In this guide we’ll take a look at the best truck bed tents for camping.
We’ve compared design, ease of set up, weatherproofing and cost
to give you our top recommendations.

What Is The Best Truck Bed Tent?

  • Features
  • Fits most pick up trucks
  • Sewn in floor
  • Spacious all-rounder
  • Cost
  • Features
  • 10 mins to assemble
  • Sewn in floor
  • Good height
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Very durable
  • Cool star-gazing vent
  • Great quality stitching and poles
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Great design
  • Sewn in floor
  • Good value for money
  • Cost

More Detailed Truck Bed Tent Reviews

Napier Backroadz Truck Bed Tent

The Napier Backroadz Truck Tent is different to many other truck tents on the market because it has a full floor. This means you won’t need to scrub the floor of your truck before you leave or risk getting dirty sleeping bags.

Napier Backroadz are renowned for great quality tents, and this one is no different. The material is lightweight yet sturdy, and it provides a good amount of space.

This truck tent is designed to fit the majority of pick-ups making it a great allrounder. It comes in a choice of 5 different sizes to suit your vehicle, and it provides great protection against the elements, with a sturdy and durable full rainfly.

One of the reasons I love this truck tent is due to the easy set up. The poles and sleeves are color-coded making it easy to assemble, and it also has a large interior with over 5.6’ of headroom.

The SUV model allows you to use your vehicle’s cargo for extra storage or to sleep another person.

SportZ Truck Bed Tent

If you’re after something to splash out on, another fantastic option is the SportZ Truck Tent which comes in a choice of blue or grey, and 6 different sizes to suit your pick-up.

This is another that sleeps 2 people with a large amount of headroom. It’s extremely comfortable and liveable, which may mean you never resort to traditional camping again!

Like the Napier Backroadz, this truck tent also has a sewn in floor. This is, for me, an absolute game changer as it means you don’t have to worry about you, or your sleeping bag, getting dirty.

This tent has great ventilation making it ideal if you’re camping in warmer temperatures. There’s a large entrance door, two mesh windows and side vents,

There are no guide ropes making it easy to set up anywhere, and the poles are colour coded which is a nice touch. The strap protectors mean that the tough straps won’t damage your truck and the carry bag allows it to be stored easily when not in use.

All in all, this is a functional, easy to use and comfortable truck tent.

Rightline Gear Truck Bed Tent

The Rightline Gear truck bed tent comes in a range of sizes to suit compact, mid, or full size trucks as well as a variety of truck bed sizes.

The only one on the list with a floorless design which, although will put some people off as they may have to do a little cleaning, does have the advantage of you not having to remove your gear from the truck bed before you begin set up.

This tent is easy to set up and good quality. It has protective, heavy duty straps that won’t damage the truck’s finish. The color coded poles make it easy to set up and the stitching is good quality and durable.

The water resistant fabric means this tent excels in most weathers (excluding anything too extreme), and the sky vent allows more light, good ventilation and lets you gaze at the stars while you lie in your tent.

This tent sleeps 2, includes a rainfly, storage bag and sewn-in set up guide. It’s slightly more expensive than others on this list, but the range of sizes, overall quality and nice extra features make the higher price more than worth it.

Guide Gear Truck Bed Tent

The Guide Gear Truck Tent has a unique shape and is a firm favourite for truck camping enthusiasts.

Why? This tent easily sleeps 2, is easy to erect and exceptionally comfortable. The design is great, and it has a good amount of ventilation.

Another with a sewn in floor, large interior and water resistant coating, this truck bed tent is made from 190T polyester making it lightweight and easy to set up. The large D-shaped door provides great access to your tent and the mesh windows are great for summer camping.

This tent fits the majority of full-size pickups, whether you’re a Chevy, Ford, GMC, Nissan or Toyota owner. It also comes with a full rainfly to keep you dry in bad weather and fits most full size beds. Overall, a reliable, comfortable and perhaps most importantly, a great value truck bed tent.

Why Buy a Truck Bed Tent?

Truck bed tents offer a great alternative to normal camping as they keep you off the ground. This means that will stay warmer, you will be almost certainly more comfortable, and they provide added protection and privacy.

Instead of travelling around in your truck and stopping to pitch your tent at night, truck bed tents are efficient and allow you to stay with your truck while you sleep. They are easy to deploy and dissemble and you can pull up practically anywhere without having to trudge through campsites or fields, worrying about the state of the ground.

Finally, more modern truck bed tents generally have a bunch of great features which traditional tents lack. They can be easily stored in your pickup for when you need them – a perfect option for any of you who never know when your next adventure will be.

Things to Consider

Tempted to invest in a truck bed tent? Here’s what to consider before you take the plunge.

Types of Truck Bed Tents

There are several types of truck bed tent and if you already have a truck, then you biggest concern will be size. Not all truck bed tents will suit every vehicle, so you will need to be careful when shopping to make sure the tent fits your truck bed.

Hatchback style tents are great for small SUVs. These allow you to turn the cargo area into a sleeping space. Other truck bed tents are designed for large SUVs and minivans, while others are exclusively made for pick-up trucks.

Universal tents to suit all vehicles can be found and they may also be easier to install. Remember though that the easier to install and more versatile the truck bed tent, the more it is likely to cost.


Tents labelled 3 season are the most common and generally most versatile of the bunch. These are great for spring, summer or fall, helping air to circulate while also keeping you cosy when the temperature drops. Adding a rainfly will mean you’re protected from any heavy showers.

3-4 season tents will be heavier with a more complicated set up. However, these are great for more difficult weather such as stronger winds (as they will have more poles), or snow. They aren’t recommended for use during extreme weather.

Finally there’s 4 season tents which are durable, sturdy and can withstand extremely challenging weather. This includes forceful winds, heavy snow and very low temperatures. These are really only suitable when it’s cold, as they don’t ventilate the air well so will get hot and stuffy in warmer temperatures.

The great thing about camping in your pickup is that you are off the floor. This means you can be slightly more relaxed about the type of tent you choose, as you don’t need to take into account the chill of the ground. However, I still recommend choosing the tent that suits the weather you will most frequently be camping in. As with traditional camping, pack enough warm clothes, layer up and you won’t go too far wrong.


The design of your truck bed tent will directly impact its livability. Tents with a more basic design may feel smaller. They might have a lower peak height or have steeply sloping walls. These will make the tent seem more snug which, while not a problem if you’re only camping for a couple of days, may be more trying if you’re on a longer trip.


To find the right tent for your truck bed, simply measure your inside truck bed length with the tailgate up. All of the truck tents I have listed come in a range of sizes, so it should be fairly easy to find one that matches your pick-up. If you are confused about which tent suits your model, have a look at this online sizing guide which will match the make of your truck to the size of the tent you need.

Installation Advice

Before you set up your truck bed tent, it’s important to ensure that it fits your vehicle. Most truck bed tents will work with specific vehicles, but they will not suit all.

Once you have found your camping spot, lower the tailgate of your truck and remove anything inside the box. Then you’re ready to begin installing…

Take the tent out of its bag and lay it flat on the ground, with the front door at the tailgate.

Most truck bed tents will have 6 straps. 3 for attaching to it to the side and 3 for the tailgate. Lay the tent over the bed of your truck and connect the male clips to the corresponding female clips.

Just as you would with a traditional tent, assemble the poles and insert each one into the corresponding sleeves and into the pockets at the end. You will see your tent starting to take shape! It’s best to unzip the tent door first to make this slightly easier.

Attach the clips to the poles and check that everything is firmly in place.

If you have one, attach the rainfly via the straps.