Looking for the perfect gift? You can’t go wrong with LEGO. Check out the best LEGO sets that’ll put a smile on any kids face!

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LEGO Star Wars Sets

Challenge yourself to building complex ships like the Death Star, Millennium Falcon and so many more. LEGO Star Wars sets make fantastic LEGO gift ideas for kids and adults alike, thanks to the enormous number of fun sets available. Fight battles using all your favourite Star Wars characters and recreate world famous Star Wars scenes.

What Is The Best Lego Star Wars Set?

  • 7541 pieces
  • Enormous Millennium Falcon replica
  • Extremely detailed
  • Over 3000 pieces
  • Darth Vader figurine and others
  • Classic dagger shape
  • 3803 pieces
  • 16” wide once built
  • Over 20 mini figurines

LEGO Harry Potter Sets

Harry Potter LEGO sets remain one of the most popular types of LEGO. Take on the Dark Lord using Harry, Ron and Hermione minifigures, and construct the entire Hogwarts Castle with thousands of individually designed pieces. Harry Potter LEGO Sets can be as complicated or as simple as you like, and fantastic new sets are being released every year. 

What Is The Best Lego Harry Potter Set?

  • A magical set for kids
  • Complete with moving staircases
  • Battle the Basilisk
  • Tricky build but worth it!
  • Filled with intricate details
  • Amazing set of minifigures
  • Includes 5 minifigures
  • Includes a Dementor and Scabbers
  • Moving brick wall entrance

LEGO Batman Sets

For LEGO gift ideas for kids, look no further than everyone’s favourite superhero; Batman! Build the Batmobile from scratch using hundreds of pieces, or set up a battle between the Joker and Batman himself. There’s a range of minifigures available for each set, and new sets are being released every year. The perfect Christmas gift idea for LEGO and Batman loving kids. 

What Is The Best Lego Batman Set?

  • Measures over 15” long
  • Comes with fact sheet
  • Very detailed
  • Featured in Lego Batman Movie
  • 4 different models
  • Range of characters included
  • Includes Batman’s enemies
  • Awesome vehicles included
  • Fun challenge to build

LEGO Jurassic World Sets

Inspired by everyone’s favourite dinosaur movies, Jurassic World LEGO sets make a cool LEGO gift idea. Choose from the T-Rexs, Raptors, Stygimolochs and so much more. Collect every LEGO set and build the entire park, complete with terrified minifigures determined to escape the dinosaurs. These sets are educational as well as great fun, teaching kids about different dinosaurs. 

What Is The Best Lego Jurassic World Set?

  • Perfect for Jurassic inspired games
  • Terrifying Indominus rex included
  • 1156 pieces
  • Raptors have posable limbs
  • 324 pieces easy to build
  • 3 minifigures included
  • Harpoon style trap shooter included
  • Really easy to build
  • Open cockpit for minifigures

LEGO Castle Sets

Become king of your very own hand-built castle with a LEGO Castle set. These are perfect for kids and great LEGO gift ideas. Create battle scenes from the movies, set up your defence strategy or partake in a jousting tournament. Boys and girls alike will love LEGO Castle sets, there’s huge variety and a range of minifigures to play with; including kings, queens, princesses and knights. 

What Is The Best Lego Castle Set?

  • 22” high once built!
  • Incredibly detailed
  • Comes with 27 microfigures
  • 5 favorite Disney characters
  • Measures over 29” high
  • Challenging build with 4000+ pieces
  • Perfect castle for younger kids
  • Just 477 pieces
  • Complete with Frozen characters

LEGO Minecraft Sets

Minecraft is a game that continues to grow in popularity, but you don’t have to be an advanced video game player to enjoy a LEGO Minecraft set. These sets allow kids and adults to enjoy action-packed Minecraft adventures, with exciting features and functions based off the record-breaking game. Combine Minecraft LEGO sets to create an entire Minecraft universe, complete with a whole bunch of minifigures, animals and neat features. 

What Is The Best Lego Minecraft Set?

