!

Ah, the light up fidget spinner. This LED spinner is so much fun to watch, and makes the best fidget spinner for hours of mesmerizing spin time.The high quality make of this spinner protects from overheating, and satisfaction is manufacturer guaranteed.

bluetooth fidget spinner

When the Bluetooth fidget spinner first hit the market, it was deemed unnecessary. Maybe so, but it’s awesome, and one of the best fidget spinners out there! This spinner features LED light patterns, bluetooth compatibility and hours of spin/music time.

This Golden Snitch fidget spinner is beyond incredible, and the best fidget spinner for any Harry Potter fan! Without a doubt this durable, visually appealing little spinner tops the list of the best fidget spinners. This little guy is tiny enough to spin on your fingertip, durable and has a 30 day guarantee.

This sassy glow in the dark fidget spinner is the absolute best fidget spinner to bring to a slumber party. It will keep the kids busy…for hours. Scratch resistant, durable and really quiet – this fidget spinner is a perfect addition to any collection.

This diamond fidget spinner is nothing short of fancy. Not that you need a fancy fidget spinner, but this one is exceptionally beautiful. One of the best fidget spinners to add to a collection for sure, and it boasts a 3 minute spin time to boot!

This ninja star fidget spinner is incredibly cool. It’s shaped just like an actual ninja star (the title does not lie), and it has a nice smooth spin. Not ideal for tricks, as it’s a little pointy, but it’s fantastic for spinning.

The Captain America fidget spinner may not be shaped like a traditional spinner, but it’s awesome nonetheless. This spinner is completely round, utilizing its own weight to spin seamlessly. The best fidget spinner for any fan of Captain America!

This emoji fidget spinner may be shaped like poo, but it’s performance is anything but! Kids will laugh at this cute little fidget spinner, while it spins quietly and seamlessly like a pro!

This galaxy fidget spinner is so beautiful to watch and has a lifetime warranty. Can’t go wrong with that! It’s purple, so pretty and has a 2 to 5 minute spin time. Without question the best fidget spinner for those who love the wonder of the stars.

This 4 pack of mini fidget spinners is wonderful for those with tiny hands who still want to fidget spin! Safe, easy to spin and available in a value pack of 4 primary colors. The best fidget spinner pack for those demanding good value!

There is nothing cooler than a Dragon fidget spinner! There is incredible detail on this spinner that will please any dragon fan. Made from alloy metal with an impressive spin time as well! Great for kids and adults alike!

This Pokemon Fidget spinner is so cute, you’ll want to give one to everyone you know. Bright yellow, with Pikachu featured in the middle, and color changing LED lights as well! The best fidget spinner for any Pokemon fanatic!

This sleek pink fidget spinner by ATESSON has gold accents and a stainless steel make. The bearings are steel as well, offering a steady 4 minute spin time. It’s a simple design, but one of the best fidget spinners available.

This blue fidget spinner is a bit reminiscent of Sonic the Hedgehog. It’s unique shape and high quality metal make will please any fidget lover. Put it flat on the table and watch it spin for as long as 6 to 9 minutes!

This flying fidget spinner is nothing short of amazing! Spin it, and watch it use propellers to hover without shooting away from you. So much fun, and the best fidget spinner by far for anyone sick of regular spinning!

This titanium fidget spinner has an incredibly entertaining ripple effect that will keep anyone mesmerized for hours. This wonderful little spinner is non-toxic, non-corrosive and made of high quality titanium. It has about 2-3 minutes of constant spin time.

This Harry Potter fidget spinner offers a rainbow twist on the Golden Snitch. The mixture of color and patterns on this spinner is incredible, and the wings give it speed and beauty! So fun to play with, and one of the best fidget spinners for Harry Potter fans or fidget spinner collectors!

This red fidget spinner is simple, as fidget spinners were intended to be. The design is classic, made with high quality plastic and bearing for a smooth and constant spin time. The best fidget spinner for anyone starting out!

The triple fidget spinner is not so simple. Two fidget spinners are stacked with a cap connecting them in the middle. The result is a mindblowing dual spin! You have to see it to believe how cool it is. Words don’t do it justice! By far one of the best fidget spinner products ever!

This green fidget spinner rotates on a ceramic balls bearing, and three additional balls that rest on the ends. It’s mini spinner, perfect for tiny hands, and is incredibly durable as well!

This brass fidget spinner is pretty fancy. It’s durable, and has a premium bearing for optimal spin times. Also, it’s adorned with tiny (fake) sapphires and rubies! If you spin it slow, it ticks like a clock. Truly one of the best fidget spinners available.

