In this guide we’ll look at the best camping radios.
We’ve compared radio coverage, safety features, power source and cost
to give you our top recommendations.

What Is The Best Camping Radio?

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Camping Radio Buyer’s Guide

A camping radio isn’t just for keeping you entertained while you pitch your tent and unpack your gear, they can also be vital in emergency situations. With the ability to keep you informed on all the political goings on (although most people go camping to escape that!), as well as alerting you to bad weather, a camping radio is a must have piece of kit. But what makes the best outdoor camping radio? Follow our buyer’s guide if you’re struggling.

Radio Coverage

If you’re in the middle of a town, you’ll find the signal on most radios to be clear and crisp. Deep in the woods or high in the mountains, you might struggle to pick up a good signal. Look for one that delivers excellent reception even in remote areas, otherwise you may as well leave it at home!

Safety Features

The best camping radio will come with safety features such as a flashlight, SOS signal and weather alerts. If you’re planning on hiking in the mountains or somewhere remote, look for a radio that will alert you immediately to any adverse weather like the Midland Weather Alert Radio. This allows you to prepare for bad weather or cancel your outing if necessary.

Weather Resistance

Weather resistant radios like Sangean TB-100 Digital Radio will usually be water resistant, although some are fully waterproof. Camping radios should also be resistant to dust and snow, and they should be able to survive the odd drop! Look for one with a tough exterior specifically designed to cope with the rough and tumble of the outdoors.

Power Source

Camping radios should have multiple power sources so you’ll never run out of juice. Most have a rechargeable battery, and they should also have a slot for disposable batteries. Crank powered radios like the RunningSnail Solar Crank Radio will give you power on demand. The best handcrank camping radio will be lightweight, easy to use and have additional power sources. Solar options like the iRonsnow Solar Radio are also available but ensure you always pack enough batteries anyway.


Compact, lightweight and portable are key features of a great camping radio. Don’t add unnecessary weight to your bag with a heavy radio. They should also pack up small, leaving your bag with space for other important pieces of kit.

Additional Features

Additional features include an LCD display, bluetooth, and alarm and snooze functions. Others might have MicroSD card ports or auxiliary input to allow you to listen to your iPod via the speakers. These are nice to have but by no means necessary.


With a huge range of camping radios to choose from, finding the best one for your trip can be difficult. The right radio should last you years to come, and for the audio quality, multiple power options and seriously durable design, the Kaito KA500 is our top choice.

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