  • Includes a buildable horse
  • Designed for young Minecraft fans
  • Large pressure plate doors
  • Over 2800 pieces
  • Enormous set perfect for display
  • Easy to follow instruction booklet
  • Designed for kids aged 8+
  • Snow shelter with buildable torches
  • Steve minifigure with pickaxe included

LEGO Robot Kits

LEGO Robot Kits can be as complex or as easy as you like. More advanced LEGO robots will teach your kids to code, making them the perfect xmas gift for kids. Let your children put together and program their own personal robot and new best friend. If you’re after something more simple for younger kids, non-programmable LEGO robots are easy to build and can bring your children hours of fun. 

What Is The Best Lego Robot Kit?

  • Enhances creativity and seriously fun!
  • Built with 601 pieces
  • 17 different designs
  • Build into 5 different characters
  • Teaches kids to code
  • Included playmat
  • 200 pieces easy for kids
  • 3 in 1 model
  • Rotating body and head

LEGO Car Sets

They might not be old enough for their first car, but a LEGO Car Set is the next best thing. Choose from a huge range of awesome models designed to be loved and cared for by both boys and girls. Bright colors, a range of features and included minifigures make a LEGO Car set one of the best LEGO gift ideas for kids. Perfect for anyone from beginners to advanced LEGO builders. 

What Is The Best Lego Car Set?

  • In partnership with Bugatti Automobiles
  • 1:8 scale
  • The perfect collector's item
  • 10” long and 5” wide
  • Steering wheel with Ferrari logo
  • Intricately designed with great detail
  • Tricky to build but fun!
  • Range of great details
  • Awesome bright green finish

LEGO Ninjago Sets

One of the most popular LEGO themes is the Ninjago collection, and kids can recreate the action from the TV series and movies using the huge range of Ninjago LEGO sets on the market. Create city docks, the Golden Dragon, Storm Fighters and action-packed castles. Ninjago sets are perfect for boys, girls and adults – thanks to the huge variety on offer. 

What Is The Best Lego Ninjago Set?

  • Includes every Ninja plus more
  • Challenge to build
  • Classic Asian architecture
  • 4 in 1 design
  • Full of weapons
  • Over 14” long once built
  • Enormous and detailed Lego city
  • 16 minifigures
  • Great combined with Ninjago sets

LEGO Creator Sets

Creator sets are perfect for aspiring engineers, and if you’ve always wanted to design and build your own roller coaster, supercar, cinema, pet shop – even Santa’s Grotto, then you’re in for a treat. Build entire cities using these LEGO creator sets and enjoy the range of minifigures included in each. You can even build world-famous tourist attractions like the Sydney Opera House or the Eiffel Tower. 

What Is The Best Lego Creator Set?

  • Stunning iconic supercar
  • Entire car is intricately detailed
  • Racing-red color scheme throughout
  • Building kit designed for adults
  • Motorize with Lego Power Functions
  • Beautifully detailed and fun to build
  • The perfect Christmas present
  • Lovely Christmas-inspired details
  • 883 pieces

LEGO Technic Sets

LEGO Technic Sets are great gift ideas for LEGO lovers, with accurate recreations of supercars from world-famous brands. Technic sets can be a little more fiddly to build making them perfect LEGO gift ideas for adults. Many of the sets are motorized and intricately detailed, so they’re fun to play with as well as build! 

What Is The Best Lego Technic Set?

  • Best Lego Technic set
  • Realistic replica
  • 3599 pieces
  • 2 in 1 model
  • Crane arm extends 30”
  • Motor-powered extending outriggers
  • 2 in 1 model
  • Largest Lego Technic set
  • Detailed design

LEGO Sets for Adults

It’s no secret that adults can love LEGO just as much as kids, and sets with thousands of pieces and intricate details are huge fun to build and display. Adults love retro sets like vintage camper vans, old ships or famous buildings. Once built, they can be displayed in an office, living room or bedroom – or given to the kids to play with! 

What Is The Best Lego Set for Adults?

  • 1900 pieces
  • Over 1m high
  • Includes astronaut figures
  • In partnership with Bugatti Automobiles
  • Incredible replica
  • Luxurious car and packaging
  • Lovely 60s-inspired details
  • Door opens to reveal engine
  • Bench seat transforms into bed
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