This black fidget spinner is you classic fidget model, but that doesn’t make it boring! It’s the best fidget spinner for hours of spinning and comes equipped with a premium bearing for an ultra smooth spin.

The Star Wars fidget spinner is the best fidget spinner for well, Star Wars fans! Choose to spin Vader or a Storm Trooper…or both! These are a must have and one of the best fidget spinners that you’ll ever add to your collection!

This white fidget spinner takes things back to basics. With a super lightweight body but a heavy bearing, this spinner will spin for quite awhile in both your hand and on the table. A great fidget investment for sure!

This LED fidget spinner by Firefly is so much fun to spin and watch. The lights are motion activated and light up whenever you choose to spin! Durable and heavy, there is nothing cheap about this spinner.

This transparent fidget spinner is so cool. Not only does it have rainbow lights on the inside, but you can see any surface you’re spinning on through the spinner! A long spin time makes it even better!

This American Flag fidget spinner has a vintage look that any collector will want! The design is fantastic, and it’s got a nice, quiet spin with an exceptional spin time.

The wooden fidget spinner is elusive, but they do exist…and they’re fun to spin! They have a classic look that you won’t be embarrassed to keep on your work desk. A classy fidget spinner, who knew?! One of my personal favourites for the best fidget spinner out there.

This purple fidget spinner is not only purple, but it’s filled with water and purple glitter gel. It’s so much fun to watch, and has a great spin time as well! This is definitely one of the best fidget spinners from a collective standpoint.

This Superman fidget spinner is a great toy for any kid or adult that is a fan of this caped superhero. With a spin time of roughly two minutes, you’ve got hours of relaxing spin time headed your way!

This camo fidget spinner has a great design. It’s lightweight and spins easily for about 3 to 5 minutes. This spinner is easy to hold, and will spin in your hand or on a flat surface.

This skull fidget spinner is really cool. The skull and crossbones design is unlike any fidget spinner available. The best fidget spinner for any pirate fan! It’s durable yet lightweight and easy to take apart to clean.

This rose gold fidget spinner is shaped a bit differently than your classic spinner, but it doesn’t affect the spin time! It’s lightweight, metal and super quiet…which means it’s one of the best fidget spinners for office or classroom use!

This crazy fidget spinner is really on the crazy side, that’s for sure! It’s metal, and built on a base. There are five rotating arms that give this spinner the look of a ferris wheel. It’s the best fidget spinner available for absent minded spinning…you don’t have to hold it!

This Spiderman fidget spinner is exactly what any Spidey fan is looking for! This durable spinner is quiet, spins easily and has Spiderman’s face on each of the arms. It’s high quality to boot!

This silver fidget spinner is fun to play with and look at. It’s a basic model, but the chrome finish will help it to last from spins to tricks and beyond. Scratch resistant and pocket sized, it’s one of the best fidget spinners around!

This yellow fidget spinner is so cheerful, you’ll have to have it in your spinner collection. It’s basic, but a heavy, high quality ball bearing gives it a long but quiet spin time. Plus the color is amazing!

This circle fidget spinner is incredibly unique, with a brass circle piece encompassing the 5 pronged spinner within. You can spin it more easily in your hand than on a table, it’s super heavy and of very high quality.

The Deadpool fidget spinner is the best fidget spinner for those who are fans of the antihero…or just fidget spinners in general. Each arm of the spinner is adorned with Deadpool, it’s metal but lightweight and has about a 3 minute spin time.

A vape fidget spinner is exactly what it sounds like, a fidget spinner that fits onto your vape device. It’s got a great spin time, and cures boredom and anxiety while you vape!

sonic fidget spinner

This adorable Sonic fidget spinner features Sonic the Hedgehog! It comes on a band, and the middle acts as a digital watch! Kids can actually wear it, making this is one of the best fidget spinners for kids, hands down.

This orange fidget spinner is rectangle, with a ball bearing in the middle and three weights on each end. It’s super tiny, and the best fidget spinner for kids that need to toss a spinner in their pocket to switch focus.

This high end fidget spinners features a peacock in the center with feathers acting as each of the arms. It’s beautiful, with an antique look. The body of the peacock is rainbow, and it’s got a great spin time. Certainly a fantastic fidget spinner to add to any collection.

This Iron Man fidget spinner is made from high quality, lightweight metal. Iron Man is featured on each of the prongs, and it is super easy to spin. The best fidget spinner for any Iron Man lover in your life.

The fidget spinner phone case featured here fits most smartphones (including Samsung and iPhone), and allows your to spin your phone in true fidget form all day long. The spinner is attached to the case in similar fashion to a popsocket.

This durable, heavy duty chrome fidget spinner has 6 arms and what seems like an endless spin time. It’s heavy, but surprisingly easy to spin. Here you’ll find solid copper weights and nickel plated iron bars. Fancy.

This Wonder Woman fidget spinner is reppin’ the ladies of the superhero genre, and is totally shaped like a cape. It’s metal, but it’s not heavy. Despite a bit of an awkward shape, ease of spinning and spin times are not affected.

This copper fidget spinner sure is pretty! It’s metal, and plated with copper on the prongs but gold in the center. The prongs square off instead of remaining round at the end, and it’s got about a 3 minute spin time.

superhero fidget spinners

Not just a superhero fidget spinner, but a pack of 3 superhero fidget spinners! Each of these little spinners are completely round, and feature Spiderman, Iron Man and Captain America.

The bullet fidget spinner features 6 bullets for the prongs instead of your run of the mill round or square shaped extensions! Don’t worry, they aren’t real bullets. It’s a high quality spinner, and definitely unique.

This pack features 7 metallic fidget spinners of all completely different shapes. Each is rainbow colored and promises 3-5 minutes of spin time. This is the best fidget spinner deal that you’ll find!

This amazing fidget spinner pen is an actual working pen that spins on a ball bearing placed in the center, just like a normal fidget spinner! Cure all your office boredom with this office supply turned toy!

This magnetic fidget spinner is so cool! It features a ball that spins on a stack of magnets. It’s a really great take on the fidget spinner concept, and looks great on a desk. It’s copper, heavy and easy to use.

This bird inspired Phoenix fidget spinner is incredibly complex, with the wings of the Phoenix acting as the prongs. It’s detailed, with rainbow coloring throughout. Despite all the bells and whistles, you’ll still get a decent spin time!

Not just a plastic fidget spinner…but a glow in the dark plastic fidget spinner! This is super small and incredibly lightweight. It is up there with the best fidget spinners for kids! It’s a ton of fun to play with and easy to use.

The Transformers fidget spinner is more than meets the eye. Get it? This movie themed spinner is easy to grip and spin, with a spin time of about 4-5 minutes.

Well, this unique fidget spinner is definitely unique! This anxiety soother is based on double pendulum and random motion. When you flick it to spin, you’ll never get the same result. It’s a fantastic concept, and one of the best fidget spinners for adults.

The Thor fidget spinner is possibly the best of the superhero bunch, because it is in the shape of his actual hammer! How cool is that? Simply hold the handle and spin the hammer, and you’ve got a few minutes of soothing Thor spin time.

Feel fancy with this dollar sign fidget spinner! It’s rainbow, and in the literal shape of a big dollar sign. The bearing rests in the middle. The bearing is premium stainless steel, and spin time will depend on the amount of force you put behind it.

The Unicorn fidget spinner is perfect for anyone who loves the whimsical creature! Pink and rainbow, this set comes in a pack of two. It’s plastic, but sturdy, and will give you a good spin in your hand or on a flat surface.

flower fidget spinner

This flower fidget spinner is so pretty. It will remind you of a fairytale. The prongs are a five count, teal and purple, and each has a little yellow star on it. It’s light and easy to spin, but you’ll love it just for the way it looks.

This brass premium heavy duty fidget spinner is perfect for anyone who needs to relieve a little boredom and wants a high quality spinner. This amazing spinner is gold with 6 prongs that are adorned with rainbow stripes on each.

The playing cards fidget spinner is truly an incredible design. This aluminum spinner features 3 prongs that are shaped like a set of 5 cards. It sounds big, but it’s actually lightweight and discreet.

This gears fidget spinner is made of actual gears, hence the name. With an aluminum base and brass gears, you’re getting high quality, perfect weight distribution and endless spin times. Possibly one of the best fidget spinners available for car junkies and collectors alike!

The long spinning fidget spinner is always highly sought after, and this beautiful bright blue and gold metal spinner is exactly what you’re looking for. This stainless steel spinner will spin, guaranteed, from 4-10 minutes!

This dolphin fidget spinner is beautiful, and features a gold plated bearing center with three rainbow dolphins creating a circular shape as the spinner prongs. It’s detailed, but lightweight. This makes a great gift!

This cool fidget spinner definitely has a cool and unique shape. It’s rainbow colored, with each of the prongs holding a weighted ball bearing in addition to the one in the middle. It’s easy to hold onto, making it great for tricks!

This ceramic bearing fidget spinner is made of titanium alloy metal and features three rainbow prongs that look a bit like puzzle pieces! This looks amazing while spinning, and fits comfortably in most hand sizes.

This carbon fiber fidget spinner cover by Might Skins will protect your favorite classic spinner from scratches and damage. It’s easy to put on, and there are a ton of choices so you can find what suits you.